Hundreds of thousands of regular readers have become aware of this blogger’s (in tandem with well placed investigative associates) concerted struggle against the infiltration and penetration of Muslim Brotherhood front groups into so called “pro-Israel” media forums. All is not as it seems.

The aforementioned infiltrators are fully embedded within online sites, and can also be found hidden inside mainstream print publications. Their thrust has been recapped through numerous commentaries, as well as within a featured interview.

Most recently, the following was highlighted: UPDATE: Turkish Islamist (anti-semite) ADNAN OKTAR warns those who refuse to submit to the “mahdi”. His claim to the mantle “prophesied” via the Jewish Torah! How much clearer can the danger be, yet, as indicated within the above link(s), too many “pro-Israel” forums print his vile writings, albeit via his surrogates.

So aside from Islamic penetration, a similar danger exists from Christian missionaries. At certain times they operate as “tag teams”, but oftentimes as solo actors. It just depends. But to what end do they coalesce? Well, their main objective is to “uproot” Judaism out of Israel, the eternal Jewish homeland. And it is due to this point of agreement and convergence that said main players – from both sides – are “cooperating” within Jewish social media sites and beyond. The main questions before us are: how do they operate? who is giving them despicable cover?

This blog, over a several month period, has been busy unmasking what is transpiring within the Islamic realm, so now let us turn our attention to the Christian missionary part of the “captured operation”. Rest assured, our investigative efforts have uncovered evidence which details the “merging of forces” to “de-Judasize” Israel. This is a fact. But before we head to the current online battle – a continuous struggle for our homeland – it is imperative to note several mitigating factors. 

Exhibit One: detailed below are FB exchanges within one of the largest “pro-Israel” group pages. While others are similarly infected and indicted, ISRAELI FRONTLINE  bears special scrutiny (opprobrium) due to its online prominence. Its companion page is also a non-profit –  ISRAELI FRONTLINE is non-profit. This weblog is rewarded for each click, so please visit our advertisers to see what they are offering. Interesting.                         

Moving right along…

Exhibit Two: the referenced exchanges were accumulated AFTER 4 ! attempts to keep a particular article housed within their forum, a site which posts 24/7 in varying timelines all over the world. And It was NEVER an issue of tech/computer-related glitches. Not at all. Each time it was posted – and this and that feedback ensued – the article, and its exchanges, was purposely deleted from the site. Mind you, a cadre of dedicated Zionists – attempting to highlight matters of grave concern to the Jewish nation – have become the enemy, for daring to protect the Jewish homeland. DON’T forget this aspect. It is key.

Nevertheless – and herein lies the crux – none of these Jewish patriots are allowed to question, nor print, anything which exposes the dangers from Adnan Oktar’s cult members, nor the designs of Christian missionaries!
While this issue has repeatedly been brought to the site owner’s attention, her response is always tinged with deflection. Bobbing and weaving.

In other words, she has no qualms about publicizing a site – which many thousands of its well intentioned members truly believe is pro-Israel – and stacking it with other members AND administrators who are OPENLY missionaries, some of whom are also “admirers/supporters” of Adnan Oktar’s cult members. On the other hand, authentic Zionists are being silenced when “no-no’s” are brought to the fore. 

Notably, our investigators fully recognize that a purging exists, but not against those who should be given the boot from ISRAELI FRONTLINE and other sites, but against those who dare question certain “indelicate” matters. This is an example of one message, out of many, worth highlighting: 
As far as Israeli Frontline goes. “I” [a person who this blogger decided shall remain nameless] was asked to leave there last year for exposing and fighting missionaries there..

In plain English, not the bastardized kind: a hoax is being perpetrated upon the pro-Israel community. This deception is also compromising well meaning Christians; friends who truly support Israel as a Jewish State without “pre-conditions”. Again, ISRAELI FRONTLINE is hardly the only misleading forum, despite the many important news stories posted therein. 

Exhibit Three: pay rapt attention to the opening comments at the thread below, as they are vital to understanding the entire context. Recognize the “cat and mouse” game which had to ensue – to post this highly important link – all in order to alert the forum’s high volume of readership about deeply concerning matters within IsraelToday, a missionary website.

