Islam’s Followers PURCHASE Little Girls For “Sex & Marriage”: A Kiddie Meat Market! HUSSEIN Obama Stone Silent.Commentary By Adina Kutnicki



JUST as one cannot avert whiplash, so too it is impossible to close ones eyes (fast enough) to the continuous horrors spilling forth from the Islamic world. But even if a person possessed the ability to spin like a dervish, well, it wouldn’t be in one’s power to avoid the fall out. 

WHEREAS Americans (westerners alike) are transfixed by the overwhelming carnage, many can’t help but wonder: where is the Islamist-in-Chief’s outrage (ala the same soap box he ascends when opining about the heavy-handed” tactics used by the police against Black “youths”) when it comes to all the death and destruction perpetrated by the hands of many millions of Islam’s Sharia law adherents? Indeed, he is stone silent vis-a-vis their cruelty. In reality, HUSSEIN Obama’s shrill statements that Islam is a “religion of peace” have become akin to his second skin. What’s up with his selective outrage? 

INDEFENSIBLY, by standing behind this vile mantra, all the crimes committed thereof – at least within a civilized society – renders Obama Inc. guilty as charged. In other words, by exhorting the so-called “peaceful” appendage of Islam, his support defies anyone to dare to criticize Islam’s barbarism! 


ALONG this trajectory, let’s be blunt and brutally honest: sex with children has always been an Islamic “norm” and underpinned by Islamic rulings, most recently via the latest:

You should know that the “religion of peace” says it’s perfectly okay for an adult male to “marry,” that is, rape the girl.

Grand Mufti Abdulzaiz’s more recent ruling on marrying young girls comes following a similar ruling in 2011 by Dr. Salih bin Fawzan, a prominent cleric and member of the Saudi’s highest religious council, who issued a fatwa, or religious edict, that there is no minimum age to marry girls, “even if they are in the cradle.”

There is nothing in Islamic, or Shariah law, that sets a minimum age limit on marrying girls.

Scholars say the age of marrying young girls and consummating the “marriage” is based on the example set by Muhammad when he married Aisha when she was no more than seven years of age, consummating the marriage when she was nine.

“The grand point of the Saudi fatwa, however, is not that girls as young as nine can be married, based on Muhammad’s example, but rather that there is no age limit whatsoever,” Middle East expert Raymond Ibrahim writes in Middle East Forum. “The only question open to consideration is whether the girl is physically capable of handling her ‘husband.’ The lives of countless young girls are devastated because of this teaching.”

Ibrahim cited the cases of an 8-year-old girl who died on her “wedding” night when her “husband” raped her; and a 10-year-old girl who hid from her 80-year-old “husband.”


SO in light of these sordid revelations, doesn’t it make “sense” that a veritable “meat market” of kiddies – entrepreneur-like – is common practice within the Islamic world, as demonstrated in Syria?

Arab men buy Syrian teen girls for marriage and sex, and according to Arab media most of the Syrian refugee girls are being sold to Saudi Arabia.

The only thing we currently hear about is that one can get a Syrian wife for 100 dinars (about $140), writes the Jordanian commentator Maher Abu Tair.

He also writes that it is a combination of the low price and the virtually non-existent conditions from the families, that has a large number of Arab men flocking to the refugee camps for the little Syrian girls.

At various forums on Internet, Arab men are seeking Syrian girls for marriage, and the requests are rife.

According to commentators, not a single imam or religious scholar has renounced the abuse. On the contrary. “There is nothing wrong with such marriages if men can afford to pay,” said the Libyan imam, Sheik Ashraf al-Aqrabi.

PRESENTING, “Consent to Hate Islam & Pure Muslims” by Dave Gaubatz – 

The title of this article is “Consent to Hate Islam & Pure Muslims.” This is a very controversial title and I ask all readers to read each line before concluding I am a hater, racist, or “Islamophobe.” If you agree with my analysis of Islam and Muslims please make a comment. If you disagree I welcome the comments as well. In short, people around the world have a justifiable right to hate all of Islam and in addition to hate all Pure Muslims.

During my years of writing articles and conducting firsthand research I have always used the following definition of a Muslim: “A Muslim is a person who follows Islam and all aspects of Sharia law. If a person defines themselves as a Muslim and rejects even one aspect of Sharia law, this person, in accordance with Islam itself, is an ‘Apostate of Islam.’ They are not Muslims”. This being said, a ‘Pure Muslim’ – and not the millions of people who identify with Islam but reject Sharia law – are dangerous, violent, hate Jews and Christians, hate homosexuals, demean women, approve of the raping of a child as Mohammed did, and desire a world dominated by Islam and Sharia law are bad, bad, people. The people who give their approval of the above have no reason to expect love from the people who do not condone the rape of children, hatred of Jews and Christians, etc… The Pure Muslims should expect no right to live and work in America.

I have been to over 275 mosques in America, and more throughout the Middle East. My research has indicated that about 1/4 of the people attending mosques are ‘Pure Muslims’. This equates to a couple of million Muslims in America who desire to kill your children and mine. Although I consider myself a Christian, I do not love anyone who wants to hurt America, Israel, and our children. I leave it to GOD to love ‘Pure Muslims’, but as a mortal I can not do so.

