Targeting Islam’s Spearheads: Mosques In The Cross Hairs. Western Response To Hijrah & Threats-Convert Or Die! Commentary By Adina Kutnicki






GENERALLY, when confronted with a medical diagnosis of metastasis, conventional wisdom recommends eradication via surgery, radiation or a combination of radical methods. Granted, although alternative methods can work for some, the aforementioned is sound advice.

SIMILARLY, when assessing the out of control burning militant jihad enveloping the globe, what else can one conclude, other than that a radical excision is necessary and mandatory to save the west? Incontrovertibly

EXTRAPOLATING further to said end, one must analyze and draw the most salient conclusion(s): Where is the epicenter of militant jihad coming from? In no uncertain terms, mosques are their spearheads; their barracks within.


AND if anyone knows the inside score, look no further than to a premier counter terror investigator and personal contact, one who has the complete inside track on what awaits America via said frontal spears: “Dave Gaubatz Warned (Jan. 2014): Mosques, Religiously Garbed Jihadi Indoctrination Camps!” 


MOVING right along, in April 2014, this site concluded: “American Mosques Are Priming For Jihadi Training!”


MORE pointedly, the Islamic Society of America (ISNA) is up to their necks in beheading, and they are the major umbrella which houses America’s mosques. Wow.


OH dear…certain mosques are hotter than hot, and that’s why the subject is repeated ad nauseum: “Detroit, Dearborne and Nashville are in the forefront of the assault charge!”

AND so on and so forth…


NOW, it has already been proven ISIS is very deeply embedded in America. So let’s not waste precious time on debating this point. Therefore, it stands to reason that their barracks within, their mosques, are priming them to attack. A + B.

IRAQI Shiite cleric Ayad Jamal al-Din, a former member of the Iraqi parliament says that there are thousands of Mosques in America preparing people to join Islamic State.

I f you want to understand the challenge Western liberalism faces from Islamic supremacism, take six minutes to watch this extraordinary interview of Ayad Jamal al-Din, a Shiite cleric, Iraqi intellectual, and former member of the Iraqi parliament who campaigns for a democratic Iraq that separates mosque and state. Mr. al-Din was in Washington for the October 17 interview by al-Iraqiya TV in Iraq, and the interview with English subtitles (which I’ve reproduced as a transcript below) was publicized on Monday by the invaluable MEMRI (the Middle East Media Research Institute).

While President Obama, Secretary of State Kerry, and Prime Minister Cameron absurdly contend that the Islamic State, or ISIS, is not Islamic, al-Din –an authentic moderate Muslim who regards the Islamic State as the enemy – patiently explains that the jihadist organization adheres to a firmly established interpretation of Islam that is based on sharia and fiqh (jurisprudence).

I have repeatedly argued that classical, mainstream sharia is repressive, discriminatory, and anti-democratic, and thus that it was self-defeating for the United States to sponsor new constitutions in Iraq and Afghanistan that attempted to meld Western democratic principles with sharia (see here, here, and here). It is especially gratifying to hear a passionate, articulate explanation of the incompatibility of Western democracy and Islamic jurisprudence from someone who reveres the former, is steeped in the latter, and understands the stakes.

Moreover, for those of us who frequently point out that mosques – which Muslim Brotherhood founder Hassan al-Banna described as the “axis” of his ideological movement in every city and town – are often centers for jihadist incitement, recruitment, training and fundraising, it is refreshing to hear someone intimately familiar with this phenomenon explain that there are mosques throughout the world directly and indirectly championing the Islamic State by glorifying jihad and the caliphate.

Our national security will not be well served until the United States government ends its futile search for “moderate Islamists” and realizes our allies in the Muslim communityare the real moderates, meaning pro-Western democrats who reject the imposition of sharia on civil society. Supporting our enemies only undermines our friends.


NOW, with Germany overrun by ‘refugees’, many of whom are jihadists or sympathizers, Germans are taking matters into their own hands, in so far that PM Merkel is deaf, dumb and blind to the dangers. 

CAIRO – Amid unprecedented escalation of arson attacks targeting German mosques, a new mosque in Bad Salzuflen in the Lippe district of North Rhine-Westphalia, has been set on fire, raising concerns about a rise in Islamophobia and racism.

“We investigate with high pressure in all directions,” a police spokesman was quoted by Die Welt.

