ISIS Sending KILLER TEAMS Disguised As “Refugees”; Burglarizing Churches; & Raping Children/Women. Americans, Brace Yourselves For A “Refugee” Storm! Commentary By Adina Kutnicki



AS is said, one cannot make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear. Ain’t that the truth. And when it comes to Mohammedan’s followers, well, even if you ramp up to warp speed you still wouldn’t be able to come close to making a dent! Deadly serious.

BUT what is truly astonishing is that countless people, non-Muslims, STILL don’t understand why committed followers of Islam are ravaging and pillaging all over the world, pretending as if their barbarism is unconnected to Islam’s roots! Credo quia absurdum.


YES, HUSSEIN Obama continuously opines that Islam is “a religion of peace” (as do leftists, Islamists and anti-Americans/anti-westerners), thus, serving as an apologist for the most heinous actions known to man. Understood. Nevertheless, those who are not seeking the destruction of America, Israel and the west MUST remove their blinders and absorb reality: Islam is a hyper-violent, imperialistic political construct, purposefully wrapped up in a religious package.  

A couple of weeks ago Admiral Lyons attended the true Defeat Jihad Summit, an event hosted by Frank Gaffney, which was taking place at approximately the same time as the false, Muslim love-fest pageant that the Obama regime was putting on. The Obama affair was a PR stunt designed to deflect outrage over international terrorism and to shore up Islam’s tarnished image. The Defeat Jihad Summit was intended to do exactly that, provide insight into how to meet the threat. Unlike the regime that pretends to be fighting a sort of generic radical extremism that they refused to identify, attendees at the Gaffney event know the enemy is Islamic terrorism and they make a point of identifying it.

Lyons quotes Turkish President Erdogan as saying it best when he said, “Islam is Islam, there are no modifiers. Democracy is the train we ride to our ultimate objective.” Lyons says, “He couldn’t have said it any plainer. And until you recognize that Islam is a political movement masquerading as a religion, you’re never going to come to grips with it.”

His closing comment provides his insights into the Islamic threat from his years of experience and service to his nation. In light of that service, it must be noted that Admiral Lyons is not one who takes the betrayal of the United States by those entrusted to protect it lightly.

Admiral Lyons said, “The Obama administration has a strategy. It’s very simple. Any thinking American should be able to grasp it. It’s anti-American, anti-Western, it’s pro-Islamic, it’s pro-Iranian and pro-Muslim Brotherhood.”

SIMILARLY, this site leaves no stone unturned in peeling back the deceptively wrapped multi-layers underlying Islam. Most recently, the following was noted: “The canard of “moderate” Islam can be viewed through Indonesia’s Allah-driven hell.” Clear as a bell.

NOT only that, numerous “unveilings” – regarding Islam’s nexus to pedophilia and jihadi rape – abound at these pages. Consider:


YET before we continue, and lest anyone believes that this site is sexually obsessed, well, that’s a whole lot of deflecting nonsense. Islam’s sexual deviance is what it is, and wholly “understandable” being that it was founded by a pedophile!

NOW that that is off the table, and with a full understanding of the non stop targeting of minorities, jihadi rape is escalating throughout the Mid East, Europe and Africa. This is a fact. Americans, be on the alert…a BOLO is issued…coming your way!

Women belonging to Iraq’s Yazidi minority, who follow a religion that is neither Christian nor Muslim, have borne much of the worst of the horrors to which Islamic State terrorists subject so-called “infidels.” Turned into sex slaves for and sold as wives to jihadists, the Iraqi doctors who treat them say the abuse is often beyond anything they have seen.


FOR those who require visual aids, what about the west’s impotent response to Islamic-sanctioned gang bangs? 


REGARDLESS of the west’s revulsion, the fact remains that Islam’s sexual fatwas are fueling jihadi rapes, and pedophilia is part and parcel thereof.


NOT only that, but Koranic backup is more than available: Al-Khallaf read the fatwa that purportedly justified such actions during a 2012 Fadak TV episode.After praising Allah and declaring that sodomy is forbidden in Islam, the fatwa asserted:

However, jihad comes first, for it is the pinnacle of Islam, and if the pinnacle of Islam can only be achieved through sodomy, then there is no wrong in it. For the overarching rule of [Islamic] jurisprudence asserts that “necessity makes permissible the prohibited.” And if obligatory matters can only be achieved by performing the prohibited, then it becomes obligatory to perform the prohibited, and there is no greater duty than jihad. After he sodomizes you, you must ask Allah for forgiveness and praise him all the more. And know that Allah will reward the jihadis on the Day of Resurrection, according to their intentions—and your intention, Allah willing, is for the victory of Islam, and we ask that Allah accept it of you.

