Vegas (Red & Green) Jihad + Oklahoma City Bombing = Cover-Ups: A Comparative Analysis. Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

WARNING: Anyone who opines that only conspiracy theorists see a connection between red + green globalist-driven dots should stop right here. Post haste. After all, there is only so much effort one should expend on those who prefer to keep their eyes closed and ears muffled. And if said blindfolds are insufficient as “see no (Islamic) evil” buffers, the option is to stick their (collective) heads in the sand – ostrich-like. Pointedly, the advice within is: just step out of this site’s way and move right along – don’t let its (virtual) door hit on the way out! On the other hand, if truth-telling is the end goal, come what may, well, keep reading. Listen. Learn.

WITH the above benchmarks in place, let’s peer back to a time (1/93-1/2001) when President Clinton – with wifey in tow – soiled the White House with their shady and dirty dealings. Most infamously, who can forget the stained blue dress, which was more in line with an out of control frat boy than the leader of the free world? Inextricably, he behaved like a hound dog, as opposed to the POTUS! In reality, Clinton Inc. has always operated on par with a criminal cartel – sexual gymnastics beside the point. Yes, Hill and Bill are not called the Bonnie & Clyde duo of politics for nothing!

THE query becomes: what’s the point in taking a trip down memory lane – as distressing as it is – if not for a damned good reason? Well, since past is prologue, and history repeats alike, patriots are URGENTLY advised to internalize what really went down under Clinton’s tenure, the back story, to connect the red + green dots. Lying in wait.

ALAS, this site reported via an excerpt within “The Criminal Ties That Bind Clinton Inc. To Obama Inc., & FBI’s Comey To HSBC’s Launderers/Banksters” :

Who recalls the Oklahoma City bombing in 1995 during Clinton Inc.’s, aka Murder Inc., reign of criminal terror? Oh yeah. Just hark-back to the fabricated tales re the Murrah building’s incineration (that which had so many jive-talking holes in it), and know that a fully loaded truck could have been rammed through it – with barely making a dent in the process! Mind you, countless lies were uncovered through exhaustive investigative work, much of which was conducted by Jayna Davis via The Third TerroristNot only that, Obama Inc. had a (cover-up) hand in it too! Indeed, less than six degrees separated….continue reading….

IN support thereof, INTELWIRE revealed:

A potential witness in the Oklahoma City bombing investigation had contact with the CIA.

That is just one of dozens of revelations in a document released by the CIA, in response to a lawsuit by Salt Lake City attorney Jesse Trentadue.

Trentadue has been seeking government documents related to Oklahoma City through the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), as part of an investigation into the death of his brother while federal custody (story).

Trentadue sought documents from the CIA under FOIA. Although the Agency released some documents (storydocuments), it withheld many more. In response to Trentadue’s lawsuit, the CIA filed what is known as a Vaughn Index, describing the withheld material in detail. While much of the material was classified, the CIA also refused to disclose several unclassified documents. 

Among the documents described in the index:

