Islamist-in-Chief’s Wrecking Ball(s):Military Deconstruction & Tech Sell-Off To China!Where’s The Nexus?Commentary By Adina Kutnicki


ASK yourselves: what are the basic pillars which prop up a nation’s viability? More specifically, to lead on a global scale what rises to mandatory criteria? Bingo.

ESSENTIALLY, a nation’s front-running edge must be underpinned by a strong, growing economy. Without said economic foundation (not via invented stats…smoke and mirrors…garbage in, garbage out) it becomes impossible to maintain a qualitative thrust in all areas of hi-tech, as well as the military sphere. Moreover, these two arenas are requisite to remain in the forefront of the free world. In fact, they are overlapping, overriding spheres of national interest!

THAT being the case, when a nation’s military is significantly gutted what’s the upshot, regardless of the reasons given, balderdash aside? Not only that, when the U.S. Commander-in-Chief is anti-American to boot what is the possibility that military hyper-power is atop his priority list? Slim to none…pointedly, in a pig’s eye. 

BUT before we can link the nexus between U.S. military deconstruction (purportedly, due to an economic downturn…yet, monies are found to fully support millions of illegal immigrants, MS-13 gangsters included) and the sell-out of America’s hi-tech secrets to China and Russia, coupled with China’s U.S. buy-out, well, certain proofs are required to persuade the readers.

Military Proof One: 

Hand-in-glove with the actual “need” to down-size force-levels, one has to honestly view how the troops (active duty and vets) are treated by their Commander-in-Chief. A fair question, you think? Well, not much better than dirt, notwithstanding the Veteran Administration scandals! Yes, the buck stops at the Betrayer-in-Chief’s door!

Military Proof Two:

How about the preferential treatment afforded to Muslim-American soldiers, juxtaposed against those who truly fight under the banner of the stars and stripes forever? In other words, what happens when “Allah’s soldiers” massacre true blue U.S. soldiers, even on an American base? 

ANOTHER major act of jihad targeted the soldiers at Fort Hood – 5 years after Major Hassan, a “soldier for Allah” , perpetrated an Islamic terror attack – and mowed down its personnel. In no uncertain terms, said terrorist acts shine a spot light on intersecting and pernicious failures within the Pentagon. And since the Pentagon is subservient to the Commander-in-Chief, well, the buck stops at his derelict, anti-American door. Damn these leaders to hell. And back. 

In this regard, it is all too convenient to point to PTSD, albeit a serious disorder which effects countless others. This illness is commonly attributed to war veterans and high risk law enforcement personnel, but they are hardly the only grouping prone to said affliction. ANY serious stress factor, including drug and alcohol addiction, can trigger it.

Be that as it may, this site’s investigative contacts are affirming:Lopez was a convert to Islam. Yet, Washington and their captured media are attempting to keep a lid on the most relevant info to explain Islamic-inspired mass killings at U.S. army bases. How dare they.

MOST coincidentally, what should rational folks attribute to the FBI’s hunt for another ! jihadi recruit at the very same time as Lopez’s terror attack:FBI, military hunt ex-Army recruit suspected of plotting ‘Ft. Hood-inspired jihad’!

Coupled with the above, how insane, irrational and anti-American is it to designate any army base a GUN-FREE ZONE? Have Pentagon heads gone mad, or worse? You decide:OBAMA’s PENTAGON STOMPS ON ITS SOLDIERS/OFFICERS ALIKE: MUSLIM-AMERICAN SOLDIERS CODDLED.A NATION BETRAYED!

Like sitting ducks in a shooting gallery….

Military Proof Three:

NOW, what kind of bastard would allow military families to scrounge for basic needs, when illegal aliens are getting all expenses paid? An anti-American one, that’s who!

Military Proof Four:

IT gets worse…a two-star general, the highest ranking officer killed in Afghanistan, was recently buried and not ONE White House rep paid Obama Inc.’s respects! Can you believe it? You better. Immoral pygmies…despising the military!

BULL’S EYE! Onto the Radical-in-Chief’s economic firestorms and attendant sell-out to China.


THOSE who believe that the above hypothesis is the result of hysterical rantings from an admitted Conservative, would do well to reconsider their own calculus and examine what is really taking place: 

Examination One – NOT only is there a sell-off to China, but at bargain basement prices!

Examination Two – MOREOVER, anyone who thinks the above was precipitated due to unforeseen happenstance, as opposed to contrived mechanisms, you would be demonstrably wrong. Deliberate machinations.

Examination Three – RESOLVED; China now owns the U.S….lock, stock and barrel!

Ahh…the ubiquitous  “Red Dragon”…now owns the largest vaults of American currency. Yes, it is what it is.


china buying us banks

AND if readers prefer back-ups to this investigative journalist’s running thesis, am pleased to provide a more than convincing one.

18 August 2014: Betrayal, sedition, greed and the globalist agenda over the last few decades has placed the United States in a position of being fully collateralized – sold out, that is, to Chinese (and Russian) interests.


Remember the Bundy Ranch stand-off? Do you feel like it’s ancient history and not an issue any longer? Think again. Don’t think for a minute that it has been resolved, for it has not – nor will it be until traitors within our government get their way. Behind the Bureau of Land Management’s (BLM) show of force, ostensibly and laughably over tortoises and unpaid grazing fees, is a conspiracy of extreme proportion. As Joseph Farrah pointed out in his April 13, 2014 article titled Harry Reid’s Last Round-Up, and as Dave Hodges expanded upon in his article the following day titled The Communist China Takeover of all U.S. Energy, elected leaders in the United States have sold us out – to the Chinese.

If that’s too much for you to accept, perhaps the sale of J.P. Morgan’s Manhattan headquarters for the fire sale price of $725 million… to the Chinese, will convince you.

We can go back multiple administrations to see the overt sedition by our leaders, subjugated to a globalist agenda, selling middle class America, and all of America, out to Sino-Russian interests.

Join Steve Quayle and V, The Guerrilla Economist as they explain just how deeply we’ve been betrayed. Join us for a status report as we discuss exactly how the pourous southern U.S. border figures in to the Globalist agenda – and how it will affect all of us iin the days ahead.

TO bring the above premise full circle, one must also internalize Barack HUSSEIN Obama’s “mixed” roots, aside from the obvious White/Black mix. More importantly, his ideological foundations have always been center stage, a combination of green and red.

BUT what does this really mean, in so far as his castration of America’s hyper power, either via the military or the sell-off to China? Everything.

INHERENTLY, but for the fact that his Black side is Islamist to the core and his White side Communist-aligned, well, the U.S. would not be falling off the precipice, at this point in time. This is the case even though Washington’s many mischief makers (and their multitude of foot soldiers) have been working, for decades, to bring America down. However, the damage wrought by Barack HUSSEIN Obama has even exceeded their wildest dreams.

MORE than a patriotic nightmare. A western and global one!

6 thoughts on “Islamist-in-Chief’s Wrecking Ball(s):Military Deconstruction & Tech Sell-Off To China!Where’s The Nexus?Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

  1. the progs hate and fear the military. it is all they can never be. and it reminds them of their insecurities and failures.

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  3. I so appreciate your commentaries and highly respect you! You are in my prayers! Shalom and brachote!

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