Hollywood Liberals & Their Cozy Left Wing Political Relationships: Protecting Islamic Interests…Huma Abedin ‘Plays’ Ben Affleck Like A Fiddle…Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

Just when you thought that the far left’s manipulations – on behalf of their Islamic overlords/censors – reached their highest level of complicity, along comes Ben Affleck and the opening of his thriller. ‘Argo’ is inarguably a historical hit job.

While his directorial oversight is worthy of good reviews, there is so much more here than meets the cinematic eye. Much more.

To understand the insidious symbiosis, between Hollywood and political elites,  (almost always operating from the left) one has to view them as incestuous relations between ideological cousins. Sticky and dangerous.

Think about all the “stories” you may have heard about the goings on among Appalachian kinfolk, and the above is so much worse. (BTW, this blogger knows some “good ole” boys from the “hollers”, and has only good things to say about them…salt of the earth…but never mind…) Better yet, take what you know about the ACTUAL inbreeding between Arab families/tribes and consider the actual results – rampant genetic mutations, and too many mental defects to list – http://clashdaily.com/2013/05/the-cost-of-islamic-incest/.

The above could very well (at least partially ) explain their non-quenchable inter-tribal warfare; family rivalry on steroids! Regardless, westerners are not responsible for the bedding patterns of much of the Arab world. It’s their internal garbage, which spills over into the wider world, which should concern us all. Yes, it should.

Now, separate out actual blood lines, but leave in its stead the main reason why Hollyweird’s limousine liberals do the bidding of their leftist political “cousins”.  One holds the keys to the access of authentic power levers; the other is courted for their ability to raise mega cash. A match made within the bowels of ideological incest, and with both gorging off the other – Dracula-like.

 As an aside, although Affleck publicly admits to his admiration for the “spook” community  (something which is verboten in far left circles…assisting the military industrial complex…and all that crap), he is oblivious – or complicit, it is hard to know – to the rewriting of history.

In plain parlance, the story he weaves re the motives of Islamic revolutionaries in Iran, during their historical takeover in 1979 and their attack on the American embassy ( shades of Libya…and the rewriting from the Islamist-in-Chief, not unlike his like-minded twin, Jimmy, the peanut farmer, Carter ) smacks of talking points from the other side.  Incredibly, instead of directing the viewers towards the heart of the matter – Islamic jihad on behalf of Allah – he uses a “video/cartoon” defense, sort of like a “twinkie” defense, or the “dog ate my homework”.

Gee whiz.

In the same mendacious manner, in which the Islamist-in-Chief (and his surrogates)  blamed American murders in Libya on a video ( which no one had seen! ), Affleck redirects the viewers to the Shah of Iran. To be sure, the Shah ruled with an iron grip, but at least Islamists were kept at bay, and his eyes were westward.

Mubarak redux.

At this grave juncture in history let’s stop pussyfooting around, lying to ourselves  (and the world ) that anyone but a ‘strongman’ can tame the Arab masses. It can’t be done.This is precisely why it is a fool’s errand to implant/import western democracy into the ever warring tribal lands of the Middle East. Come live in my ‘hood for a while, then see what (many) Israelis realize, even though some are loathe to admit it.

Besides, purple finger markings from casting ballots ( recall, the incessant tv images of Iraqis holding up purple fingers ) are hardly the main underpinnings of democracy. Democratic principles via foundational moorings, shored up by civil society constructs comes BEFORE voting.

Back to Affleck’s Argo.

Enter Huma Abedin, Deputy COS to Hillary Clinton, the Muslim Brotherhood Mafia diva, featured so prominently at this blog. Don’t be surprised, she deserves her top billing status. Humala, nowhere to run…nowhere to hide, is as intertwined with the Muslim Brotherhood like a pig is to his shit, and a dog is to his fleas. That close. The details are here – https://adinakutnicki.com/2012/07/28/update-huma-abedins-familial-muslim-brotherhoodsisterhood-tree-gains-another-root-addendum-to-huma-abedin-deputy-cos-to-hillary-clinton-inextricably-tied-to-muslim-brotherhoodsisterhood/.