Sach ha’kol, at the end of it all, a continual check-back at ISRAELI FRONTLINE becomes mandatory, for we understand with whom we are dealing. What a waste of time, but none of this will slow us down. Yet the “now you see it, now you don’t” poof-like game is an integral part of their strategy, and this is definitively determined from seasoned investigators.

But still, how many times do the “powers that be”, at ISRAELI FRONTLINE and other sites, believe we are going to continue to conduct this up and down chase? At the same time, other articles do not just “magically disappear” – unlike those of concern herein – DESPITE repeated promises to some well known Israeli Zionist activists to keep them at the forum. Indeed these “movers and shakers”, members in good standing at the stated group pages, are ignored with impunity. Therefore, the question becomes: who are these page owners really beholden to? What the hell is going on? Continue reading.

As noted below, Michelle Cohen, the site’s owner, gave her “blessing” to post the following all important article, yet she kept deleting its contents from her forum. Is there an ADD problem…or some involuntary tic problems which causes her to hit the delete button? Alas, this “shadowy” post, once again, is down the rabbit hole. Consider this possibility: could it be that she is not who she purports to be, and in more respects than one? Inquiring minds want, ne demand, to know!



[note: “I” below refers to a major Zionist activist…let us leave it at that, but those who need to know recognize as much]
“I” am posting this article again (fourth time!). This time with Michelle Cohen’s blessing. This article attacks the Ministry of Defense and is in support of the Messianic Jews who join the IDF. I am NOT attacking the soldiers. By posting this article, I am NOT attacking Christians and certainly not those Christians who are friends of Israel unconditionally. It is posted to warn those of us that some Christians, or Messianic Jews, feel that what we, Jews, believe in is not good enough and we should adopt their belief system in return for their love and support to Israel. To them I say, thank you but NO thank you. My tradition and my religious beliefs are non negotiable! I think it is a serious issue and we need to combat it fiercely. Israel is the ONLY Jewish state and needs to remain this way!

