Muslim Brotherhood’s Supreme Leader Calls For Jihad On Israel…….An Addendum to Connecting The Brotherhood Dots….Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

Egypt’s Islamist President Mohammed Morsi doesn’t hide his abiding roots to the Muslim Brotherhood, in fact, he relishes, embraces and heralds his fealty to its edicts. If anything, he is not a man who flip flops on his beliefs. You gotta give the jihad-loving, Allah-inspired man credit for sticking to his guns! No wishy washy, finger in the air, figuring out which way the wind is blowing guy. No sirree.

As a man who walks the (Islamic) walk, talks the (Islamic) talk, no one (with a straight face) can claim that they ‘misunderstand’ his worldview-of course, unless they want to !

For the uninitiated, I present Morsi’s basic outlook – ‘Allah is our objective. The prophet is our leader. Qur’an is our law. Jihad is our way. Dying in the way of Allah is our highest hope’.  Them’s are fighting words….There is nothing ambiguous about the Brotherhood’s main guiding principle. It is crystal clear. No wiggle room tolerated. To further illustrate their ‘hopes and dreams’, look no farther than their Charter in its entirety – It should be required reading, considering that the President of the largest Arab nation-a core believer-will be feted at the White House, a place where western principles used to have meaning. As an aside, can anyone truly believe that Barack Hussein Obama will be able to moderate such a man, even if he wanted to (the preponderance of evidence does not support such dreamy thinking)?

To make matters more spine tingling, here is another expository reading of the (horrific) facts at hand, courtesy of reformed terrorist Walid Shoebat (you really have to hear this guy in person… was part of my investigative work with Lee Kaplan….incredible…..he had me at the edge of my seat……few can accomplish that feat of magic) –

So, in light of the above, despite Mubarak’s many shortcomings-enough to fill several books-he understood the urgency of keeping the Brotherhood at bay, as far away from the levers of power as possible. Let me ask the readers a question-who knows what the Brotherhood is capable of, other than those who live cheek to jowl with them? I thought so.

By extension, my previous commentary ‘Connecting the Brotherhood Dots…….’ is not only supportive of the above, but it takes on even more urgency. The very fact that the current US administration is in sync (by not keeping them at bay) with the Brotherhood’s entrance into the ‘democratic’  process, indicates that they have consciously entered into an alliance with the most anti-democratic forces in the world. A deal with the (Islamic) devil. This is indisputable.

In this regard, the highest officials in Jerusalem (while addled on some matters, on this one they are fully up to speed, regardless of anything they demur publicly….don’t believe their blatherings for a nanosecond) are shuddering, some might say, having nightmares, about the possible re-election of Barack Hussein Obama for a second term. (see further evidence substantiating the POTUS’s treachery, and why Jerusalem is suffering collective heartburn) –—against-his-word. Consequently, a second term will give him unrestricted abilities to implement his ‘Islamic outreach’ program. OMG!!

To add to their angst in Jerusalem, here’s another heart stopping, bone chilling exhortation from the Supreme Leader of Egypt’s Brotherhood – The (jihad) hits keep coming. G-d protect us. And, not to put a too fine point, on what the future portends with a Muslim Brotherhood leader holding the reins of power in Egypt, ladies and gents, hold onto your seats –

To wrap matters up, if 1 + 1 (still) = 2, then the strategic outlook for Israel in particular, and the west in general, could not be more dire, without even factoring in the Iranian Hitler! Again, the prospect of another 4 years of an Islamist leaning/sympathizing POTUS at the helm-heaven forbid-we (in Israel), and lovers of liberty world over, will be in for some very dark times. Not according to the guiding ‘principles’ of the Muslim Brotherhood, but according to western principles of liberty and freedom.

Some may be loathe to admit this, but we are in a ‘clash of civilizations’. Darkness vs light.