The UN Thug-oc-racy On Full Display…Embedded Video…Adina Kutnicki

The following requires little edification and its video title speaks for itself.

But it is helpful to review some tidbits re the UN thug-oc-racy, as evidenced herein –

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

‘The UN, run by a cartel of brutal barbaric Islamic hellholes’

“Here’s Pat Condell talking about Israel and the UN. He refers to the United Nations as being a cartel of bronze age barbarians, and as being run by brutal, barbaric Islamic hellholes. You’ll love it.

He also calls Saudi Arabia the world’s moral… maybe I won’t finish that one….

Let’s go to the videotape”

Grab a comfy seat. Enjoy your favorite snack. And get ready to listen to no nonsense reporting, concerning the most vile reprobates on planet earth. And if peeved enough, call your reps and demand they raise their voices against funding  the biggest criminal cartel in the world, housed within the streets of New York City…this blogger’s hometown to boot!

NOT nice. NOT nice at all!