  • A document written by a CIA attorney to the Justice Department that “responds to request for information as to whether a potential witness in the Oklahoma City Bombing trial was at any time associated with the CIA.” The document describes “contacts between the CIA and the potential witness,” which also contains information on “the location of a covert CIA facility.”
  • A letter to a FBI agent describing CIA records searches related to Timothy McVeigh and co-conspirator Terry Nichols.
  • A 10-page fax describing a name trace search conducted by the CIA on Terry Nichols.
  • A one-page cable dated April 19, 1995, with the subject line “Bombing in Oklahoma City,” which contains information about “the location of a covert CIA facility, a CIA cryptogram, and CIA intelligence limitations and capabilities.”
  • A two cable dated April 19, 1995, and titled “Identity of US Citizens Who Attended the PAIC [Popular Arab Islamic Conference].” The annual Sudan-based conference was known as a nexus for Islamic terrorist leaders including Al Qaeda members. The document also contains information about “CIA intelligence collection requests, the location of a CIA covert facility, and cryptonyms.”
  • A one-page cable dated April 19, 1995, and titled “Call From Foreign Liason Contact,” which describes “the identity of a foreign government that provided information to the CIA in the aftermath of the Oklahoma City bombing, the location of a covert CIA facility, and information regarding another agency’s sources, information sharing, and analysis of source information. Release of the classified information reasonably would be expected to result in serious damage to the national security of the United States.”
  • A three-page cable dated April 20, 1995, and titled “Planned Correspondence With Foreign Government Liaison Partners,” which describes contact between the CIA and “an asset regarding the Oklahoma City bombing.”
  • A two-page cable dated April 20, 1995, and titled “Explosion at Federal Building in Oklahoma” which describes “the location of a covert CIA field station, the identity of a human source, information sharing, and information credited to a representative of a foreign government.”
  • Multiple documents dated April 20, 1995, describing claims of responsibility for the Oklahoma City bombing. As previously reported on INTELWIRE, there were several such claims in the aftermath of the bombing (storystory).
  • A two-page cable dated April 20, 1995, and titled “Possible Suspect” which “provides information about a possible person of interest in the Oklahoma City bombing.”
  • A two-page cable dated April 20, 1995, and titled “Name Trace Results” which describes “a person named in connection with the Oklahoma Bombing investigation, but whom was not the object of plaintiff’s FOIA request.” Trentadue’s FOIA request specifically requested information on Andreas Strassmeir, a German national linked to McVeigh.
  • A two-page cable dated April 21, 1995, and titled “Investigative Lead.”
  • A two-page cable dated April 21, 1995, and titled “Possible Lead.”
  • A two-page cable dated April 21, 1995, and titled “Information Regarding Possible Suspects.” It contains “the identity of an intelligence source and details regarding inter-agency coordination with respect to the intelligence as well as to protect the location of a covert CIA field station and foreign liaison”The Vaughn Index lists numerous other leads generated by human intelligence sources.

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INDEED, the CIA’s nexus is very clear through the “handling” of McVeigh and Nichols –  both of whom were burnt by their handlers! More specifically, jihad in Oklahoma City was coordinated with various Mid East connections, as well as with major input from Abu Sayaff! Know the jihadi players well. Alas, in so far that Paddock was connected to the Philippines (in more ways than through his live-in), so too were McVeigh and Nichols deeply linked.

INCONTESTABLY, when Oklahoma’s Murrah Federal Building blew, it was Abu Sayaff’s leading bomb maker, Edwin Angeles, a Muslim terrorist (who happened to learn his trade through his mentor, Ramzi Yousef, you know, the infamous  explosive hand behind the 1993 blow up of the World Trade Center) who rigged it!

REST assured, when most of the layers are peeled back from Vegas, know that Abu Sayaff – the Philippine’s Islamic terror arm – will be, once again, front and center, as will be the CIA. The scuttlebutt is that Abu Sayaff has a VERY close connection to the CIA, much of which wends back to the war in Afghanistan when the CIA trained Al-Qaeda, the mujaheddin, against the Soviets. Talk about blow back! More than likely, the FBI will prove to have a “supportive” role in Vegas’s cover-up, as has already been evidenced in Oklahoma City’s “taste” of jihadi terror! 

REGARDLESS, and most significantly, the poop and the scoop is starting to seep through. Currently, the timeline for the shooting and other pertinent eye-witness reports are wending into the public domain. Trickling….trickling….

GUARANTEED: one way or another, Paddock, aka Samir al-Hajib, became enmeshed with Islam. Let’s not waste time denying it. But what remains open to further investigation is the “chicken and egg debate”; that which law enforcement leaders and intelligence circles are well acquainted.  

SO, by starting from point A, the first logical question becomes: in which capacity was Paddock operating as an intelligence asset? Was it via his own volition as a CIA gun-runner (think: Benghazi-like) and money launderer?Indubitably, gambling is a main hub for laundering – no questions asked!

