REVEALED : The Second Term Plans Of An Obama Presidency…Nothing Short Of A National Nightmare..Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

It is no longer mandatory to speculate, prognosticate, intuit, or otherwise “divine” what a second term – heaven forfend – Obama Presidency will entail, be it by hook or by crook.

Thanks to several stalwart investigative journalists we can now discern its basic contours, to the closest degree possible. Surely other “surprises” await a hapless and helpless citizenry.


‘The Purposeful Deconstruction of the US…& The Co-opting of DHS…Into A Radical Force For Societal Transformation’ lays the groundwork – – as well as several other related commentaries featured at this blog.

HOWEVER, little takes the place of eye-opening, jaw-dropping, highly sourced, exhaustively researched books by straight shooting investigative journalists. Journalists who simply see their roles as ferreting out the truth, allowing the chips to fall where they may, regardless of whether or not one agrees with their findings.

Refreshing. Quaint too.

Enter Aaron Klein. The author of several blockbuster investigations, as well as an award- winning, syndicated radio show host – – Klein is nobody’s fool. Having penned ‘Fool Me Twice’ with co-author Brenda Elliott, one becomes chilled to the bone throughout this gripping read, even if well schooled (as I am) in this arena. The book’s overview can be found here –

Their tutelage is a national public service. Simple as that.

In this regard, Canada Free Press drops several bombshells waiting to explode in all our faces. After all, what happens to America affects the entire free world, most especially Israel, a tiny nation surrounded on all sides by Islamic barbarians.

“The book, by New York Times bestselling authors Aaron Klein and Brenda J. Elliott, uncovers the template for Obama’s next four years – the actual, extensive plans created by Obama’s own top advisers and progressive strategists.” The article continues, “The second-term amnesty plans come in the form of inter-agency directives, legislative attempts and a series of Executive Orders similar to Obama’s June 2012 Order to stop deporting young illegal immigrants who entered the United States as children if they meet certain requirements….One section in their book, “Fool Me Twice,” is dedicated to liberal-progressive organizations such as the Center for American Progress who helped with the language of the reform bill introduced December 15, 2009 in Congress by two Hispanics, Reps. Solomon Ortiz, D-Texas, and Luis Gutierrez, D-Ill., with 91 original co-sponsors, was called the “Comprehensive Immigration Reform for America’s Security and Prosperity Act of 2009.”  As of this writing in late July 2012, the 645-page bill has yet to pass…Specific amnesty plans documented in “Fool Me Twice” include a call for new restrictions placed on apprehending illegal aliens who are members of a newly defined “vulnerable population.”…The immigration reform bill written and introduced by two Hispanic U. S. Representatives, Ortiz and Gutierrez as stated above, have placed an inordinate amount of other restrictions in the bill on venues or sites where suspected illegal aliens may not be apprehended in the “premises or in the immediate vicinity of 20 sites: childcare provider;  school;  legal-service provider;  federal court or state court proceeding; funeral home; cemetery; college, university; community services agency; social service agency; hospital; emergency care center; health care clinic; place of worship; day care center;  head start center; school bus stop; recreation center; mental health facility; and a community center; also pregnant or disabled illegals.”

Dare they? Of course! Read additional snippets of the heart-stopping, anti-American plan described via this link  –

To render freedom-loving people more heartburn – wake this American-Israeli up from her nightmare ! –  Stanley Kurz, (requiring little introduction, has exposed the reign of Obama in many incendiary ways.

Most recently, his 2010 book ‘Radical-in-Chief’ eviscerates Barack Hussein Obama’s carefully scripted, choreographed facade, painting him as a liberal, yet also a healing force for a fractured America, liberals and conservatives alike. That damnable lie has been shattered to smithereens, thanks in part to Kurz’s heavy lifting.

Fast forward to 2012, specifically Aug 1, 2012. ‘Burn Down The Suburbs?’ is a riveting, shocking, smokin’ hot article featured at the no-nonsense National Review Online.

Here are some of its revelations –

“President Obama is not a fan of America’s suburbs. Indeed, he intends to abolish them. With suburban voters set to be the swing constituency of the 2012 election, the administration’s plans for this segment of the electorate deserve scrutiny. Obama is a longtime supporter of “regionalism,” the idea that the suburbs should be folded into the cities, merging schools, housing, transportation, and above all taxation. To this end, the president has already put programs in place designed to push the country toward a sweeping social transformation in a possible second term. The goal: income equalization via a massive redistribution of suburban tax money to the cities…..Obama’s plans to undercut the political and economic independence of America’s suburbs reach back decades. The community organizers who trained him in the mid-1980s blamed the plight of cities on taxpayer “flight” to suburbia. Beginning in the mid-1990s, Obama’s mentors at the Gamaliel Foundation (a community-organizing network Obama helped found) formally dedicated their efforts to the budding fight against suburban “sprawl.” From his positions on the boards of a couple of left-leaning Chicago foundations, Obama channeled substantial financial support to these efforts. On entering politics, he served as a dedicated ally of his mentors’ anti-suburban activism…..In July of 2011, Kruglik’s Building One America held a conference at the White House. Orfield and Rusk made presentations, and afterwards Kruglik personally met with the president in the Oval Office. The ultimate goal of the movement led by Kruglik, Rusk, and Orfield is quite literally to abolish the suburbs. Knowing that this could never happen through outright annexation by nearby cities, they’ve developed ways to coax suburbs to slowly forfeit their independence….The centerpiece of the Obama administration’s anti-suburban plans is a little-known and seemingly modest program called the Sustainable Communities Initiative. The “regional planning grants” funded under this initiative — many of them in battleground states like Florida, Virginia, and Ohio — are set to recommend redistributive policies, as well as transportation and development plans, designed to undercut America’s suburbs. Few have noticed this because the program’s goals are muffled in the impenetrable jargon of “sustainability,” while its recommendations are to be unveiled only in a possible second Obama term…..A second and equally ambitious facet of Obama’s anti-suburban blueprint involves the work of Kruglik’s Building One America. Traditionally, Alinskyite community organizers mobilize leftist church groups. Kruglik’s group goes a step further by organizing not only the religious left but politicians from relatively less-well-off inner-ring suburbs. The goal is to build coalitions between urban and inner-ring suburban state legislators, in a bid to force regional tax-base sharing on middle-class suburbanites. That is how the practice came to Minnesota….The July 2011 White House conference, gathering inner-ring suburban politicians for presentations by Rusk and Orfield, was an effort to place the prestige of the Obama administration behind Kruglik’s organizing efforts. A multi-state battle over regional tax-base “sharing,” abetted by the president, would usher in divisive class warfare on a scale likely to dwarf the puny efforts of Occupy Wall Street….Obama’s little-known plans to undermine the political and economic autonomy of America’s suburbs constitute a policy initiative similar in ambition to health-care reform, the stimulus, or “cap-and-trade.” Obama’s anti-suburban plans also supply the missing link that explains his administration’s overall policy architecture.”

The disturbing link can be found here –

It is simply impossible to quantify (as of yet) the incalculable damage wrought by his first four years as POTUS.  Blow back will explode when least expected. Guaranteed.

Can anyone honestly calculate the irreparable havoc a second term would entail, as the heretofore leading nation of the free world?

While a plethora of “transformations” have been uncovered, how about what remains hidden?

It leaves one breathless. Numb too.