Pressure from anti-missionary group results in Ministry of Defense telling soldiers to avoid believers in Yeshua
Albert Vitela Jesus is the Messiah
The next thread reveals “the tussle” which was screen captured (yes, we do this as a first order of business, among many other things) during previous postings of this same article. Indeed, how many times does one have to re-post at a page which presents itself as “pro-Israel”, especially regarding grave concerns to the community? Dear heavens. Besides, the article (each time our group was forced to “play tag”) lasted at Israeli Frontline for less time than it takes this blogger to walk her fiesty Golden Retriever to do her “business”. You see how duplicitous, how insane, this is to have to deal with one’s supposed friends as if they are no better than one’s enemies? 
  • Jonathan Engel audit trail ?
  •  Someone does not like it, Jonathan Engel. Now I have sent this link to some friends. Hopefully it will still be here when they get back. if it is not, we will know that someone is personally offended by it.
    2 hours ago · Edited · 1
  •  Tamar Cummings, you are one who sent me a message asking me if I had removed it. Here it is. let us hope it is here to stay:-)
  • Tamar Cummings Reading the entire article helps, it would be easy to just read the headline/intro and miss the conclusion that nothing is what it appears to be and maybe especially so in Israel?
  • Tamar Cummings There are a number of different threads woven into this report, it may be an inkblot test to see which thread captures the reader’s focus.
  • Ray Levesque  if you have a beef with the moderators, talk to us directly. The moderators are not on trial here. You should consider that it is better to trust our judgment than to question it. We do a LOT behind their scenes to keep this group on course. As for the article, it seems fine but often the discussions get WAY out of line and it is best to delete the whole thing, which may have happened. And there is no audit trail… This is just a Facebook group eh.
  • Tamar Cummings Ray, I appreciate you keeping the site in order and understand it was not the article itself but the potential discussion that could ensue that was of concern.
  • Denise Salamone Just for the record I fight against missionaries and it is a major issue for Jews. What responses would be necessary to remove the post …… those for it or those against it. Not understanding completely. ty
    I did Ray. I talked to the Chief to Michelle Cohen. Could I do better than this? I have had dealings with you in the past, Ray Levesque and did not get too far becuase you simply decided to delete my comment. Let me see, oh yes, it was about Obama.He m…See More
  • Ray Levesque Tamar thank you. I have no clue why it was deleted, and that doesn’t bother me because I have leaned to trust the other moderators in the group. There must have been a good reason. Some members think that Israeli Frontline is their own soapbox and get …See More
  •  Your guidelines say that this is a Pro Israel site, Ray. Anyone who wishes to convert jews in israel is NOT pro Israeli! Ask me, I am Israeli. Ask Michelle Cohen,she is Israeli. She agreed with me!
  • Ray Levesque Hiya . Please continue to work with Michelle with your list of grievances. My answers are obviously insufficient.
  • Denise Salamone I agree with you , it is important that members understand why this was removed. This is a huge issue in supporting Israel.
     Thank you, Denise
  • Ray Levesque Sorry Denise, but I will not participate. I give way too many hours to this hasbara effort to then be analyzed and scrutinized by over 12,000 members. As moderators we already know what the huge issues are. But more importantly we know how to follow the IF guidelines.
  • Denise Salamone You don’t have to thank me -in fact thank you for bringing this to my attention. If there is one thing I cannot stand are messy antics.
  • Denise Salamone Ray Levesque, thanks for the response, in light of your comment you would think you would want to know why then this was removed. I am not understanding, as you know the threat they cause.
  • Denise Salamone this is not an attack – just so you know.
  • Ray Levesque Please note that there has been zero discussion about this article. If this issue is so important, why isn’t anyone discussing it? Because we are WAY off topic.
     Ray, as one who had attended several higher educations institutions and lived in several countries I have had to follow many guidelines in my life. So trust me, IF simple basic guidelines are no challenges whatsoever. Now that we have cleared that out of the way, can we get an answer why the article has been removed. Surely someone, one of your very competent admins/moderators (and I mean it seriously as I have the highest respect to people like Michelle Cohen, May Lim and Larry Moskowitz could surely provide us with an answer>
  • Tamar Cummings Jump to the conclusion of the article: “this young man joined the growing numbers of hundreds of openly Messianic Jewish soldiers proudly serving in the IDF.So why is the Ministry of Defense now publicly opposing Messianic activity in Jerusalem? According to one combat soldier, who is not Messianic, it all has to do with politics. “The government passed a law recently to recruit religious (ultra-Orthodox) Jews, but most refuse to serve,” he explained. “The army is trying to appease the Orthodox community in Jerusalem by making this absurd announcement against Messianic faith. We are all here to serve our country and the army should not be involved in telling people which path of faith to follow.””
  • Ray Levesque  please let take it up with a Moderator for whom you have some respect. I would not deign to impose my frail explanations upon you.
  •  Tamar, I agree with you. If someone chooses out of their own accord to join Messianic Judaism, no one can condemn them. They are still Jewish and should serve the army. My issue is NOT with the Christians or any non Jews, my issues are with those Christians who believe that because they come and help Israel, they are given the right to use devious methods to steal Jewish souls.
  • Thank you, Ray, no need for you to waste your time on me. After all, it was NOT you who removed it. So let us wait for the one that has removed it to tell us why? Shall we?
  • Ray Levesque Thank Tamar for posting something about the article in the comment section. THAT is the purpose of Israeli Frontline, to foster relevant, civil dialog.
  • Tamar Cummings Fascinating article! The irony of the Jewish state in the middle east being the most inclusive state around!
  • Denise Salamone And this the crux of the article -that they did go in search of messys – messy’s came to them to recruit them on the Sabbath.
  • Denise Salamone Do you support the Messianic movement Tamar Cummings?
  • Tamar Cummings The messianics are a part of the IDF, protecting all who live in Israel.
  • Denise Salamone Let me clarify do you believe in their quest to convert Jews?
  • Ray Levesque Denise, please don’t make this personal. We are not going to allow religious arguments here. Please review the guidelines.
  • Denise Salamone Ray, now I am thoroughly confused completely. I am not trying to attempt to have a religious conversation anyway. I am concerned that now it is off limits to discuss a very major threat against Jewish souls that are off limits, which is vital to the State of Israel.
  • Ray Levesque Denise, you are confronting another member about their personal beliefs. It is better to discuss the points of the article, which is NOT about Tamar Cummings. Thank you for understanding. Moderator.
  •  Denise, it is irrelevant whether Tamar is messianic or not. You can ask her that in a P.N. But what is of greater concern is that Ray Levesque, a moderator in a page that declares itself as Pro Israel does not see that as a serious issue that threatens the essence of the Jewish state, the ONLY Jewish state. makes me wonder what Ray is. But I will not ask him as it is against the group guidelines
  • Ray Levesque  if you have a personal issue with me, it does not belong in the comments section. Please share your grievances with Michelle and leave the comments for actual discussion.
  • Albert Vitela This is a horrible irrelevant article on division between Zionist
  •  Oh I have already Ray. In the past, remember? I turned to Michelle Cohen. The wisest thing I could have done. Need I say more?
  • Ray Levesque No , you need say nothing more.
  • Denise Salamone What is horrible is the messianic movement preying on Jews who are alone in this article.
  • Wiki Leek As Messianics be defined by the law of Israel and the Supreme Court of Israel as Christians they act like Fake-Jews and give the world a fraud picture of Judaism and Israel to the world which do harm to Israel. This have nothing to do with religious be…See More

