Turning The Tide: Florida Gun Supplier Initiates Jihadi HUNTING Season! Global Clashes Against “Refugee” Onslaught Increase:An Analysis. Commentary By Adina Kutnicki


(Barack HUSSEIN Obama smirks and fist-bumps smug Islamic jihadist(s) at terror-tied Islamic Society of Baltimore!)

(Note the juxtaposition of his scowling look when admonishing Americans, as opposed to his gloating expression with his brothers and sisters at the “meet and greet” ISNA Brotherhood Mafia mosque!)

IN light of the swirling dangers accrued under Barack HUSSEIN Obama’s reign of terror, an increasing amount of Americans are “up in arms.” Similarly, many Europeans are fed up and taking to the streets in clashes across Europe. It’s about time.

THAT being said, as repeatedly assessed at this site, marches and protests – regardless of scope and size – will not change the ultimate calculus and the Islamic “refugee” onslaught from subsuming one western nation after another. America alike. But what will tip the dynamic in favor of national patriots are particular pro active measures, in tandem with said underlying messages sent both to western leadership (that since they won’t take care of business….) and their pet “refugees.” Effectively, it should blare: The pre-planned hijrah is now in our cross hairs – literally!

(Visualize this illustration when coming across militant jihadis on western soil.)

BUT to go from there to here, recall the following from Oct. 2015:

GENERALLY, when confronted with a medical diagnosis of metastasis, conventional wisdom recommends eradication via surgery, radiation or a combination of radical methods. Granted, although alternative methods can work for some, the aforementioned is sound advice.

SIMILARLY, when assessing the out of control burning militant jihad enveloping the globe, what else can one conclude, other than that a radical excision is necessary and mandatory to save the west? Incontrovertibly

EXTRAPOLATING further to said end, one must analyze and draw the most salient conclusion(s): Where is the epicenter of militant jihad coming from? In no uncertain terms, mosques are their spearheads; their barracks within.


AND if anyone knows the inside score, look no further than to a premier counter terror investigator and personal contact, one who has the complete inside track on what awaits America via said frontal spears: “Dave Gaubatz Warned (Jan. 2014): Mosques, Religiously Garbed Jihadi Indoctrination Camps!” 


MOVING right along, in April 2014, this site concluded: “American Mosques Are Priming For Jihadi Training!”


MORE pointedly, the Islamic Society of America (ISNA) is up to their necks in beheading, and they are the major umbrella which houses America’s mosques. Wow.


OH dear…certain mosques are hotter than hot, and that’s why the subject is repeated ad nauseum: “Detroit, Dearborne and Nashville are in the forefront of the assault charge!”

AND so on and so forth…continue reading

NOW, being that time is of the essence (mind you, each day spent dithering, opining, what can we do, gifts another day to militant jihadists to plot and subsume territory) it is incumbent upon those of us with public forums – who are also anti-jihadists – to catch patriots up to speed.

IN this regard, let’s hop over to Europe and check out what is going on. After all, the MASSIVE wave of so-called “refugees” (predominantly males of fighting age) resettling all over Europe are doing so under an Islamic edict to conquer ALL western lands for the sake of Allah; the incumbency of hijrah. This is non-optional for committed Muslims.

“I charge you with five of what Allah has charged me with: to assemble, to listen, to obey, to immigrate and to wage Jihad for the sake of Allah”1 – Quote from Hadith (five responsibilities or “charges” for those who submit to Islam)

AS to Europe:

Though mostly peaceful, some violent scuffles broke out across Europe and as far away as Australia today as thousands of people taking part in PEGIDA anti-Muslim immigration protests clashed with a small number of pro-Muslim groups and riot control police.


Police in Dresden, Germany, saw about thousands of protesters at a rally organised by the group Patriotic Europeans against the Islamisation of the West (PEGIDA) , making it the biggest of a coordinated series of demonstrations across European cities.

Known by its German acronym PEGIDA, the group emerged in Dresden two years ago and has become a magnet for anti-Muslim immigrant sentiment.

BRITAIN: In Birmingham, placards were seen all over saying ‘Trump is right’, ‘We will not stay silent as women are raped’ and ‘Nazism = Islamism.’


