Merkel’s “Refugee” Jihadi Rapists; Germany’s Secret Police Memo; Cologne’s Submission To Sharia & The Pope’s Immoral Blindness! The Nexus. Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

IN order to fully internalize the explosive amount of rapes all over Europe (as previously warned at this site, yes, it is coming VERY soon to the U.S. as the next “operational theater”), one has to grasp the very clear nexus between jihad and rape on the one hand, juxtaposed against the “tolerance” of the same from cultural Marxists, be they from the chattering classes or the west’s leftist-imbued leadership. One and the same.

MORE specifically, the heretofore under-reported rape EPIDEMIC all over Europe comes “courtesy” of Allah’s Muslim Terrorists! Inherently, its basis is underpinned by the blood-soaked Koran and that is that. Consider the proofs below as absolute prima facie evidence, that which any U.S. court of law would have a hard time ignoring, that is, if they are free of Islamic taint!

IN this regard, millions of this site’s readers have been apprised of the fatwa-driven mandate of rape-jihad…a twin-cousin of sexual-jihad….disquieting as it is. Even so, for those newly on board, the following should serve as monstrous templates:


ALAS, sexual-jihad is a religious fatwa. Simply put, it “koshers” the sale of kiddies and wives. 

AND only within a parallel universe would it appear “normal” to dictate to the female population – even those barely out of kindergarten – to cover themselves from head to toe, and then kosherize, via fatwa, the gifting of said body to one man after another. Say whaaat?? Has this American-Israeli lost her marbles, spouting such insanity and doublespeak? Far from it.

NOT only that, Islam, a political/religiously-cloaked doctrine, is responsible (via its Koranic-dictates) for a rage-fueled, sexually repressed male population. From their earliest interactions with their mothers, women are blamed for giving them “impure” desires to begin with! This devastating truth is duly explained within: Symposium: Murdering Women For “Honor.”

STILL yet, do readers require more evidence of the Koranic devil? Well, the fact-based revelations gleaned within the following commentary (via its linked policy paper) can cause a sane person to howl at the moon: Islam & Blood. Imbibe it.

EVEN so, before you lose your bearings and your latest meal, take a peek: SEXUAL JIHAD The New Rage, The Latest “Weapon” Waged To “Assist” Islamic Warriors. Where Is This Rooted?continue reading, if you dare

DEAR heavens….


PHEW, just like everything else Islamic related, the fatwa reached a feverish pitch, in so far as battlefield sex was mandated! 


BUT despite all the above, there are cultural “explanations” for said jihadi barbarism: The Madonna-Whore Complex!


GRRR, for those who require Koranic back-up, well, sexual-jihad and slave-jihad are inspired by – you guessed it – pedophile warlord Muhammad! 




RESULTANT, this site warned (back in Dec. 2014) that US rape stats will (sooner than later) mirror Europe’s ala its rape-jihadi epidemic. The open question lingered: What will be its impetus? Hint: Swarming Islamic “refugees” all across America! 


INDEED, creating an even more incendiary landscape for Americans (westerners at large), HUSSEIN Obama (and his Euro counterparts) lends Islam’s barbarians cover. Evil, the devil incarnate – Islam’s monsters and US/western leadership.

EFFECTIVELY, guaranteed, the danger to America’s kiddies and women couldn’t be any starker, as the same fate awaits. 

Authorities in Germany are deliberately keeping quiet about crimes occurring in refugee shelters, especially those involving brutality against women, as the country’s policy of taking in asylum-seekers and providing them with sustenance and a monthly stipend has enraged many, who see the massive influx of young, mostly male Muslims as a threat.


TO wit, now that the above has been drummed in, let’s segue to the latest UNDER-REPORTED barbarism on New Year’s eve, and not “just” in Germany!

Women in at least six countries across Europe are paying the price for their leaders’ decision to welcome millions of migrants from cultures deeply hostile to Western values.

A wave of sexual assaults in Cologne, Germany, on New Year’s Eve – and the media cover-up that followed – enraged local citizens. The backlash grew as it became apparent that similar attacks happened in Bielefeld, Duesseldorf, Frankfurt, Hamburg and Stuttgart.

Over 100 sexual assaults and robberies were perpetrated by Arabic and North African migrants last Friday in Cologne, but Germany is not alone.

The list of countries that have reported a spike in sexual attacks since taking in migrants include:

  • Austria: Police allegedly tried to cover up evidence of sex attacks in Vienna, Breitbart London reported Friday.
  • Finland: Police told Agence-France Presse there was “widespread sexual harassment” at a New Year’s Eve event where 1,000 asylum seekers congregated.
  • France: Two Afghan migrants were arrested in connection with an attempted rape on a passenger train in Paris, Le Parisien reported Thursday.
  • Germany: A police officer in Cologne told on Thursday that 14 suspects in custody came from Syria; one came from Afghanistan.
  • Sweden: At least nine women were groped by gangs of migrants in Kalmar.
  • Switzerland: Six women said they were sexually harassed at a New Year’s Eve event in Zurich, SWI reported Thursday. The attacks were described by the website as “Cologne-style.”