IT is under this highly likely scenario, while on his (confirmed) Mid East travels, he became enamored with Islam. Thus, he mirrored John Brennan. Still yet, if flipped around, it is possible he was “recruited” due to a “deal he couldn’t refuse” – when caught in criminal activity by local police. Resultant, one way or another, he would have been handed over to the FBI as an informant. Consider both observations as “Door A” or “Door B” – old-fashioned “who’s on first” scenarios! Either way, he was “handled.” Again, let’s not waste time side-stepping around the elephant in the (national security) room. Of course, even innocent Americans are considered collateral damage, when the CIA and the FBI are running operations – for whatever political outcome is on tap.

TO wit, with the above in mind, an urgent understanding is required re the constant “push and pulls” between local/state policing and intelligence agencies – that which drives and impacts all directional markers, ultimately, the decision-making.

EFFECTIVELY, in the main, the priorities of local/state law enforcement are not intelligence driven. Not only that, aside from the NYPD, few are barely up to speed. On the other hand, intelligence agencies, by definition, start out by gathering intel, which, in turn, informs their leadership which direction to take the investigation. Understood? 

ALL of which leads back to the most basic question of all: conclusively, why in the world would the police and FBI stick to their shuck and jive story/timeline for an entire week (and in the largest mass shooting in U.S. history, no less), if not to protect the powers that be – those whose globalist interests lie elsewhere and are invested in keeping the public in the dark?? 

BUT while seemingly out of left field, this too bears the closest scrutiny: in so far that “The Donald” surely wants to get to the bottom of Vegas’s jihad (as POTUS, and as a stakeholder in Vegas’s financial future), it is more than likely that “Javanka”, aka the “familial swamp“, will steer him towards the Demster’s narrative, that is, don’t connect the globalist-driven red-green dots!

IN this regard, while yours truly has zero in common with the likes of Tillerson, McMaster, et al. and their anti-MAGA counterparts (yes, the aforementioned are very much globalists and Islamic apologists), the fact is that there is total agreement on one central issue: the out-sized influence of the familial duo on KEY policy issues! While national patriots are enraged by their leftward steerage of Trump, the outrage from Trump’s top players – part and parcel of the Deep State – is little more than jockeying for power, relative to “who’s on first?”

The dinners would appear to contradict prior reports that “Javanka” are trying to keep to their lanes after upsetting key officials in the administration with their constant presence on key policy decisions. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson reportedly refers to the pair as the “royal family” and the pair have been accused of causing “periodic confusion and resentment” among officials….continue reading….


THIS go-around, Vegas’s smoke and mirrors show is not akin to its usual fare of actual smoke and mirrors. If only. Rather, it has now gone down in history as the city with the most “successful” terror attack, since 9/11/01 – bloodied corpses littering its wake!  Mind you, this title was once held by Orlando, when the Pulse Club blew apart on June 12, 2016 – as another ISIS soldier, Omar Mateen, acted on behalf of Islamic jihad! 

OH, some more food for thought: Orlando’s jihadi is CIA connected through his papa – Seddique Mateen, regardless of WAPO’s (and others) Allah-wash of senior’s “work.”

THE twists and turns of jihad in America….and this ain’t a conspiracy theory!

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NYC’s (Latest) Jihad Leads Back To Mid East Pilots:Officaldom/Media Cover Ups, Open Sesame To Domestic Islamic Terror! Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

Image result for pics of jihadi pilots

AS always, investigations are only as reliable as corroborative evidence brought to the fore, that which inevitably leads to a truthful conclusion, regardless of where it lands. That being said, sans proper backgrounder information, little makes sense or falls into place for the average onlooker. 

RESULTANT, as a first-tier backgrounder, know that every airplane which “mysteriously” exploded or disappeared over the years, in one way or another, had causal links to Islamic terrorism. And it would take writing another book to catalog the volumes of evidence. Heavy lifting. Believe it – or not. It’s your call.

