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This site is pleased to present a nation-saving initiative, one which will empower Americans (and others) to free themselves from the onslaught of Islamic thrusts. These dangers infiltrate every level of the public sphere. Through informed, educated, pro-active push back, individuals (and groups) will be armed with the necessary tools – whatever is required of them – for any given situation.

In tandem, I am honored that Dave Gaubatz asked me to be the “Director of Israeli Operations”. Dave, thank you for your confidence in my abilities.


Dave Gaubatz Launches “Operation Stop Islamic Terrorism” for Research


Dave Gaubatz, counterterrorism specialist and our last “Ask the Expert” guest, will be launching “Operation Stop Islamic Terrorism” to conduct first-hand counterterrorism research in America and to stop Islamic terrorists from destroying the country. 

Dave GaubatzDave Gaubatz is a counterterrorism specialist, former US Special Federal Agent, author of Muslim Mafia, and was a guest for our exclusive ongoing series at Islam Exposed, “Ask the Expert,” in “Islamic-Based Terrorist Cells in the U.S. and Israel and the Prevention of More Islamic-Based Terrorist Attacks.” The following first appeared in the April 26, 2014 edition of Dave Gaubatz’s newsletter (click here to subscribe) and has been reprinted here with his express permission.For more information about Dave, see our bio on him and visit his blog.

Operation Stop Islamic Terrorism
By: Dave Gaubatz
26 Apr 2014

For many years I have watched as people throughout the world have become educated more so today than in the past 100 plus years on Islamic issues.  Education is the key to survival.

For many years I have watched conservative organizations come and go. There are several great organizations that are trying to educate people on the dangers of the Islamic ideology. They have great national and state leaders.  

I do see a problem though. 

The vast majority of conservative organizations working very hard to educate people are being controlled wittingly or unwittingly by U.S. government monopolies that we are trying to change. For instance if we believe the IRS is corrupt, and there is ample evidence they have illegally targeted conservative non-profit 501 organizations, why would we want them as our ‘Boss’?

This is the reality. It is the IRS and supporters such as Harry Reid that controls what non-profit organizations can and can’t do. The IRS has the authority to instantly remove an organization’s non-profit status. The IRS and their supporters are the ones who decide if your organization does not fit the mold of the Obama administration, and they can decide to share your personal information to organizations that fit the mold they desire.  This problem is only going to get worse, not better.

For years I have considered starting an organization educating people worldwide on the dangers of the Islamic ideology, but I didn’t want the CEO of my organization being the IRS.

I want to start an organization titled “Operation Stop Islamic Terrorism.” This organization will be built around a business model and not a non-profit organization.

We would begin by having members join, multiply, and educate innocent people worldwide of the dangers of Islam (no political correctness or rhetoric, only first-hand evidence). I was the Director of the ‘Mapping Shariah Project’ and the ‘CAIR Project’. The FBI should have been doing undercover research in mosques and Islamic Centers across America, but they would not. I had a team of around 7 people doing the research across America and with very limited funds. We uncovered more than the FBI came even close to collecting.

Although the NYPD had 11 officers working their mosque surveillance project, had been working the project 13 years, and a budget in the millions, they were not able to collect the amount of evidence my small team did in a few weeks. We know first-hand what is going on in the New York based mosques. They are dangerous.

With any business if you want to remain active you must have resources (people, equipment, and an operating budget). I am going to start with a very small office dedicated to the research project and begin recruiting people to join. We will begin conducting additional research and providing materials (with evidence) to expose the dangers of Islam.

I have always said America is very close to going over the line in the sand in regards to Islamic terrorists controlling our country. Fight versus Flight.  I will be putting together a business plan for our organization. Please contact me if you want to be a member,  can help budget the Operation, or have skills you can donate, such as web design artist, electronic technology, or a few hours each week working from home to conduct public domain research.

Operation Stop Islamic Terrorism will begin operations in a couple of weeks whether we have 5 members or a million. To be a member you need only agree to do the following:

  1. Use the U.S. Constitution as the law of the land
  2. Always support our great friends the Jewish people and Israel
  3. Never show fear of Islamic terrorists/their supporters, and never run from them out of fear.
  4. Protect America and our Children
  5. Spread the word about our ‘business organization’ (Operation Stop Islamic Terrorism)
  6. Denounce Islam and Shariah law and any person or organization that supports the Islamic ideology
  7. Never refer to Islamic terrorists as ‘Radical’. They represent ‘Pure Islam.’
To get us off to a good start I have designed a T-shirt for our company. (Review above).  Purchase one or dozens and share with friends.

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Dave Gaubatz will be conducting first-hand counter-terrorism research in America.  The results will be provided to the public.  Help to stop Islamic terrorists from destroying our country.  Buy one or more T-Shirts.  Wear them proudly.  The research is for all of our children regardless of race or religion.

Dave Gaubatz retired from the USAF (OSI Special Agent), and was a U.S. Federal Agent for 15 years. Arabic linguist and 1st Civilian U.S. Federal Agent in Iraq (2003). Since leaving federal service, Dave has devoted his life to educating all about Islamic terrorist groups operating freely in Canada and America. Purchasing a T-Shirt will give you a sense of pride when wearing and will assist Dave in coming to your communities to obtain first-hand evidence on Islamic terrorists operating in your own backyard. The children on the front of the T-Shirt represent all of our children. This is why we fight to educate.


Email me if you want to be a Member
Age is no concern.  You can be from 1 – 100 plus!