An Authentic Jewish Response To An Anti-Semitic Skit At The Oscars…What Lessons Can Be Learned? Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

The most effective way to gauge an action, whether or not it is meant to inflame and incite, is to break it down into its base components.

On the one hand, comedians, cartoonists and entertainers in general mostly go for broke. In line with this thinking, there is always an issue of freedom of expression and speech. Its basis must be protected, but it has to be a level playing field. It isn’t.

Specifically, it is absolutely the case that certain groups are totally off limits and taboo, at least if one cares to keep their head atop their shoulders. Hence, an omerta descends from above, handed down from the PC police. Don’t dare touch these species – keep your lips zipped and your artistic expression stifled.

Furthermore, while blacks are (thankfully) no longer tied to trees, and with lynch mobs no longer at their throats, at the same time, poking fun at said history would not only be unacceptable, but it would bring the wrath of the left down on ones head. So too with other “protected” groups, as gays/transgenders “merit” a policy of special treatment. 

On the other hand, Jews are the only group where it is acceptable, even laudable to target, as “open season” is painted on their backs. This is the case, despite an unprecedented amount of anti-semitic canards and attendant blood libels swirling the globe, not unlike in the lead up to the Holocaust. Not fair. Foul play!

Now, let us mosy down to the most protected group of all, albeit the most dangerous. In other words, the group which needs a full throttle public airing (from all “bully” pulpits…in some cases a necessary thrashing) to protect Americans/westerners, is also a “no go” verbal zone. DO NOT ENTER….PROCEED AT YOUR OWN RISK!

If the reader hasn’t guessed their identity, best to pay attention. Sit up straight. Your life may depend on it. Through “Islamophobia”, a made-up-out-of whole-cloth bugaboo, the Brotherhood Mafia have managed to silence the west, not only Americans. But this couldn’t be accomplished without their main co-conspirators; leftist power brokers, the same group which fuels anti-semitism. Hmm.

Moving right along…this is how they accomplished their feat of (almost) silencing an entire public, but this stubborn American-Israeli pays them no heed…think of a bull in a china shop –

And no one should dare believe that their jihadi tactics – stealth and actual terror – haven’t borne fruit – …as you read about corporate heads, movie makers and even police dancing to their tunes. These are facts.

Add into the mix what continually happens – as reflexively as Pavlov’s dogs – when cartoonists/movie makers have the artistic nerve to publish pics of the “prophet” Mohammed, or dare tell the story of his pedophilia. Their reaction is not even localized, it mutates worldwide. Always on cue. How can this be? Recall this particular rampage – So far, the above cartoonist is still breathing, but the silencing – through stealth and actual jihad – continues apace. Don’t they ever get tired? – . Alas, Theodore Van Gogh paid with his life, as have too many others…and a newly circulated, “Wanted: Dead or Alive” listing will surely silence many more, terrified they too will end up with bulls eyes, as marked men/women – 

To be sure, it is not as if Israel’s intelligence services (as well as others) haven’t drawn up their own “kill lists”, but come on folks, the ones who make the grade are those who have successfully murdered countless Jews, plotting to kill many others! No one enters their gun sights due to pictorial renderings, or even anti-semitic exhortations. Guaranteed.

Okey dokey…yet still…what does the above have to do with the Oscars, as well as other frontal assaults against Jews (Christians should watch their backs too, but this commentary is specific to the “Saturday” people)? A whole lot.

While Jews are noted for their academic prowess, their financial acumen, and a host of other positive traits, they are also known (at least outside Israel) for their pussycat approach. In modern parlance, appeasement tactics.

Far be it to suggest that Jews – the people of the book – adopt head chopping and throat slitting as recourse actions/remedies. However, there is a middle ground, and it only has to be found. For example, when millions of Jews were held hostage in the Soviet Union, what tactics helped free them? Was it patty cake, or was it “another” way of thinking – ala the Jewish Defense League – under the guidance of Rabbi Kahane? For those with inquiring minds, see this –

Tragically, years later, he was assassinated, by guess who – an Islamic jihadist!  An op-ed was written on this very subject, ‘The Opening of Jihad on U.S. Soil’ – But it is inarguable, Soviet Jews would have languished as  prisoners of their leadership, if not for the “outside-the-box” thinking of the JDL. As such, it demonstrably proves, sitting quiet is not the way to stop an onslaught of resurgent anti-semitism.

Onto the usual tepid “condemnations”, from a pathetic, timid Jewish communal leadership, despite their huffing and puffing. A lot of good they’re gonna do. If they were as pithy in their fundraising, as they were in their feigned outrage, their organizational treasuries would be bone dry. Bankrupt. They’re flush.