SPECIFICALLY, re the continuous cover up of Islamic terrorism within America, it is more than instructive to cite a key and main exhibit which officialdom actively buried, and continues to lie about to date. Not only that, its many moving parts involved a truck bomb-like load of evidence, as opposed to the examination of fragments from a plane’s explosion. The point being, whichever instrument of death is used is beside the point. Yes, the truth (most) always can be found in the cover up.

SO it is along this continuum of fiery trajectories deployed by Allah’s Muslim Terrorists that Americans (in general, Israelis and westerners alike) must never become pre-occupied with, that is, by allowing officialdom to distract via this and that jihadi-named hydra, nor their method of delivery. Six of one, half a dozen of another.

EFFECTIVELY, whether they operate under the sword and banner of one or another jihadi group – for instance, those who blew apart the Murrah Federal Building in 1995 in Oklahoma City, or Islamists who imploded the Twin Towers and executed every other attack in between – is beside the point. In other words, their main emphasis has nothing to do with any group allegiance, rather, their missions have everything to do with Mohammedan teachings, the roots, of Islam. Simple as that. Critical. Core.

BACK to the cover ups. To wit, 21 years after the fact, countless still believe that two anti-government domestic terrorists were solely responsible for the gravest domestic act of terror pre 9/11/01. Not by a long shot.

AQMI Flag asymmetric.svg

(The Black Standard of ISIL aka ISIS, which was adopted by Abu Sayyaf)

FOR the record, Mid East terrorists, primarily, from the Iraqi Military intelligence Service – Saddam Hussein’s Republican Guard – coupled with their Islamic jihadi counterparts in the Philippines, Abu Sayaff, brought devastating carnage to the homeland by way of Oklahoma City.

Image result for pics of al-hussein husseini

IN fact, Clinton Inc.’s mouthpieces covered up each and every jihadi fingerprint and footprint attached to the 1995 wreckage. And, for the record, had Bubba Clinton not been in financial bed with Arab/Muslim regimes, well, 9/11/01 could have been stopped. Suffice to state, it was officialdom’s cover-ups – starting with the opening of jihad on U.S. soil in 1990, via the brazen Islamic assassination of Rabbi Meir Kahane in NYC – which opened up the door to Allah’s Muslim Terrorists on U.S. soil.

NOW that that is settled and in plain view, let’s revert back to the present. More specifically, and most recently, let’s segue to NYC as one specific exemplar. As an aside, it is this (American-Israeli) investigative journalist’s hometown ‘hood.

STILL yet, where do Mid East pilots fit into the purposefully misreported, hence, misdirected, IED pressure cooker attack on September 17, 2016 in NYC, as if it was the work of a so-called lone wolf jihadi? Everywhere.

BUT before we get to that, let’s examine just one mainstream report via US Today:

At a news conference before the discovery of a second device, Mayor Bill de Blasio said the explosion injured at least 29 people. He said the blast was intentional, but there was no specific terrorist threat.

A device believed to be a pressure cooker was subsequently found on West 27th Street, four blocks from the initial blast on West 23rd, according to the New York Police Department. “The suspicious device on West 27 Street in Chelsea has been safely removed by the NYPD Bomb Squad,” the police department tweeted at 2:24 a.m. ET Sunday.

“There is no specific and credible threat to New York City from any terror organization,”  de Blasio said late Saturday at the news conference….

THEN, let’s segue to this site’s excerpted reportage:

LET’s take a brief look-back into some critical backgrounder. They will help to clarify why bombs – whatever variant – are blowing up, back-to-back, in America’s streets.

CONSEQUENTIALLY, since 2013, this site has placed heavy emphasis on said incendiary terrain. Readers, is anyone listening??

