Israel’s ISIS Blow Back:Ready To Pounce.Netanyahu’s Support For Obama’s “Rebels”-Grave Miscalculation! Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

BEING a right-wing/nationalist Zionist – as well as an American patriot – is a heavy burden to bear. Atop it all, when one is fed information (from several directions, almost always highly reliable intel, free of political taint) there are drawbacks too, akin to “reading tea leaves.” And it this knowledge base which elicits many screams from this site: forewarned!

BE that as it may, aside from his requisite tough talk as he pushes back against HUSSEIN Obama’s shrill threats (don’t dare address Congress and disturb the Iranian “negotiation” track), much of PM Netanyahu’s bluster is meaningless. Tragically so.

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SO when certain analyses are proffered, they are always excruciatingly painful. Nevertheless, the facts speak for themselves. 

IN this regard, this investigative journalist warned, time and again, that PM Netanyahu’s spineless actions (juxtaposed against his scowl and bluster) would lead Israel into a more perilous path, as if that is even imaginable!

THUS, when an interview request was made (Sept. 2014) to evaluate the summer-long hot war against Hamas, the Brotherhood’s Gaza arm (with assists from assorted jihadi tentacles…including, Abbas’s Fatah/PA), there was no holding back. The following merely serves as a foretaste:

In respect to the strategic implications for Israel – as a result of PM Netanyahu’s utter refusal to bury Hamas – he opened the door for ISIS and in more ways than one. Few are aware that the lengthy battle between Israel and Hamas (with Hamas’s stature growing, commensurate with the amount of time that they were able to hold out against the vaunted IDF) allowed ISIS to slip right into Israel proper! Hezbollah, Iran’s proxy arm, is more than taking note. Other jihadi terror outfits too.

“As the Islamic State (formerly ISIS) continues its bloody conquest of Iraq and Syria and begins invading Lebanon, all in the name of establishing a global Sunni Muslim caliphate system, signs of support for the extremist are being seen among Israel’s Arab citizens.

Channel 10 exposed on Sunday that in recent months black ISIS flags have been commonly seen in Arab-Israeli towns in northern and coastal Israel, notably in the cities of Nazareth and Akko.

The flags have been seen flying among both Muslim and Christian Arab citizens of Israel, an ironic move given that ISIS in Iraq has emptied cities of their Christian populations by issuing them an ultimatum either to convert to Islam, pay non-Muslim jhizya taxes – or die.”


ADDED into this fiery mix, a related exposé was written (Jan. 2015), and it revealed some (dangerous) dirt. It explained how ISIS (and aligned jihadi “rebel” groups) entered Israel proper! Here is a snippet….

ONCE again, a source has confirmed an unfathomable situation: Israel’s gov’t is clearly taking care of the medical needs of Obama’s “rebels”.

REPORTEDLY (another contact would have to go into hiding, if his identity was revealed), Israeli hospitals are at their disposal! Therefore, it is up to others to document the story’s underlying basis.

IN April 2014, over 10 Islamists (identified as either ISIS or Al-Nusra…six of one, half a dozen of another) were being treated in a Tsfat (Israeli) hospital for almost an entire month. To wit, they were separated from the rest of the patients, they were forbidden to walk around the hospital, and they were always guarded by IDF soldiers. By the way, it doesn’t matter a wit how this source was able to identify their presence. That’s neither here nor there…..

NOT only that, but this week’s “shocking” confirmation (albeit, hardly hinting how this nightmare came to pass…almost as if out of thin air) brings ISIS full circle, and into the heart of Israel! Just hang on….

The Israel Security Agency (ISA or Shin Bet) has arrested seven Israeli Arabs, residents of the Galilee, for setting up an official Islamic State (ISIS) affiliate branch in Israel, it was cleared for publication Sunday. 

The Shin Bet said that the seven admitted that over the last year they had formed a Salafi jihadi group, which they later aligned with ISIS….

MORE pointedly, it has been shared (as always, the confidentiality of sources are never revealed) with this investigative journalist that “there are two schools of thought in the government about Syria, one that we should help al-Nusra/al-Qaeda and the other that we should not get involved. So far the pro-al-Qaeda position is the one which has been adopted.

This had apparently not changed as a result of information that al-Qaeda and ISIS are working together, this is going on now, and there is no indication that they are going to change this. The idea is that Al-Qaeda will defeat Hizbollah for Israel. There is no thinking about what will happen after that, the likelihood that this will mean that it will turn out that we are supporting ISIS, or any other obvious objections to this.”

MOST significantly for Israel, assisting Al-Nusra in Syria is official (albeit on the QT) government policy, and this investigative journalist has this information from people in contact with the highest levels of the Israeli government.

Al-Qaeda-linked Al-Nusra Front has issued a new threatening audio message featuring its leader warning the West “will pay the heaviest price” for its actions. The Syrian group is reportedly now joining up with the estranged Islamic State militants….

