JAG Arrests Past and Current Covid Task Force Members

By Adina Kutnicki

NOT to get too bogged down into the weeds, the first covid monster of the day, Carole Johnson, operated in this writer’s ‘hood, so to speak.

BACKGROUNDER: though born and bred in NYC, once married, spent years raising a family across the George Washington Bridge, yes, in the lovely northern Bergen County. In fact, to know that she was nabbed in Paramus, well, evokes more than rage. Let’s leave it at that.

ON the other hand, the fact she cut her teeth as a hench-woman in the Obama White House makes perfect (evil) sense. Moreover, the irony of her drug addiction (having been the lead in public health, as well as the commissioner of the NJ Dept. of Human Services) is hardly surprising. This is so because countless within their diabolical circles have been caught high on illegal substances, as well as with their pants down, in a manner of speaking. They are the most vile creatures, bar none. Beyond evil.

RIGHTEOUSLY, alongside the above she-devil, a cadre of treacherous covid criminals were nabbed, too.


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REAL RAW NEWS | By Michael Baxter | February 25, 2023

United States Navy JAG investigators on Thursday arrested former and current members of the criminal Biden regime’s Covid-19 Task Force on charges of treason, JAG sources told Real Raw News.

Carole Johnson served as Testing Coordinator between January-December 2021, and had previously spent five years as a public health lead in the Obama White House. She was also the commissioner of the New Jersey Department of Human Services.

JAG, our source said, has evidence proving that Johnson pushed for mass testing despite knowing that an enormous number of PCR tests were returning “false positive” results, tricking millions of healthy but frightened sheeple into believing they had the virus. The erroneous results artificially inflated the country’s Covid cases and helped buttress the regime’s impetus to call for increased testing and more frequent vaccinations.

JAG’s evidence against Johnson includes inculpatory emails she had sent to other Task Force members, in which she admits that 2,000 (of 5,000) test results obtained from a Los Angeles mass vaccination site in September 2021 were “faulty.” She wrote, “It would be to our detriment to notify people of false positives. It would undermine confidence in testing. It’s better to let them believe they are Covid positive and self-quarantine.” That email was distributed to all members of the Task Force and to Kamala Harris, our source said.

“If this took place at one testing site, it happened at others. The PCR tests were broadly distributed. And since they could have told people about inaccurate tests, it meant the Task Force had personally identifiable info on every person tested, and that’s a contradiction to what the CDC and Biden administration has publicly said. This woman was a menace to society and guilty of treason,” our source said.

JAG investigations apprehended Johnson at a hotel in a hotel in Paramus, New Jersey, where she had rented a room with a “boy toy” 20 years her junior. At the time of her arrest, she was carrying an unregistered handgun in her purse as well as 20 grams of methamphetamine. She was reportedly high and intoxicated and told investigators she couldn’t be arrested because she had been given immunity from prosecution.

As the cuffs got slapped on Johnson, another arrest simultaneously took place a short distance away in Morris County, New Jersey, where the regime’s current Covid-19 response coordinator, Ashish Kumar Jha, an internist who in April 2022 left his position at Brown University to join the Task Force, tried to flee from JAG investigators on foot after being cornered in the parking lot of Casa Bella restaurant in Denville. When investigators showed him a military arrest warrant signed by Vice Adm. Darse E. Crandall, Kumar Jha fled down an alley but tripped over his own shoes and fell into a pile of trash cans.

Our source said Kumar Jha conjured more Covid lies than any other regime spokesperson. In March 2022, he said Covid had come back with a bang and was endangering millions of school kids across the country, and encouraged the administration to mandate masking in public schools nationwide. While that mandate never took root, he still beseeched his peers to side with his unconstitutional values, insisting they, too, petition for renewed lockdowns and mask mandates. The lunatic said only mandates could protect America from Covid and Donald Trump.

JAG says Kumar Jha and his co-conspirators were working alongside CDC Director Rochelle Walensky to advocate for 2023 lockdowns.

“We have substantive evidence against that will made available at military tribunals. The public knows names like Fauci and Collins, but Covid criminals include people whose names have been buried in bureaucracy. There are thousands of them out there,” our source said.

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