People around the world must come to realize the Islamic ideology has no place in the civilized world. It must be destroyed by branding it as evil and an ideology formed by Satan himself. I am far from being a Christian scholar, but I find it hard to believe that any ideology that condones the rape of a six year old girl (as Mohammed did) is something the GOD of Christians and Jews desires. My definition of GOD is one who loves all good people and especially our children. Our GOD does not want a child to be harmed by any person or approved by any ideology.

The recent terrorist attack against Pamella Geller in Texas was an attack against America, Israel, and all non believers of Islam. We will see many more of these attacks as I predicted for many years. {blogger’s note: please refer to this interview, it more than clarifies the upcoming storm} The attacks will become more violent and will be directed at our children. We will see innocent children killed, kidnapped as sex slaves, and an overall attempt to make the parents of children suffer tremendously. It is not pleasant to address these violent activities, but if I do not, who will?

I recall as a child wondering how the world could stand by and allow six million (during WWII) plus innocent Jews to die in the most sadistic ways imaginable. I now wonder why people around the world allow Islam to flourish and allow Pure Muslims who kill millions to live as free citizens.

It is now time for Americans, Israelis, and all good people to stand strong and destroy Islam and the people who desire to destroy us. If the world does not come together we will indeed lose our freedoms, our country, and most importantly our children.

In America we have a president who hates America, the U.S. Constitution, and anyone who does not approve of the Islamic ideology. Obama is not a good person and our current political, Christian, and Jewish leaders must demand his resignation. Few people will step up and identify Obama as a Muslim. I do.

For decades I was appointed by the U.S. government to investigate and analyze people and organizations who are a threat to America. My analysis and identifying people and organizations who want to destroy America was accepted by all levels of our government. My reports were classified at the Secret and Top Secret levels. I do not expect our current politicians to protect America. The protection of America is up to our city, county, and state law enforcement agencies, and our military Generals to denounce Obama and his crew as a threat to U.S. National Security.

In conclusion, I hope all will come to hate Islam and Pure Muslims. I talk with hundreds of people and get thousands of emails from people who also hate Islam and its followers. The majority agree with my analysis, but the majority are scared to come forward and be as harsh against Islam and Pure Muslims as I do. You must come forward and express this view publicly, despite the threats by Islamic terrorists and their supporters. Your failure to do so will condemn our children to future violence in the name of Islam.

Dave Gaubatz, 1st U.S. civilian Federal Agent to enter Iraq in 2003, and the author of ‘Muslim Mafia’.


“SAY whaaat?” Unequivocally, freedom of religion doesn’t include that which is decidedly criminal and anti-humane. Thus, if Muslims privately worship (pagan) Allah, alas, that’s their business. On the other hand, there is NO inherent right in America to allow mosques or any of Islam’s strict adherents to pollute the country with their twisted “religion”, one which is underpinned by its highest authorities too. 

CAN anyone dare imagine the uproar from Islam’s apologists, if Christianity and Judaism ascribed to the same vile strictures, including the sale of kiddies and everything else in between?

BOTTOM LINE: as the Brotherhood Mafia thrusts its way into America – with the full backing of Obama Inc. – do millions upon millions of patriots require any more evidence to resolutely assert: never and never will Islam’s practices become a part of the nation!

CASE closed – against those who follow Islam’s Shariah law aka Pure Muslims and their apologists!

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7 thoughts on “Islam’s Followers PURCHASE Little Girls For “Sex & Marriage”: A Kiddie Meat Market! HUSSEIN Obama Stone Silent.Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

  1. To all resonable people.

    To stop barbarians is to expose of today’s USA Government duplicity. People must be aware of a plan to destroy America by slow dupe and outsourcing and ruining economy. Obama IS Muslim and was elected by stupid people who constantly want leftist “goodies” and all is “free”, like many were yelling Blacks in Ferguson or Baltimore.
    This “madness” has a plan, do not underestimate those who now hold power. I am a soldier but I do not follow destroyer in a White House. Pamela Geller! Thanks to you as a General, you made an Earthquake. You see how WOMEN can lead a nation – Iron Lady with a sword.
    All in Military should rebel, just as Russian army rebelled in 1917 but not for leftist cause but to save America. Our Military is People’s protector and protector of Constitution. We need no stinking pedophileisation and rape of our future generations – our children. From on now Islamophobia = pedophobia = Islamopedophilia is the name of cancer. Now, thanks to Adina Kutnicki we have an essence of why we fight Islam. Yes, Islam that no other “teaching” is allowing because of simple reason – future generations.
    We allow Hitler, then Hitler perverted youth to Hitler youth [Halterungen], or Consomolets, or Khmer Rouge, Mao Tse Tung [Hóng Wèibīng] Red Guards and now Obama’s “Civilian national defense”
    We need a Continental Army and let Pamela Geller take charge, Good Islamist is dead Islamist! I already joined in – will you fight with me?

    CMDR. USN Paul Jan

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