TAKE it to the (strategic) bank….

RESULTANT, today’s DEBKAfile report is hardly surprising, at least it shouldn’t be. This investigative journalist reported on said outcome being more than a probability…the blow back…a foregone knock-on effect!

BUT none of the aforementioned is to suggest that the IDF is incapable of vanquishing Israel’s foes, whatever border they amass from. It does mean, for sundry reasons, that Israel’s political echelon is not up to the task. Therein lies the crux. The dangers.

Intelligence gathered by Egypt and Israel attest to the former Ansar Bait al-Maqdis – now reborn as the Islamic State’s operational arm in Sinai – being well into advanced preparations for a large-scale terrorist offensive targeting Israel forces manning the Egyptian frontier, along with a string of Egyptian targets across Sinai up to and including the Suez Canal and Cairo.

According to DEBKAfile’s counter-terrorism sources, the Islamist group was so elated by the outcome of its multiple attacks on Jan. 29, which left at least 40 Egyptian soldiers dead and more than 100 injured in Sinai and Suez towns, that it is determined to keep going.
Using different types of rockets, including Grads, as well as mortars and car bombs, terrorist squads then broke into military bases in four cities in Sinai and two on the Suez Canal and set them on fire. Others killed all the personnel aboard military and police convoys before putting them to the torch.

The ISIS Sinai arm is planning to target Israeli forces with a similar type of multiple offensive. Appropriate precautions for fending off this attack are in place.
Cairo banned Hamas, which rules the Gaza Strip, as a terrorist organization in the wake of the support the Palestinian extremists extended to ISIS for this wholesale assault, supplying the terrorists with rockets and intelligence.
In addition to Hamas, DEBKA’s sources report that Ansar Bait al-Maqdis has entered into operational collaboration with a newly-established Egyptian Islamist group, which calls itself “Agnad Misr” – Soldiers of Egypt. This group first broke surface on Jan. 24 with a communiqué bearing the motto “Retribution is Life.”  It turns out to be made up of Salafi extremists mixed with former members of the Egyptian Islamic Jihad, one of the forerunners of the original Al Qaeda. Its terror agenda focuses on Cairo and its environs.

BASICALLY, if one internalizes the blow back from PM Netanyahu’s 2014 unfinished war effort (despite all the unfathomable chest thumping…yes, Hamas is now deterred…yada, yada), one begins to understand why/how his stopping short with Hamas is of piece with his cooperation re HUSSEIN Obama’s “rebels” – ISIS aligned! 

ISRAEL’S leaders (blowhards) are wont to reflexively opine: “what we see from here, you don’t see from there”. Well, if that’s the case, then such sentiments prove one of two things: either their (strategic) eyesight is failing and they are blind as bats, or they are so attached at the hip with Washington’s dictates, they may as well assign Israel a 51st state status and be done with it. As an American-Israeli, at least such a move would appear more honest; yes, their apron strings would also make (practical) sense.

IF this sounds too harsh, so be it. But do recognize the following too: PM Netanyahu had two terms to abide by his own “red lines” re Iran. This is a fact. Alas, why is it that right before the bewitching hour he is screaming, once again: 

“The [international] powers and Iran are racing forward with an agreement that will allow Iran to arm with nuclear weapons, something that will threaten the existence of the State of Israel,” Netanyahu said before the weekly cabinet meeting in Jerusalem.

Netanyahu declared that he was ready to go head to head with US Secretary of State John Kerry in order to stop the deal.

“At the end of the week, Kerry and [Iranian Foreign Minister] Zarif announced their intention to complete the framework agreement by the end of March, and that is what gives rise to the urgency in our efforts to try and halt this bad and dangerous agreement,” Netanyahu said. “We will continue to act and to lead the international efforts against the arming of Iran with nuclear weapons and we will act in every way to foil the bad and dangerous agreement that would cast a heavy cloud over the future of Israel.”….

MAKING noise, scowling, does not constitute leadership. Statesmanship. You got that?

POST SCRIPT/MEMO: lest there be any misunderstanding (re this American-Israeli’s analysis of the upcoming March election), heaven forbid, if Tzipi Livni (Labor Party) and her radical leftist crew win control, whatever damage wrought by PM Netanyahu during his two-term tenure will pale in comparison with Labor at the helm.

G-d, have mercy on the children of Israel….

THIS is precisely why HUSSEIN Obama is ACTIVELY – with boots on the (Tel Aviv) ground – seeking to unseat Netanyahu, even though the PM played ball with him, and more than a few times. Nevertheless, Netanyahu is tethered, to a certain degree, by nationalist coalition partners. Livni, on the other hand, will have no such restrictions. The Arab bloc will prop her up. Count on it.

AS a reference point, think of the most radical leftists in Congress, substitute them for Livni and gang, and then you have a comparative template! Disastrous.

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