“The idea of multicultural Europe has failed,” Robert Fico, the prime minister of Slovakia, said on Friday, the Telegraph reported. “The migrants cannot be integrated; it’s simply impossible.”

Fico said there was a “clear link” between the sex attacks and the influx of refugees to European nations.

Finnish police echoed what their counterparts in Germany said about crime taking on a wholly different dimension with the arrival of refugees.

“There hasn’t been this kind of harassment on previous New Year’s Eves or other occasions for that matter. This is a completely new phenomenon in Helsinki,” Ilkka Koskimaki, the city’s deputy police chief, told AFP. “The suspects were asylum seekers. The three were caught and taken into custody on the spot.”…continue reading

ALONG said “expected” scourge, the following is more than notable reading. Mandatory.

A leaked secret report by a senior Cologne police official has revealed that the Muslim invader violence over New Year’s Eve was far more serious than even initially reported—and that it definitely involved “Muslim refugees” who boasted that they had been “invited by Mrs. Merkel” to come to Germany.

IT gets worse.

IN reaction to continuous barbarism evinced via the aforementioned mandated rape-jihad (don’t ever forget this inherent linkage!), what exactly has been the leadership’s response?

AS anticipated from Merkel, a communist and cultural Marxist – alongside other surrogates – this was her basic response at year’s end:

Google, Facebook, and Twitter have agreed to delete hate speech deemed illegal in Germany within 24 hours, following pressure from German authorities who have become concerned about an increasing number of racist comments being posted on social media.

The companies committed on Tuesday to removing “illegal content promptly, that is, within 24 hours,” Justice Minister Heiko Maas said, as quoted by AFP.

“Complaints will be examined by specialist teams. And the benchmark to be applied will be German law and no longer just the terms of use of each network,” Maas added.


German Social Justice Minister Heiko Maas

The BBC also reported on this, and added:

German Justice Minister Heiko Maas said the measures would ensure German law was applied online.

Social media cannot “become a funfair for the far right,” he said.

“When the limits of free speech are trespassed, when it is about criminal expressions, sedition, incitement to carry out criminal offences that threaten people, such content has to be deleted from the net,” Mr Maas said.

“And we agree that as a rule this should be possible within 24 hours.

ORWELLIAN, anyone?? But if that’s not enough heartburn, what did her surrogate in Cologne do? Well, she blamed the non-Muslim rape victims!!

BUT not to be remiss, the clueless Pope (some might suggest, mendacious) chimed in: Muslims can “expel the illness within our hearts” with the Qur’an!”

HAVE mercy….

PATRIOTS, if you don’t require smelling salts as of yet, please keep scrolling down for an explosive and VERY candid visual display. So sorry… but as stated in the opening thesis: In order to internalize the explosive amount of rapes all over Europe – as previously warned, coming to a U.S. “theater of operations” VERY soon – one has to grasp the very clear nexus between jihad and rape on the one hand, and the “tolerance” of the same from cultural Marxists, be they from the chattering classes or the west’s leftist-imbued leadership.


Commie Merkel pandered to Allah’s Muslim Terrorists in her New Year’s speech!

These are the so-called Muslim “refugees” Merkel wants the people to welcome into their hearts:

Muslim invaders warn Germans that their days are numbered:

Blood in Frankfurt as Turkish and Kurdish Muslims riot:

So where are all the women and children “refugees” we keep hearing about?

Muslim refugees show their “appreciation” to Germany:

Muslims riot at Immigration Center over alleged torn quran:

Muslim migrants making demands at German Welfare Office:

Leftist German politician says it’s a good thing that Germany will soon be an Islamic state:

Muslim invader footage the media refuses to air:

AS repeatedly analyzed at this site – though Orwellian on its face – it matters not a whit how barbaric Islam’s monsters are because their apologists are always at their disposal to give them a lift and a leg up. In fact, it is precisely due to their barbarism that Allah’s Muslims Terrorists are rewarded! In other words, while the left’s operational tactics for hegemony are mainly in sync with Islam’s dictatorial methods (since they both brook NO dissent), the fact is that many are simply terrified of Islam’s barbarians. Yes, as is known, fear is a highly motivating factor.

ALAS, in order for Americans to glean a clearer picture as to what awaits, think of the worst of the worst, but don’t stop there. Thus, use Los Zetas gang-bangers + Mafioso extortionists as starting templates, amp their barbarism and criminality to the nth degree, and you may get close to Islamic savagery!

MOST significantly, if not for the rewards gifted by their western enablers, well, the awaiting dangers would be exponentially “tempered.”

LESSON(S) LEARNED: Patriots, for those who are proactive, well, there are many prescriptive measures within. Start at “U.S. mosques MUST be dismantled; a cancerous scourge!”

ON the other hand, for others more inclined toward a “wait and see” approach – resulting in Islam’s monsters getting the jump, literally – just bypass the appendages of the leadership and “take care of business” on your own, when it is no longer tenable to stand down. Indeed, said recommendations will come in handy: “Calling all (former) Marines: Deal with ISIS (and their hydras) inside America. Lead the charge. Semper Fi!”

THAT should start settling the scores…



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