The attack occurred when unidentified arsonists sat the front door of the mosque on fire last Saturday, October 11.

Video courtesy of: shiawaves English

The fire burnt the mosque, at the entrance floor of a building, along with three other apartments in the same floor.

Fire department has reportedly saved nine people, three of them were children, the sources said.

Suspected arson attacks on mosques attended by Turks in Germany raises concerns about a rise in Islamophobia and racism.

In Germany alone 81 attacks targeting mosques have been carried out since 2012.

Meanwhile, 219 attacks were carried out between 2001 and 2012, reflecting a worrying anti-Muslim trend that targeted the religious minority across Europe.

In the Netherlands, four suspects attempted to attack a mosque run by Turks in June, but the Muslim community prevented the attack.

Racist and Islamophobic attacks have also targeted mosques in Denmark and the UK, although there were no casualties.

Germany is believed to be home to nearly 4 million Muslims, including 220,000 in Berlin alone. Turks make up an estimated two thirds of the Muslim minority.

Germans have grown hostile to the Muslim presence recently, with a heated debate on the Muslim immigration into the country.

A recent poll by the Munster University found that Germans view Muslims more negatively than their European neighbors.

A November 2012 study showed that right-wing extremism is notably rising in Germany, particularly in the east of the European country.

The study, “The Changing Society: Right-wing Views in Germany 2012”, found that the number of Germans identifying themselves has grown.

The report indicated that 9 percent of Germans have adopted extreme right-wing beliefs, up from 8.2 percent two years ago.


POINTEDLY, banning Mosques in America is a western imperative, one which directly correlates with national security. 

NOT only that, but killing on behalf of Allah is a central theme within PA/Hamas mosques, which actually incites to genocide of the Jews. So too in US mosques.

BUT if proof-in-the-pudding is required to demonstrate how leftist appeasement, coupled with western debasement, is fueling militant jihad, the facts on the ground attest: Hot on the heels of a (Orwellian) decree by a lesbian Bishop (on its face, more than outrageous….but let’s not get distracted…) in Sweden to remove, forthwith, all Church crosses in order not to ‘offend’ Muslims, isn’t ISIS’s targeted threat to Sweden’s Assyrian Christian community Exhibit Number One? That is, despite the Bishop’s prostrations to Islam, Swedish Assyrian (for starters, other denominations will follow….like night follows day) Christians have two choices: Convert or die!  Effectively, a nation whereby multicultural rot has infected the top tier in the Church hardly bought non-Muslims any reprieves from Islam’s barbarians. Hmm.

“Convert or die, the Caliphate is here,” warns Islamic State (ISIS) jihadists!


CONCLUSIVELY, since ISIS is practicing ‘pure Islam’, and since upwards of 75% of US mosques are likewise inculcated, are they not a DIRECT threat to America’s freedoms and the safety of those who refuse to convert to Islam?

Wolff Bachner: You are the inspiration and brains behind a rather important program called The Mapping Shariah Project.

What exactly is The Mapping Shariah Project?

What have you uncovered about Islamic extremism being promoted in American Mosques, and what materials have you collected to document this unlawful, dangerous activity?

David Gaubatz: In 2007 – 2008, I was hired to be the Director of the Mapping Shariah Project (MSP). The project was funded by the Center for Security Policy and David Yerushalmi (attorney) handled the legal issues. We had PHD level professionals in Israel (Professor Mordechai Kedar) to analyze the data.

The essence of the research was for me to send teams to a couple hundred mosques throughout America and observe the Shariah adherence by the Islamic leaders and the Muslim worshipers. The theory was the more adherence to all aspects of Shariah law, the more likelihood the danger of violence (Physical Jihad). This was proved in the research.

We discovered over 75% of the 2300 mosques in America had violent Islamic material within the mosque. Most of the material was from Saudi Arabia and Pakistan.

For more detailed information on the MSP you can review the complete analysis at:


ALAS, desperate times call for desperate measures, so let’s stop pussyfooting around. 

MIND you, said stats were compiled approximately seven years ago. Imagine, if you dare, the massive influx through legal and illegal immigration of Islam’s followers in the ensuing years. Atop said numbers, compound them with the amount of non-vetted ‘refugees’ due to converge via the orders of HUSSEIN Obama, now inching towards the 200,000 expected mark!

THEREFORE, what could be more nation-saving, other than to shutter the doors of their spearheads; their barracks within? 



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