FRANCE: Supporters of PEGIDA demonstrate in Calais:



Policemen arrest General of Army Corps, Christian Piquemal, who came out to support the anti-Islam protesters at the PEGIDA rally in Calais:

AUSTRALIA: Young anti-Islam protesters came out in Canberra:


Sherman Burgess, the Great Aussie Patriot, and Blair Cottrell, leader of United Patriots Front, were among the speakers:
30EF6E5300000578-3435093-Sherman_Burgess_known_as_the_Great_Aussie_Patriot_and_Blair_Cott-a-6_1454797208778Daniel Evans from Reclaim Australia is pictured standing before the demonstrators in the country’s capital city, Canberra:

IRELAND: Riot police in Dublin stood between the Irish branch of PEGIDA and pro-Muslim demonstrators:


NETHERLANDS: Plainclothes police officers wrestle a man to the ground during the PEGIDA demonstration held in Amsterdam.

Riot police were also needed in Amsterdam today in order to separate the groups. The banner pictured reads: ‘Islamists not welcome’
30EFED8300000578-3435093-Riot_police_were_also_needed_in_Amsterdam_today_in_order_to_sepa-a-13_1454797210124GERMANY: Anti-Muslim immigration protesters marched through Dresden, the city where PEGIDA was originally formed:




CZECH REPUBLIC: Thousands of people gathered in front of Prague Castle, in the Czech capital, for a demonstration called ‘Together against islamization’ organized by Czech right-wing populist party Usvit:


POLAND: Anti-Muslim protesters light flares, hold up Poland scarves and banners and shout slogans during rally in front of the Royal Castle:
30F26D4E00000578-3435093-image-a-44_1454790387604Though small in numbers, there was a pro-Muslim contingent in each city:



AS to America, there are some undercurrents brewing, but they are barely enough to make a ripple. Basically, demonstrating “displeasure” is not the way to deal with Islam’s barbarians. However, a smattering of patriots are “up in arms.”

IN July 2015 it was noted:

It took barely 2 days after Tennessee’s jihad for their whining to reach a fevered pitch, as their ‘victim’ cards were pulled out of their pockets.






Oh, “woe is me,” whine the Muslims, always making themselves the victims whenever a Muslim commits a terrorist act. The concern that once again, another horrific massacre by a devout Muslim on American soil will fuel ‘Islamophobia’ and an anti-Muslim backlash, is the ONLY thing Muslims ever seem to worry about.


“We kind of hold our breath when we hear that there is a shooting or there’s something that happened,” said Laila Abdelaziz. (Knowing the likelihood is high that it was perpetrated by a Muslim)

Abdelaziz who works for the designated terrorist group CAIR (Council of American Islamic Relations) in Tampa, says too often Muslim’s feel the backlash when there is an attack like the mass shooting in Chattanooga, Tennessee, by a Muslim. (Oh, not nearly enough you don’t)

“It fuels the Islamophobia, it fuels the misunderstanding,” Abdelaziz said.  “It’s not righteous, it’s not the way we act,” said Saddiq Lewis. (Yes, it is) “The definition of Muslim is one who submits to the will of God. I cannot submit to the will of God and then do these heinous acts.” (Yet you Muslim savages are the ones who keep doing them)

WELL, if they know what is good for them they will shut the hell up completely and keep their heads down – or not. They would do well to listen to this former Marine….and this investigative journalist is in touch with a cadre of his ‘band of brothers’ and they are ‘up in arms!’ About time. And there isn’t a damn thing that HUSSEIN Obama can do about it, once these vets lead the charge on American soil.

The brotherhood we share is stronger than the challenges we face, the weapons we master, or the enemies we destroy.

You will learn that soon though.

He continued; “You see, we won’t play by the rules you’re accustomed to seeing,” he wrote. “When you play in our backyard, we don’t have to answer to any chain of command. We will not follow ridiculous ROEs crafted by a spineless bureaucrat to appease some goat herding tribal leader. And we won’t be wearing uniforms so that you can easily ambush us. Nope. None of that shit.”

