IT is not for nothing that deep-state DemocRAT Mafia operatives, in tandem with Republican Swamp Creatures, are beyond desperate to immediately, without delay, remove President Trump. Ask yourselves: WHY??

SO much so, they are SCREAMING: Invoke the 25th Amendment! If that doesn’t work out, yes, they have a back-up plan — Articles of Impeachment are being drawn up, just in case. Incontestably, every measure to forcibly strip him of his lawful powers — that is, with, supposedly, only a few days left in office — is being enacted at a feverish pace. Hmm.

NOT only that, of course, they also understand that forcibly cutting his tenure short will only serve to further alienate and enrage his base. Moreover, they are piling on one incitement after another — by facilitating the TOTAL purging/banishing of conservatives from social media and every media outlet in between. Full-on fascism.

AS such, by extrapolation, if “calming” the nation is their goal, as CHINA JOE (and comrades) opined, why are they deploying stepped-up incendiary measures/tactics, and worse? Indeed.



Pelosi calls for Pence to use 25th Amendment to remove Trump from power

MOST significantly, what are they afraid he will “release” within his last few days in office? Bulls-eye.

YES, the above (“STRIKE BACK“) video is also linked in audio form, just in case youtube censors take it down! – Situation Update

INEXORABLY, what is the end-game to all of the above, that is, once President Trump is no longer an “irritant” to the deep-state? 

IN answer to the most pressing question, as stated above, pay heed to a highly articulate political commentator; one whose firm pulse on the tactics deployed by communist movements is borne out of personal experience. Having lived under its boot via color revolutions, this courageous and wise man is emitting MEGA, high decibel alarm bells, warnings only the deaf, dumb, and willfully blind will fail to hear. Alas, once viewed, its aforementioned basis is fully explained in the video beneath it.

SO, the advice within is: Fellow patriots, put your feet up….grab some snacks….have a drink (preferably, not the inebriating kind) and listen up. Again, pay heed.

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