But, why is she being featured – yet again! –  and with Benny boy no less? Here’s the scoop & the poop – 

‘Ben Affleck: Huma Abedin a ‘close friend’ who was ‘instrumental’ in making of ‘Argo’

“Hollywood actor / director Ben Affleck premiered his new film – ‘Argo’ – in Washington, D.C. and in attendance was none other than Hillary Clinton’s Deputy Chief of Staff, Huma Abedin. Affleck revealed that the controversial figure had a hand in making the film.


Former Rep. Anthony Weiner and his wife, Huma Abedin, made an appearance at the D.C. premiere of “Argo” on Wednesday. The couple stopped by the screening after a reception for the film, which chronicles the Iran hostage crisis, at the Canadian Embassy.

A few years ago, Weiner advised Ben Affleck — the director and star of “Argo” – on his political role in “State of Play.” But it was actually Abedin, an aide to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, who helped Affleck with this movie, the actor said.

“Huma is a really close friend of mine,” Affleck explained on the red carpet. “In fact, Huma — the reason why she’s here — is she wasinstrumental in helping us shoot the State Department. As you know, we shot at the real State Department. We never would have had any of that stuff in our research [otherwise]. …Huma was enormously helpful, and obviously we invited her and she brought her husband. I look forward to seeing him.”

The Daily Mail referred to Abedin’s influence on the film as one that involved giving Affleck ‘guidance on State Department protocol’.

Some might remember that a few months ago, the Washington Post’s Dana Milbank likened Abedin to a gopher for Hillary who picks out ‘handbags’.

MacLeans’ Savage Washington reported on a couple of other interesting figures who were in attendance:

CIA director David Petraeus was there, as well as Sen. Chris Dodd,Huma Abedin and Anthony Weiner, to name a few. Also in attendance were the usual assortment of former ambassadors and other Friends of Canada.

Earlier this year, we reported on Huma Abedin’s sister (Heba Abedin)contributing $2300 to the Chris Dodd Presidential campaign in 2007.

Heba and Huma served together for years on the Editorial Board of the Institute for Muslim Minority Affairs (IMMA), which has significant connections to the Muslim Brotherhood.

General Petraeus and Affleck appear to have developed a bit of a relationship during the making of the film.”

http://www.shoebat.com/2012/10/12/ben-affleck-huma-abedin-a-close-friend-who-was-instrumental-in-making-of-argo/ – a good review here too from Pajamasmedia – http://pjmedia.com/lifestyle/2012/10/12/does-argo-put-enough-islamic-in-the-revolution/

Does anyone, at least without mush for brains, believe that Abedin was front and center at his premier out of pure friendship? Of course not. As indicated above, she was his ADVISER on the film! Now, far be it to peddle conspiracy theories ( it is not as if there aren’t enough true horrors to angst over), but she is the Obama regime’s point woman, via the Islamist-bent State Department.

Pray tell, but why this theatrical gig?

Adding to the muck is the entrance of General Petreaus, current CIA Director, also front and center at the screening. Huh?

“MacLeans’ Savage Washington reported on a couple of other interesting figures who were in attendance:

CIA director David Petraeus was there, as well as Sen. Chris Dodd,Huma Abedin and Anthony Weiner, to name a few. Also in attendance were the usual assortment of former ambassadors and other Friends of Canada.”

What the hell is going on? Don’t leaders of the world’s super power have more important things to do, than preview the opening of Benny boy’s latest directorial flick? Is this blogger losing her mojo, or perhaps her mind, even considering such questions.

Mea culpa. Not.

And when one truly understands how deep the incest runs, between Hollywood’s left & their political handlers, their collusion becomes clear –http://www.shoebat.com/2012/10/13/ben-affleck-conflict-of-interest-at-state-department/.

Does framing the narrative resonate? 

If ones antenna isn’t raised enough, consider the following ( out of a mega list ) encroachment of Islamic intimidation; this time aimed at a Mayor in Maine, courtesy of Obama’s surrogates.

Coincidence? Is the moon made of cream cheese?

‘Maine Mayor Under Fire for Telling Truth About Muslim Immigrants (VIDEO)’

Where will the above – and so much more – lead to? At the very least, the death kneel of western freedoms and an untold number of dead westerners. Its numbers will pale in comparison to the previous big wars – if westerners don’t start fighting back!
To be exact, the patriot’s struggle is twofold: against the bowed leadership, as well as the boot of Islam.There are NO easy answers, but there is NO other option, unless submission is your path of least resistance.
You still have a choice – at least for now.