“When you think you’re walking into a target-rich environment, you’re really walking into an ambush,” he continued. “That pudgy, middle-aged guy wearing khakis in the mall, who unbeknownst to you, is a former 0311 and armed, will dump your sorry ass before you have a chance to scream ‘allah snackbar.’ And that soccer mom pushing a stroller, she’s got a Glock and will happily leave you gasping in a pool of your own blood before she lets you hurt her children.”

We are here and we still have the training and experience to wage war, whether here or abroad,” he added. “And wage war we will. Every one of us are willing to fight and die to protect our Marine Corps brothers and sisters, our families and friends, and our way of life.

You may not have gotten the attention of our Muslim President or our weak self indulging congress but you have gotten the attention of the Marine Corp past and present…”

Semper Fi!


EVEN more so, what is truly music to an anti-jihadist’s ears is the following course of action (emphasis placed) from an actual shooting gallery and gun supplier!

Get your exclusive ISIS (Islamic State) Jihadi Hunting Permit from FLORIDA GUN SUPPLY, a totally safe Muslim-Free gun store. Available nationwide for online purchase, or drop by if you’re in the neighborhood. When it comes to ISIS jihadis, now you can bag ’em and tag ’em to your heart’s content…No Bag Limit!



TERMS & CONDITIONS: May use permit for hunting day or night. With or without dogs. Unrestricted by borders or Department of Homeland Insecurity goons. RECOMMENDED BAIT: Young goats and amplified Muslim Calls to Prayer.

NO ambiguity. NO messing around.

SO if patriots in all 50 states follow Florida’s “marching orders”, well, not only will there be fewer militant jihadists and dead Americans, but the authorities will understand that messing with patriots is NOT a good idea! Remember, playing by rules set by those whose mission is to protect Islamists at all costs is deadly. Simple as that.


MOST significantly, a preponderance of westerners are under the impression that Islam’s thrust into the west is a result of “spontaneous combustion.” Not so fast. In reality, Barack HUSSEIN Obama, in concert with various international players, understood that exploding the Mid East (and parts of Africa, as a knock-on effect) would start the pre-planned hijrah rolling. This is no conspiracy theory! Not only that, tearing apart Syria was key, but its precursor mandated overturning Libya into the hands of Al-Qaeda and its Brotherhood offshoots, thus, leaving it primed for a takeover by ISIS. Yes, none of what has transpired is happenstance. Benghazigate’s spoils of war bearing the intended poisonous fruits!

THE question becomes: What’s the ultimate goal? Well, in order to pave the way for the main event, Global Governance via a One World Order, nation-states and their borders have to be eviscerated. Period. Now, Islamic jihadists will do anything and everything to destroy the west and its borders, resultant, let’s call them the “subcontractors.”

IN a classic sense, what we are witnessing is the ultimate devil’s pact between the reds who are vying for Global Governance and the greens who are Allah-bent on a one world Caliphate. Indeed, the enemy of my enemy is my friend!


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6 thoughts on “Turning The Tide: Florida Gun Supplier Initiates Jihadi HUNTING Season! Global Clashes Against “Refugee” Onslaught Increase:An Analysis. Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

  1. We held a Sharia 101 informational event in St Cloud, MN, and the media had fits. We are “inciting hate”, “anti-Muslim” “bigots” and so forth. The local paper is rabidly pro-immigration and gives CAIR-MN full support. Then they had a fit because this was an invitation only event and they whined and cried. Comical.

  2. good evening adina , love the blog , these scum and their ass licking lemmings are truly in for a rude awakening , you have woken the sleeping giant ,prepare for the extermination of your peaceful religion ( or what ever your calling it this week )

  3. To the Marines out. . . .I am Army and Navy and along with my family we are behind you 100%. . let us know where and when. . ..lock and load, we are all America has left. . . . J. Thacker

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  6. The first view of Obama told me a no. of things: America’s robber barons chose a Muslim to orchestrate their next world war and annihilation of the Jews.

    Therefore we need to remember 3 things: to curry favor with our so – called friends is as the Bible says, a fruitless endeavor; to maintain Israeli concessions and self defeating policies is suicidal; remember the written Torah of Moshe as our survival strategy.

    Not a second need be wasted on explaining to anyone regarding Israel’s rebirth, our victories and our March into the future with God and His Written Torah as our guide.

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