BREAKING: Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene Introduces Articles of Impeachment Against “Corrupt” FBI Director Christopher Wray…About Time!

By Adina Kutnicki

IN no uncertain terms, this investigative journalist is a big proponent of the long-held maxim, “turnabout is fair play” — in spades! In other words, a full-blown allergy exists re “turning the other cheek.” Polar opposites. Understood?

INDEED, the criminally-bent AG Garland must be the first domino to fall via said “introduction.” Next up: FBI Director Wray, his so-called “legal” counterpart! Accomplice. Rest assured, if the aforementioned is adhered to, well, the Deep State’s illegal weaponizers will drop like flies. Faster….faster…

FBI chief Wray faces GOP inquiry over personal use of official jet
THIS is not to be confused with insignificant ups and downs in this and that instant, be it professional or personal. Rather, its basis is reserved for life-altering events. Incontestably, the destruction of America more than qualifies!

SO, along comes one of the few “straight-shooters”, “take no prisoners” Reps, Marjorie Taylor Greene, and her exemplar re “turnabout is fair play!” Pointedly, when dealing with the Deep State Mafia, behaving fairly is NOT an option — and for too many reasons to chronicle within this analysis. If interested, utilize this site’s search engine and countless will pop up!

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GATEWAY PUNDIT | By Jim Hoft | May 16, 2023

On Tuesday, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) introduced Articles of Impeachment against “corrupt” FBI Director Christopher Wray.

“I just introduced articles of impeachment against FBI Director Christopher Wray,” Greene tweeted.

“Under his watch, the FBI has intimidated, harassed, & entrapped Americans who have been deemed enemies of the Biden regime. Wray has turned the FBI into Joe Biden and Merrick Garland’s personal police force. Christopher Wray needs to be impeached,” she added.

“In his conduct as Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, in violation of his constitutional oath faithfully to execute the office of the Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, and, to the best of his ability, preserve, protect, and defend, the Constitution of the United States, Christopher Asher Wray continues to materially endanger the justice system of the United States and empower President Joseph R. Biden, Jr., to persecute his political adversaries at will,” the Articles of Impeachment read.

“Director Wray has failed to uphold his oath and has instead overseen a denigration of the principles of our democratic republic by utilizing the Federal Bureau of Investigation as a Federal police force to punish or intimidate anyone who questions or opposes the current regime,” it added.

Rep. Greene’s office released the following statement, read below:

Today, Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene introduced Articles of Impeachment against FBI Director Christopher Wray.

Under Wray’s watch, the FBI has intimidated, harassed, and entrapped American citizens that have been deemed enemies of the Biden regime. As such, Director Wray has turned the FBI into Joe Biden and Merrick Garland’s personal police force.

The Soviet-style tactics used by the FBI against normal Americans are unprecedented in this country. FBI whistleblower Garret O’Boyle told congressional investigators that the FBI created a terrorist threat tag following the Dobbs Supreme Court decision in 2022. O’Boyle confirmed that the purpose of the tag was to target pro-life individuals. On September 23, 2022, armed FBI agents in tactical gear raided the family home of Mark Houck, a pro-life Catholic and father of 7 young children, because he obstructed access to an abortion clinic.

FBI whistleblower Kyle Seraphin obtained a leaked FBI document that targets Traditional Latin Mass Catholics. The document, titled “Racially or Ethnically Motivated Violent Extremists (RMVE) and their interests in ‘Radical-Traditionalist Catholics’ or RTCs,” was reported out of the Richmond Field Office and dated for January 23, 2023. This leaked document outlined a plan for the FBI to spy on Catholics, particularly Latin Mass-attending Catholics, who, according to the document, have harbored “white supremacy.” The FBI document indicated intentions to have informants within the Catholic Church, on advice from the Southern Poverty Law Center.

In October 2020, a group of men allegedly attempted to kidnap Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer. Several of the men were acquitted in their cases, as the FBI was found to have entrapped them in the scheme. Most of the members involved with the plot were FBI informants.

On August 8, 2022, the FBI raided Mar-a-Lago, the home of former President Donald J. Trump, in search of classified documents. The documents in question were removed from the White House by the General Services Administration during the presidential transition and stored in a secure room at President Trump’s residence as agreed upon with the FBI and the National Archives and Records Administration. Regardless of the classification of the documents, President Trump broke no laws as he was fully entitled to declassify any documents of his choosing under the Presidential Records Act.

Joe Biden, however, was storing documents in his garage and in remote facilities from his time as a United States Senator and as Vice President. No law entitled Joe Biden to be in personal possession of classified documents at any time. And one has to wonder, how was Joe Biden even able to remove such highly sensitive documents from a SCIF in the first place? Joe Biden broke the law, but he was never treated like a criminal and national security threat like innocent President Trump was. It’s two-tiered justice.

Not only has Director Wray persecuted political opponents in an unprecedented and partisan way, but he has also overseen his agency take actions to shield and protect the current President and his family. A senior FBI official left the agency under a cloud of accusations that he shielded a laptop belonging to the President’s son, Robert Hunter Biden, from a criminal probe.