MORE specifically, the eventual (and inevitable) usage of IED’s – as a stepped-up method to jihad in America – was repeatedly noted. Basically, its flooring includes variants of pipe-bombs, pressure cookers, and the like. Said prognostication, prediction of sorts, pre-dated the jihadi blow up during Boston’s Marathon on April 15, 2013. However, the following was even more explicit, and it was dated June 2014….

TRENCHANTLY, how many patriots even heard about the aforementioned WMD dangers implanted by Allah’s Muslim Terrorists on U.S. soil, aside from this site’s publication in June 2014? And where is the reporting from the MSM on such an existential danger? Besides, don’t they possess their own counter terror and counterintelligence sources? After all, how much heavy-lifting is this investigative journalist supposed to exert? Moreover, what is the (Islamic-captured) DHS doing about it?

ALAS, fast forward to yesterday (September 17, 2016), whereby twin pipe-bomb attacks exploded. And the past being prologue, indeed, (one of) yesterday’s Islamic attack contained a pressure cooker connection, which is akin to Boston’s carnage in April 2013. Coincidence? Moreover, a bomb factory element was also an under-reported factor of the jihadi shooting in San Bernardino, CA  (December 2015), perpetrated by Syed Farook and Tashfeen Malik. Hmm.

ONTO jihad in New Jersey…..a targeted attack on U.S. Marines and their supporters! Incontestably, a hop, skip and a short ride to NYC, their next coordinated attack….

ONTO the jihadi pilots at hand….

A “duo came across the airline tote bag on the sidewalk between 8 and 9 p.m. on W. 27th St. between 6th and 7th Aves. They removed the pressure cooker containing the explosives and walked away with the luggage, leaving the unexploded device behind.”

The media initially told us that these duo were homeless bums. Now what is the chances of these “duo” being rather well off two Muslims and not homeless as the media told us?

This is exactly what happened. And it even gets worse, the two were not bums as we are told, but civilian Muslim PILOTS from Egypt.Investigators were hoping to speak with these two men who stumbled upon a second bomb in Chelsea on Sept. 17, but didn’t report it.

ABC News stated that the two men who came across a travel bag containing an undetonated pressure cooker bomb in Chelsea have been identified as Egyptian pilots who have returned to their native country, according to the report. Law enforcement sources told ABC News the two men seen pulling the bomb from a bag on W. 27th St. on Sept. 17 — then walking off with the bag — are Egypt Air pilots.

This is what they are telling us so far.

But how about the more logical scenario. These two EgyptAir pilots were very likely also Muslim terrorists. They came with the bomb which was in the bag. They took the pressure cooker bomb out of the bag, placed the bomb, took the bag and left.

How can the scenario by the FBI make any sense? Why would two seasoned pilots accidentally find a bag, open it, see a wired pressure cooker, not know its a bomb, rob the bag (without the pressure cooker) and then cut and run? Would any logical mind buy this scenario? A bomb in a bag accidentally found by two Muslims from Egypt?

They must have known it’s a bomb because they were part of the cell.

How does this media version make any sense? Here is a photo of both, the Muslim pilots and the pressure cooker. Would anyone believe that these two pilots not know what this is all about after they see this specific pressure cooker with wires dangling from it? How can anyone believe that these two had no training being pilots about recognizing explosives?  Or is it that the FBI does not want to alarm us?

If they announced suspicion that these EgyptAir pilots are possible terrorists, now we must deal with all the flights coming out of the Middle East into the U.S. This would make a huge ruckus, especially in the midst of an election.

And how far-fetched is our theory here? It is not unlikely, but possibly is the case.

