Military Destroys Covid Research Lab

By Adina Kutnicki

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AFTER two and a half tortuous years, no rational adult with an ounce of integrity can still persist in spreading the globalist-driven propaganda narrative, yes, covid is another pandemic and no one is to blame! Hogwash. Incontestably, the counter-narrative evidentiary trails are voluminous.

FED by globalist mischief makers, many believed (and still do) every “holy” word that evil-doer Fauci, NIH, and all of his greedy cohorts propagated. Inexorably, 


AND that settles that! 

AS per the academic whores, well, destroying their labs should be the starting line, certainly, not the end point.

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REAL RAW NEWS | By Michael Baxter | October 18, 2022

US Special Forces and Army Chemical, Biological, Radiological, and Nuclear Specialists on Tuesday raided and destroyed a Boston University Covid-19 research lab where scientists and graduate students had created a hybrid super-strain that killed 80% of infected mice. The BU team, which had been involved in “gain-of-function” research, had combined Omicron and the original Wuhan Virus—individually no more severe than a common case of influenza—into a pathogen that could wipe out humankind, theoretically.

The US military, a source in Gen. David H. Berger’s office told Real Raw News, took decisive action immediately after confirming the existence of the strengthened pathogen and hearing BU staff brag about their “miraculous” accomplishment.

“What happens to mice might not happen to humans, but we weren’t leaving anything to chance. Vaccines are killing enough people, and we don’t want a real Captain Trips on our hands,” our source said, referencing the fictional pathogen in Stephen King’s The Stand that kills off 99.4% of the population.

Gen. Berger, he added, assembled a team to eradicate the threat.

At 2:00 am the team penetrated campus security and Special Forces breached the doors on the university’s National Emerging Infectious Diseases Laboratories building, a 7-story monolith made of concrete and glass. Special Forces stood watch while CBRN specialists in protective gear, equipped with the structure’s blueprints and schematics, made entry and systematically searched each laboratory on each floor until they reached what ought to have been a vacant biolab on the 5th floor. According to intelligence reports, the building shut down at 9:00 pm every evening and staff were required to be off the premises no later than 9:30.

But the team found three individuals garbed in biosafety gear working in dim light and transferring test tubes between refrigerated storage cabinets in the lab. One of the occupants, apparently the lead scientist, said to the team, “Who are you? You’re not supposed to be here,” and when told he was under arrest by authority of the US military, added, “No, that’s not right. The NIH knows what we’re doing. We have a research grant.”

Although the “scientists” wore protective gear, the lab itself was devoid of safeguards typically found in BSL environments: there were no pressurized airlocks fitted to airtight doors, no chemical showers, no positive pressure supplied airsuits, no redundant compressors, and no decontamination chambers. A 20-gallon enclosure on a table, however, did hold 14 dead rats, as well as a single live one.

“Consider yourselves shut down,” the CBRN lead told them.

The “scientists” were escorted from the building at gunpoint while the remaining CBRN transferred the superstrain viruses from the lab’s freezers to mobile coolers they had brought with them. Once given the “all clear,” Special Forces entered the lab and demolished each and every piece of equipment.

The samples taken from the lab, our source said, will be analyzed and then sent to a “flash chamber” for destruction.

Real Raw News will supply added info on this operation when we receive it.

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