THE CRIME OF THE CENTURY: Bombshell Documentary: ‘Fauci Lied To The American People’

By Adina Kutnicki

WHENEVER truth-tellers are flying over the target, so to speak, the so-called tarring and feathering commences! Yes, ‘conspiracy theory’ and its twin bugaboo, ‘misinformation’, are right behind. Warp speed.

BUT never mind. The truth will not only set us free, but save countless lives in the process. And while this investigative journalist intuited that something was hinky — tellingly, by listening to the lock-step Mockingbird/Corporate Media, as they chirped, screamed, and harangued in unison, well — it was a significant other who unraveled the so-called scientific/medical lies!



A new film alleges Fauci made a fortune by knowingly lying about COVID-19.


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