    Law of Return – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


    The Law of Return (Hebrew: חוק השבות, ḥok ha-shvūt) is Israeli legislation, pass…See More
  • Denise Salamone Our History has shown quite clearly the implications fallen upon Jews from Christian Missionaries. A lesson we have learned well.
    • Ray Levesque Wiki Leek, this group reports and discusses Israeli security issues. This group does not allow proselytizing by any groups towards any others. It also is not the place to attack proselytizers. We simply don’t go there. I have banned an Orthodox Jew for…See More
    • Wiki Leek Ray do you agree that Israel is the Jewish State? The only state in the world where Jews cannot be expelled? Do you agree that trying to proselytize Jews is another way to destruct Israel or the Jews as happened the last 1700 years as Jews being forced…See More
    • Tamar Cummings “Messianics are highly regarded by military authorities, and are even sought out to serve as commanders and officers in every branch of the Israeli military, including Military Intelligence, which requires the highest security clearance.” This article has many “threads” of thought…
AGAIN, it bears repeating: Israel’s Jewish Zionist community is very appreciative of its Christian friends and supporters. This issue is in no way, shape or form, directed at said audience. But it is pointed at those who seek to link/condition any “friendship” to the Jewish homeland, as long as they “turn the other cheek” while missionaries continue to covert Jews. NO way!
Proselytizing is not only against Israeli law but in violation of the “spirit” of Zion – Ambassador Oren cautions against messianics and proselytizing:
Arutz 7, also reporting on Oren’s interview, claims that “Proselytizing in public is illegal in Israel, but the prohibition increasingly has been violated.”

But Oren actually said, “The Christian churches that are active and there are a great number of them — have an agreement with the Israeli government that they can enjoy complete religious freedom, but that they should refrain from proselytizing.”

That’s the beginning and end of it. There is no in between.
WARNING to so called “pro-Israel” forum sites: we are well aware who the missionaries are, as well as those who are connected to Islamic operatives.
So let it be known – here and now – that the true pro-Israel community, the real Zionists (secular and religious, in tandem with our pro-Israel Christian friends), are gravely concerned about what is taking place. We will not allow this situation to continue as is. We will stop their penetration into our communities (virtual or otherwise) one way or another.
In this regard, a well oiled investigative group (with a proven track record) is giving requisite notice to all those who persist in entangling pro-Israel forums with subversive elements; with persons/groups KNOWN to be working towards converting Jews in Israel through whatever insidious methods.
Listen up. Said “pro Israel” accomplices will no longer be able to deceive the public with their false bonafides, as they merge efforts with Islamic/missionary forces. It cannot be the case that those who place pro-Israel, front and center, as their mission statement, can then INCLUDE those who are at cross swords with Judaism/Israel.
Cease and desist!