Jewish Groups Slam ‘Anti-Semitic’ Routine At Oscars

02/26/2013 10:27
ADL brands routine starring Mark Wahlberg and foul-mouthed teddy bear “Ted” as “offensive and not remotely funny.”

'Ted' Oscar sketch

‘Ted’ Oscar sketch Photo: Youtube screenshot
American Jewish groups have hit out at one of the comedy routines performed during the Academy Awards show on Sunday night, accusing it of anti-Semitism.The awards ceremony, presented this year by Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane, was lambasted by the Anti-Defamation League and the Simon Wiesenthal Center for a sketch starring the foul-mouthed teddy bear “Ted”, voiced by MacFarlane and the eponymous star of a recent hit movie. During the sketch Ted tells his movie co-star Mark Wahlberg that in order to “work in this town” (Hollywood) he must be Jewish. He then goes on to say, “I was born Theodore Shapiro and I would like to donate to Israel and continue to work in Hollywood forever.”

Abe Foxman of the ADL branded the routine “offensive and not remotely funny”.”To many who know little or nothing about Hollywood or the falsity of such Jewish stereotypes, there’s a much higher potential for the ‘Jews control Hollywood’ myth to be accepted as fact,” said the statement from the ADL.”It only reinforces stereotypes which legitimize anti-Semitism. It is sad and disheartening that the Oscars awards show sought to use anti-Jewish stereotypes for laughs,” Foxman’s statement said. He also expressed the regret that MacFarlane and the Academy Awards producers had not shown greater sensitivity and decided against airing a sketch that so reinforced age-old canard about Jewish control of the film industry.

The segment also drew fire from the Simon Wiesenthal Center.“It is unfortunate that at a time when anti-Semitism is so prevalent throughout the world that Seth McFarlane used the pulpit of the Oscars, before an audience of more than a billion people, to contribute to the myth that Jews own Hollywood,” said a statement from the Center.“The Oscars are transmitted to every corner of the globe, even to such places where such hateful myths are believed as fact. Every comedian is entitled to wide latitude, but no one should get a free pass for helping to promote anti-Semitism.

The fact of the matter is, verbal incitement against Jews has manifestly exploded, ever since the Islamist-in-Chief took over the helm. It is as if he has given his “kosher” stamp of approval – through a wink, a nudge and a nod – to continue the hateful barrages.

It is not a coincidence, the ratcheted up morphing of the red/green alliance has brought America into the Euro zone, and this is not a reference to economics. Simply put, whereas Europe has long been a cesspool of anti-semitism – currently in the throes of Eurabia – Obama and gang are working (through their Hollywood connections and other leftist power centers) to de-sensitize the American public towards the world’s oldest disease – anti-semitism.

Does anyone, in their right or left mind, believe that Barack HUSSEIN Obama, especially with wifey as a presenter ! at the Oscars, wasn’t shown a preview of the anti-semitic skit, and so much more? Of course he saw it. It never would have gone off without his wink, nudge and nod.

IF proof in the pudding is required, as to how involved the POTUS was in the Oscar process, please know that Michele Obama presented the Oscar to Affleck for his directorial of Argo. In this regard, what are the chances that this was a coincidence, being that the Islamist-in-Chief sent his TOP surrogates to assist in its making, even to the point of attending its premiere – Happenstance?

But don’t be distracted from the Iranian Hitlerite regime’s thumbs down of Argo. The very idea that the Islamic takeover of the American embassy was front and center, was enough for them to go into a tailspin. While this is a historical fact, it matters not a whit to revolutionary Islamists. Facts are fungible. In their warped Islamic-inspired minds, the Holocaust didn’t even happen. This is what the world is facing, yet many leaders and civil society “elitists” coddle them. NOT smart.

Paradoxically, the directorial treatment by Affleck veered away from blaming the culprits, and wandered into revisionist reasons for “this and that”. The who/what drove them to their rage….This is exactly the outcome Obama’s regime aimed for, when they oversaw the picture. Incest-like. Pravda too.

Instead of wringing ones hands, and sending out worthless and toothless responses, how about coining a new term, to be used as a tactical response weapon to the resurgent “hunting season” against Jews – How about Judeophobia”, a term which will signal to the world – don’t mess with the Jews…or else.

Ironically, even though Muslims are shielded from mainstream targeting, there is no reason not to learn from them, as they utilize a made up phobia, yet manage to silence the west into submission. Think of all the glorious things Judeophobia” can accomplish, if only the right pressure points are devised, then applied.

 VERY doable.