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Movement To IMPEACH AG Holder: Crimes Surpass Articles of Impeachment. Jail Time Warranted…Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

Calls to impeach a sitting POTUS should never be wielded as a political weapon. Concomitantly, neither should demands for his AG’s impeachment be utilized as a tool to trifle with. For if there is no there there, then the only losers are the American people and the winners are partisan hacks. Besides, serious times call for serious measures, devoid of malice aforethought. 

NONETHELESS, there are few more “deserving” within Obama Inc. than AG Holder, to be the recipient of  articles of impeachment. Yes, there are countless others of equal (dis)repute within Obama’s regime gone wild, but first things first.

How so? Well, if the basis therein is to hold to account those who break the laws of the land with impunity, endanger national security within the confines of “legal” cover, then there is no more worthy address than that of the top law enforcement official of the land, AG Holder!

Where to begin…his crimes are so vast and multifaceted…but at the beginning:

Indictment Number 1 – 

When does a pile up of dead bodies NOT lead to criminal indictments? HINT: When perpetrated by the Obama regime. 

Indictment Number 2 –

And when the arm which collects taxpayer funds to the point of nothing short of highway robbery in broad daylight – to fund their socialist schemes, then turns around and gains “legal” imprimatur – know that the AG is deeply in the mix. As such, how scary is it to hear that IRS enforcement agents will be armed with SHOTGUNS (hidden within Obamacare dictates), as law abiding citizens are disarmed, under the pretext of tax collection! Wondering, where is this truly headed?

Indictment Number 3 – 

Does anyone recall FAST & FURIOUS, even though it has been purposefully pushed out of the spotlight (but peeking back in)? In so far as justice is concerned, the above weapons running across U.S./Mexico’s borders is responsible for killing American agents, plus scores of Mexicans. It was cooked up in AG Holder’s domain, its end goal – gun control! Will Holder pay the price? Time will tell.

Indictment Number 4 – 

Adding to the indictment, how much clearer can it get that the Racialist-in-Chief, in cahoots with his Lawbreaker-in-Chief, is stoking the racial fires? As a result, ‘Justice’ For ‘Tray’ was extracted and whites were/are beaten to a pulp. Yet, Obama’s goons/media remain stone cold silent. Will Obama Inc., chiefly his AG, get a free pass? Absolutely, if not for their tag team incitement over “Tray”, their winks and their nods (oh yeah, as the POTUS stirred the fires, remarking that “Tray” could have been his son), their youthful, energy-laden, chip-on-their shoulders “homies” would not be running wild, reminiscent of darker times during America’s racially-charged 60’s. My oh my, Black youths gone wild has a new moniker, an edgy twist: the knockout “game“…see this video – !! Damn them all.

 Indictment Number 5 –

Trying to keep up with their crimes is exhausting, and we haven’t even touched upon Benghazigate, a crime which surely elicited requisite cover from the chief law officer in the land: the nexus between cover ups: Benghazigate mirror image of Fast & Furious!

Indictment Number 6 – 

And what’s up with a chief employee from the Dept. of Homeland (in)Security inciting to a race war, without even being fired for it? DHS (Black) employee, in charge of PROCURING weaponry, caught inciting a race war! What’s going on? 

Indictment Number 7 –

Alas, the laundry list of his indictable crimes continues apace…AG Holder is deeply in sync with criminalizing any exposure of Islamic designs on America and the west, thus obviating freedom of speech! Believe it. ALERT: Radical-in-Chief Obama Tasks (il)Legally-Bent (AG) Holder To “Criminalize” Islamic Speech Via Thuggish UN DictatesHolder’s DOJ, As If On Cue, Bellies Up To Invoke Islamic “Blasphemy” Laws In The USA!

 Indictment Number 8 – 

In light of the above, how unexpected is it to find out that a radical, racialist, Islamist apologist DOJ imposes a mega-mosque on a U.S. community? Shocking it ain’t.

Indictment Number 9 –

But just when you thought it couldn’t get worse, take note of how U.S. soldiers are denied due process under the aegis of AG Holder’s anti-American cabal: American warriors DENIED legal counsel/due process: not so for “Soldiers for Allah”, courtesy of taxpayers! How can this be? 

DUE to all of the above, and so much more, how far fetched is the demand for Holder’s impeachment?

Americans Demand Holder’s Impeachment

NOVEMBER 27, 2013 BY  

Pete Olson (R-TX), along with Rep. Ted Yoho (R-FL) and 18 other U.S. House Republicans, have presented articles of impeachment against Attorney General Eric Holder for numerous scandals, including Operation Fast & Furious, failure to enforce multiple laws, refusal to prosecute IRS officials, and false testimony about the investigation of journalist James Rosen.

To show your support for these representatives, please cast your vote in our poll, Should Congress Impeach Eric Holder? Over 40,000 Americans have cast their vote, don’t miss out. 

While it is generally easier to go along to get along, it should never be the case when it comes to a nation’s security, it’s overall health and welfare. 

It is simply impossible to argue with the facts at hand and the attendant indictments. To do so would be wishful thinking and to be willfully blind. Treasonous to boot.

Will Barack Hussein Obama’s Lawless ‘Justice’ Department, Under The Aegis Of AG Holder, Finally ! Fall?

That’s just one of too many pressing questions and concerns!