AS to further evidence, related to the Koran’s insertion into jihadi rape, its “koshering”, take a peek here:

10382: Ruling on having intercourse with a slave woman when one has a wife


STILL yet, for those who are seeking psychological insights, perhaps the following will be enlightening: yes, jihadi barbarism ties into Islam’s sexual/cultural rage; the Madonna-Whore Complex! ….continue reading….

RESULTANT, in a rational universal, shouldn’t it be “case closed” regarding Islam’s direct nexus to pedophilia/rape? And isn’t it clear that admitting tens of thousands of Islamic “refugees” from jihadi-rife nations will endanger America’s kiddies to the nth degree?

Little Girl Crying Raped 1 (resized)

Seven men, including one from Newport , have been charged following an investigation into child sexual offences in Bristol.

The charges follow a series of warrants which were executed at four locations in Bristol and an address in Newport in May.

The offences are alleged to have happened in the Bristol area between 2009 and 2013 against seven girls, who were aged between 12 and 15 at the time.

Two of these girls are being supported by Barnardo’s Against Sexual Exploitation

The Crown Prosecution Service has now authorised the following charges:

  • Mohammed Dahir Osman AKA Iman, 28, of Newport, has been charged with five counts of rape and been released on bail to appear before Bristol Magistrates’ Court on 20 October.
  • Abdirahman Galal AKA Ramsey, 25, of Redcliffe, Bristol, has been charged with three counts of rape of a child under 13.
  • Mohammed Ismail Dahir AKA Kamal, 23, has been charged with eight counts of rape.
  • Sakariya Hassan Sheikh AKA Zak, 22, has been charged with 24 counts including rape, sexual assault, trafficking and supply of class B drugs.
  • Abdirashid Abdulahi, AKA Older Abs, 22, has been charged with four counts of rape.
  • Nasir Ibrahim Mahamoud AKA Ace, 22, of Barton Hill, Bristol, has been charged with four counts of rape and one count of receiving stolen goods.
  • Nuridin Mohamoud, AKA Ahmed, 21, of Bristol, has been charged with one count of rape and one count of false imprisonment.

INDEED, as reported at this site – Islamic gang-bangs!!

BUT we are not done yet. Americans, how do you feel about the upcoming “refugee” infestation and onslaught, knowing full well that Islam’s followers bombarding Europe’s shores are causing untold disaster, even to the point of burglarizing Euro Churches to fund ISIS?

Germany - Muslims Rob Churches 1

When they broke into churches they stole collection boxes, crosses and other objects “dedicated to church services and religious veneration” prosecutors allege.

From the schools, the men stole laptops, money and a cash card, which they used to finance jihadist fighters in the Syrian civil war, alleged chief prosecutor Nadja Gudermann.

Security measures were heightened around the Cologne city court as the men were brought from police detention.

During the burglaries, which took place between 2011-14, the men are alleged to have stolen €19,000 worth of goods and often seriously damaged the premises before they left.

How much of the money actually reached fighters in Syria is unknown and will not be addressed in the trial.

The central figure in the gang was a Moroccan, prosecutors say, who also uploaded a video to YouTube encouraging Muslims to fight for Isis. He himself appears in the German section of the video.

Prosecutors allege that the 26-year-old Moroccan travelled to Syria where he was trained in a military camp.

Three of the men are also charged with supporting a foreign terrorist organisation and will face a concurrent trial in Düsseldorf.

IT is due to the above – hit-teams alike, and so much more – that ripping off Mohammed’s mask is the absolute highest western imperative – bar none!! 

MOST significantly, what tipping point will FINALLY sway (a preponderance of) westerners to demand: Islam, a death cult, must be removed from our midst!



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13 thoughts on “ISIS Sending KILLER TEAMS Disguised As “Refugees”; Burglarizing Churches; & Raping Children/Women. Americans, Brace Yourselves For A “Refugee” Storm! Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

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  3. Excellent pictures, especially of Mohammad the pedophile. This is a basic PsyWar principle. I have plenty more, e.g. Import Jungle Apes, Get Jungle Rape as described in the article on this page. Bombard people with enough images of militant Islamists as depraved and violent jungle savages, and people will hate them to the extent that they won’t want to immigrate.

    I also call them musloids (similar to or resembling a Muslim, but as inferior to one as a humanoid like a baboon is to a human) to dehumanize them, e.g. the way we called the enemy “Japs” and “Krauts” during the Second World War.

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  11. If the law doesn’t handle the problem I and a few dozen of my 3 gun competitors will wipe out the whole bunch.
    You’ve never been to a 3 gun match with a bunch of Special Forces guys & cops.
    These idiots would not scare you if you had.
    Pardon my French ma’am, but, they ain’t s h i t to an American raised on shotgun.
    Xcuse me, I have to go break in my new racegun.
    I think I am getting another blister on my trigger finger.
    I just hate that.

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