For example, when in May reported that EgyptAir Flight 804 which crashed into the Mediterranean Sea while traveling from Paris to Cairo, we reported that the possibility of foul-play was extremely high. First of all, the pilot was Muslim Brotherhood. Now investigators just found explosive residue (TNT) on the wreckage. We were correct. French news outlet Le Figaro reported that:

“French investigators have found traces of TNT on the plane’s debris. This could potentially support the theory that there was an explosion aboard the plane prior to the crash. The origin of the traces isn’t immediately clear, but their discovery seems to be inciting a disagreement between the French and Egyptian authorities. Egyptian officials didn’t let the French investigators examine the debris in greater detail, according to Reuters:

Egypt wishes to write a joint report with France to validate the presence of TNT on the debris. France has refused to do this because the investigators were not able to carry out an adequate inspection to determine how the traces could have got there, Le Figaro said.

Responding to Le Figaro’s report, sources on the Egyptian-led investigation committee denied the French team’s work had been obstructed.

“None of the investigators were prevented from participating in investigations, but rather the work is being done jointly according to the conduct of the investigative process,” one of the committee sources said.

Fears are growing that EgyptAir Flight 804 was downed by a ‘laptop bomb’ device similar to one which blew a man out the side of a passenger jet. Such a device could explain the reports of multiple smoke detectors going off inside the jet before it crashed. If this is the case, it could mean that terrorists have discovered a way of evading airport security checks.

And besides being able to smuggle explosives into a plane. When it comes to even the pilots of EgyptAir, there is one who influenced the pilot of MS804. in May reported on Flight MS804 pilot Captain Ahmad Shukeir was an Islamist involved with Amr Khaled a well-known Muslim Brotherhood Jihadi of the first class known in Egypt.

Amr Khaled: “I was with Captain Ahmad Shukeir in the plane that is missing in one of my journeys. He is the kindest of pilots whom I travelled with. May Allah have mercy on him and give patience to his family. I hope who reads my words to pray for him and the rest of the passenger”

Amr Khaled is a Jihadi who lent material support to Jihadists in Benghazi that killed Americans. Ahmad Musa, a well-known journalist and TV personality correctly exposes Amr Khaled showing from his own voice of sending young men to Libya and Benghazi for Jihad. Khaled is an Islamic tele evangelist who runs a TV show called “The Makers of Life” and in the video link which Ahmad Musa exposes when Khaled sent material support to Libya during the attacks in Benghazi which killed Americans. Here is Khaled’s own words from the video [translated by Shoebat]:

“This is a message to our brothers in Mistrata, Tripoli and Benghazi. May Allah get vengeance from the evil doers (West). Allah will give you victory. We pray for you day and night. We sent young men to aid you [from Egypt] from our program Makers of Life to Benghazi. We sen you doctors. I dispatched a team and will communicate with you continually with the team in Benghazi and we will do our efforts and continue communicating via Youtub. We want [Islam’s] justice to be established through your hands in Libya.”  (see video link in the article)

Here Khaled (the same guy you see on the photo) is calling for victory for the Jihadists against the west in Libya (May 2nd, 2011)

In the above video, it is almost identical message “we have sent aid to you in Benghazi, we will aid you… pray for you  …” with the youth saying “Amen”.

We also provided the testimony of Osama Abdel Basset, the captain in charge of the air hospitality in Egyptian Air says it all: “The Captain Mohammed Shakeir, the pilot of that fateful flight” had organized a “last supper” knowing he is “about to die”:

he called on his colleagues before the incident a few days to lunch at his house hinting that the end is near, the end of his life that is and that he is ready to meet his maker and gave his farewell. He was bidding them [his friends] farewell with words that came out of his mouth for the first time in his life“

This was from Al-Hurra News which titled its article “The Call Of Death Embrace The Pilot Of The Egyptian Plane During His Last Supper”. 

WOW…just calculate the fact that a recent U.S. census report noted: Record 42.4 million immigrants, 23% of school kids, Muslims biggest jump. You got that? Extrapolate the upcoming dangers!

ABOVE all else, America and Israel – its twin rooted western spearhead – must survive to save the west. And this survival depends upon the most significant two-prong volte-face: mental toughening and practical applications.

Westerners must understand that Islam is violent, dangerous, and has never been a peaceful ideology. It has NO place within the civilized west. None!

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