Israel’s Electoral Season Hotter Than Hot…This Blog’s Pick…Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

NOT unlike American politics, Israel’s electoral season heats up the citizenry to the nth degree. There is nothing like it. You should see people (otherwise rational folks, who else would one associate with) screaming at the tv, as candidates hawk their messages through the time allotted them, depending on party size etc. Even this blogger becomes mesmerized, thus, championing the message of her party, aka, “Tet Bet“…will clarify below. 

Yet, as imperfect as the U.S. system is, it beats Israel’s hands down. Basically, aside from obvious voter fraud (sometimes) perpetrated on the voters, voting directly for ones candidate, as opposed to (corrupt) part lists, stands for something – it is much easier to throw the bums out! Few understand the pernicious effects of a multi-party parliamentary system –…less than a squishy democracy. But for those truly interested in its destructive force, this blogger refers her readers to a close associate, Professor Paul Eidelberg, Israel’s pre-eminent expert on electoral politics –…here too –

The subject is so important – at least to Israelis – that have written several op-eds on its fatal flaws, as evidenced within – .

Despite its systemic, deficient underpinnings, voters still need to find a “home”. As such, many nationalists, formally devoted Likud voters (“Likudniks”), have jumped ship. One may rightfully (no pun intended) ask: where to? Well, along comes PM Netanyahu’s ex Chief of Staff, Naftali Bennett – – capturing the hearts and minds of scores of Jewish nationalists, secular and religious alike, via his appropriately named party,“Jewish Home”.

His nationalist ethos, his bridge between secular and religious, and his ability to think rationally/logically (is it any coincidence that he is also a successful hi-tech entrepreneur, capable of really seeing “from here to there”?…there is linkage) is self evident, whether one agrees with his politics or not. He is a force to be reckoned with. You should see him debate…whether in the U.S. or in Israel…in English or in Hebrew. Takes your breath away – …. .

But for those still wedded to Likud’s strong nationalist bonafides, you may want to recalibrate your calculus, understanding why Bennett’s solid moorings are needed to shore Likud up, thereby, giving them a spine. In tandem, hopefully, Otzma  an additional nationalist party, will serve as another counterweight. 

Likud’s disappointing list is long, but it is exemplified herein: 

For if anything is emblematic of Likud’s incapability to thwart the leftists at Israel’s throat, the so called “disengagement”, bulldozed through by PM Sharon (another Likudnik), is its poster child – . NEVER to be forgotten. NEVER to be forgiven.

Just imagine what it took for stalwart Zionist, Caroline Glick, to take the Likud’s PM to task – More than enough to give a nationalist pause.

Similarly, this blogger recognizes spineless leaders when she sees them, regardless of their highly capable oratory skills –…not even worth a hill of beans.

Nevertheless, rest assured, Bennett understands that Likud will come out on top. In fact, he still supports Likud, as opposed to Labor (the socialist’s backyard), knowing full well it is either one or the other which will steer the ship of state. Regardless, he internalizes what many clear thinkers realize about Israeli politics – political muscle rules. Thus, the stronger Jewish Home is, the more viable a bulwark it will be, to effectively support the Jewish homeland – and not just in  rhetoric!

Alas, Bennett’s party (Tet Bet) wouldn’t be necessary, if history hadn’t proven that Likud – a supposed nationalist party – always caved to Washington’s & international dictates, whenever Zionist interests were not to their liking. Of course, Likud feigned otherwise. 

To wit, GO – Jewish Home/Habayit Hayehudi/Tet Bet !!