Adina Kutnicki Rehearses ‘Is This Love’ … Special Request By Rockin’ Tel Aviv Band!

OVER the years, millions of readers (thanks for that) of this site have come to recognize that there are several facets to this investigative journalist; one of which is a life-long love for music, most especially, singing. It nourishes the soul, and lifts this heart when immersed in a most difficult and heart-stopping investigation. Its effects are that soothing.
IN this regard, it is a privilege and a delight to be able to sing with a most rockin’ Israeli band, as their “resident” soft-rock crooner. What fun!
AS such, rehearsals are required – as much as needed – for every engagement. And while it would be a kick to be able to post up to youtube the full rehearsal(s) with the band in view, a proprietary agreement is in effect which precludes uploading under a personal youtube account.
SO, hopefully, for your musical enjoyment, here is a raw cut of our latest, ‘Is This Love’!

FOR the record, in 2019, two of my recordings were allowed to be uploaded to my youtube … a long story. Here they are, in case you are unfamiliar –


Decorative heart and headphones on lights background