US General Dempsey Strikes Again: Dhimmifying US Interests Re Iran…So Ordered By The Islamist-in-Chief…Addendum To: Tangible/Lethal Military Related Results From Red/Green Alliance…Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

Under the anti-American reign of Barack Hussein Obama, all manner of unfathomable pronouncements – by his top dogs – has become common fare.

Ho hum…. so, what else is new?

Little noise is heard when Washington’s top law enforcement official, AG Holder ( a racialist of the highest magnitude ) eviscerates the “rule of law”. Propping up the Black Panthers, a domestic terror group (hopefully, Fast & Furious will finally ! bring down this gang of lawbreakers) is treated as business as usual.

In fact, the Black Panthers are so sure that their Bro’ – the Thug-in-Chief –  has their backs ( after all, its leadership uses 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue as a revolving door ), they feel secure enough to issue their exhortations, “kill whitey”, on videotape. Par for their course, even incitement to a race war doesn’t render a wrist slap from Barack Hussein Obama’s AG!

The proof, as is said, is in the pudding – ‘Will Barack Hussein Obama’s Lawless Justice Department…Under The Aegis Of AG Holder Finally ! Fall?’ ; and ‘Tangible..Lethal..Military-Related Results From The Red/Green Alliance’; as well as ‘Anti-American Commander-in-Chief Tasks His Military To Do What?’ places the blame squarely on the Racialist-in-Chief, thereby, demonstrating the lawlessness of his surrogates.

Indictment Number 1 –….

Indictment Number 2 –

Indictment Number 3 –

Consequentially, the Islamist-in-Chief just tasked his highest General to put forth the regime’s marching orders. Orders which are a public warning – sort of a bitch slap – to Israel, and even more so, a direct message to the Muslim/Arab world, as well as to the international community. In effect, telling Israel  – go suck lemons!

DEBKA Intelligence’s Reports ‘Top US Soldier, Don’t Want To Be Complicit If Israel Attacks Iran’ gives ‘hanging out to dry’ an even harsher context –

“In its bluntest message yet, the US administration under Barack Obama, declared that Israel is on its own if it decides to go for Iran’s nuclear program with a military operation.  Thursday, Aug. 30, Gen. Martin Dempsey, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, offered the view for the third time in as many weeks that an Israeli attack would “clearly delay but probably not destroy Iran’s nuclear program.”

But this time, talking to journalists in London, he added impatiently: “I don’t want to be complicit if they [Israel] choose to do it.”

“Dempsey then astonished his audience by saying he did not know Iran’s nuclear intentions, “as intelligence did not reveal intentions.” What was clear, he said, was that the “international coalition” applying pressure on Iran “could be undone if [Iran] was attacked prematurely.”

“Sanctions against Iran were having an effect, he said, and they should be given a reasonable opportunity to succeed.”

“The general’s timing on this assertion was unfortunate. As he spoke, the International Atomic Energy Agency reported a 31-percent jump in Iran’s 20 percent enriched uranium to 189.4 kilograms from 145 in May.”

“It was therefore obvious to the world that Iran has not been deflected by sanctions one whit from its gallop towards a nuclear weapon capacity, a race that will continue so long as nothing effective is done to stop – or even delay – its progress.”

“The mistimed Dempsey remarks, say DEBKAfile’s military sources, are the clearest sign yet that President Obama is fed up with hearing about Iran and its nuclear aspirations. He wants to be left alone to make his own judgments and decisions on the intelligence put before him – even though he might be too slow to stop Iran becoming a nuclear-armed power.”

“Israel, which is in direct line of an explicit Iranian threat of destruction, was therefore publicly slapped down by its best friend. Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and Defense Minister Ehud Barak and their predecessors were shown to have wasted three years in tireless efforts to solve the Iranian nuclear peril in accord with that friend. Washington has just dumped them.”

“DEBKAfile suggests that unless Gen. Dempsey spoke off the cuff (unlikely), he would certainly have been obeying a White House directive – even if Washington later issues a softening remark. That directive may have been prompted by information that Israel is on the point of attacking Iran, which Obama would seek to head off.”

“The latest IAEA quarterly report published Thursday must have seriously embarrassed the Obama administration by making nonsense of its dependence on diplomacy and sanctions.The top US soldier may have been deployed for an authorative answer.
But Iran’s leaders must be laughing up their sleeves at America’s futile efforts to isolate them, as they race toward their nuclear goal while showcasing Tehran as the stage for the Non-Aligned Summit attended by dozens of world leaders.”

The timing of this back stab was not for nothing. In other words, Washington has more than enough valid reasons to conclude – a strike IS mandatory, and tactical nukes are Israel’s ONLY option at this twilight hour.

Moreover, if NOT for Barack Hussein Obama’s dillydallying, and his feckless/purposeful fealty to jaw-jaw, Jericho 3 sub tipped nukes would hardly be required! ( it is no secret, this investigative journalist takes to task Jerusalem’s leaders for behaving more like a client state, than as a sovereign nation! )


NEVERTHELESS, instead of placing the onus of this existential strike smack onto the heads of Iran’s genocidal regime, Barack Hussein Obama has reverted to his true anti-western, anti-semitic face.

To wit, the Islamist-in-Chief”s instructions to his military high command ( as well to his racialist AG, and other surrogates ), can be intuited, even by an astute teenager, as a submission/prostration before the Muslim world.

In fact, Barack Hussein Obama’s ACTUAL bowing before a Saudi King ; reciting sweet nothings into Muslim Brotherhood Mafia ears, at bent-knee in Cairo ; plus feting Huma Abedin and heads of Islamic terror front groups at Iftar celebrations; are symbols to the Muslim world that the job is almost done, in a culture where symbolism reigns supreme.

Yours truly can imagine – before her mind’s eye – the Islamist-in-Chief’s fondest, inner hope – ‘Inshallah, ( ‘Allah willing’ )in four more years, the submission will be complete’. 

What say you, fellow patriots? Are you ready to submit?