The Radical-in-Chief’s Sell Off – Literally – To Communist China…Bargain Basement Prices…Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

Fiscal irresponsibility via profligate spending resulted in astronomical debt, a hallmark of Washington for decades. However, its out-sized scope reached endemic proportions under the reign of the Radical-in-Chief. Accumulated statistics from non-partisan arenas support this fact. Said numbers are not fungible, regardless how many ways Obama and gang “fudge the math” – fuzzy-like. Garbage in, garbage out.

But none of their reprehensible actions are done in a vacuum. They are designed to bring America to its (economic) knees, as conceived by a cadre of power hungry leftists and their surrogates. While they impoverish the nation they enrich themselves. Al Gore is one such radical leftist, also deeply enmeshed with Islamic overlords – . In this regard, as long as America goes down in flames, the radical left and Islamic supremacists are pleased to join hands- an alliance of twin devils.

None of the above should shock anyone, except those who are in clinical comas. Most especially, this blog’s readership have been duly apprised, often seeming like a broken record. There is a reason for their “madness”. A method too.

The Commander-in-Chief’s economic devastation – one part of the “deconstruction” – is self evident throughout these links –… enough to make a patriot see red and rise up in the process. Who gave them the right to destroy America, a nation fought for with the blood of its citizens! But their treachery is much worse.

‘The Darkest Design of Barack Obama
’, Erik Rush, January 19, 2013

“American people are being positioned to suffer most due to the accumulation of debt that irresponsible government officials racked up

For some time, there have been unsubstantiated reports of the Obama administration engaging in clandestine negotiations with China toward satisfying America’s debt to that nation via exchanges of land and resources. Such an arrangement would be illegal and treasonous of course, but given its deportment to date, that would not likely deter this administration.

This week, I presented substantiation to the aforementioned reports, much to the fear and consternation of most people who became apprised of this phenomenon. Referencing sources that have proven reliable in the past, I cited such things as Chinese military operatives engaging in clandestine “research” within U.S. borders, and assessments of land and resources having been conducted by China in recent years, all with the administration’s approval. Also, in the face of having trillions of dollars in debt called by China, and the economic catastrophe that would ensue, it is entirely possible that Obama might request and be granted some manner of dispensation from Congress to legitimize this pact.

All of this falls well within the parameters of Barack Obama’s long-standing desire to bring America down, as it were, punishing the American people for centuries of enjoying the spoils of imperialism, colonialism, and oppression, as well as finally bringing this nation under the heel of communism.

We’re aware that liberal politicians have treated communist China with a marked naïveté going back to the Clinton administration, allowing them inordinate incursion into our ports and commercial infrastructure, and that Obama has been singing China’s praises with regard to their infrastructure and growth since 2008. In 2011, Republican lawmakers voiced concern that the Obama administration was allowing high-ranking Chinese military officials access to sensitive U.S. military installations.It also explains maneuvers that have taken place over the past few years relative to this administration. Given the economic circumstances in which America found itself when Obama took office, many were horrified at his spending $5 trillion during his first term, and decisions that resulted in America’s debt increasing by approximately $10 trillion. Given his objectives, however, what better way to bring about increasing debt pressure than by more spending?

Thus – which came as an outrage, but no surprise to many – it is the Chinese government that is lobbying Obama to disarm the American public. They foresee a time when there will be widespread anger against them for their role in this obscene arrangement, and would rather not have to militarily engage armed Americans over land or resources that they will control, some of which is in America’s heartland. Some perceive Obama’s spirited pursuit of gun control after the Sandy Hook massacre as typical knee-jerk liberal opportunism, but it is far more than that.

As reported previously in this space, despite Obama’s affinity for communism and show of solidarity with the world’s leftists, the Chinese government thinks him a fool, yet they are more than happy to expand their global influence at our expense.

There has been a certain amount of backlash from conservatives given Obama’s pretentious and autocratic pursuit of new firearms regulation, and even from some Republican lawmakers. This week, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) claimed that Obama has “drunk the Kool-Aid… he’s high on his own power,” and that he will “pay the political price” for gun control, predicting 2010-style GOP Senate victories in 2014.

Obama’s definitely high on power, but I wouldn’t count on him paying any price for his policy escapades; considering the course America is on at the moment, there may not be a midterm election in 2014 at all. If there is, the leftist juggernaut of a compromised press, political organization, and outright fraud proved in November 2012 that it can prevail over all logic, common sense, and ostensible fail safes within the American electoral system. As the press continues to maintain the illusion that Obama is simply another American trying to do the right thing, he has been involved in the darkest machinations, some as yet incomprehensible to the average American.

It is a sad irony that the American people are being positioned to suffer most due to the accumulation of debt that irresponsible (and some outright treasonous) government officials racked up in the first place, but such is the lot of those who are ruled rather than governed.”

There is nothing which Barack HUSSEIN Obama’s revolutionary regime believes is off limits. From American’s right to bear arms, to the destruction of the economy – and everything else in between – little is outside their grip, or so they think.

In fact, George – the devil incarnate – Soros bought the Dem Party lock, stock and barrel and now OWNS the White House. Yes, he does. One of his main henchmen, Erik Smith, will be the Radical-in-Chief’s Chief of Staff! Therefore, whatever Georgie boy wants will be his for the taking – He is the puppeteer. 

With the above anti-American globalists in place, China is grabbing up more than America’s real estate, yet few have a clue. And this is just the beginning.Time to catch up to speed.

6 thoughts on “The Radical-in-Chief’s Sell Off – Literally – To Communist China…Bargain Basement Prices…Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

  1. “With the above anti-American globalists in place, China is grabbing up more than America’s real estate, yet few have a clue. And this is just the beginning.Time to catch up to speed.”

    It’s not the land, it’s what the land is capable of producing, which is everything from countless barrels of oil to megatons of wheat and other food products, to water. Yes, I said water. Water necessary to run the oil fields and nourish the crops, and near everything else they have up their sleeves that Obama’s bargaining and bartering off, and worse:

    Industry. We are losing our industries to foreign entities, adding it then, too, to the list of items the American people are quickly becoming deprived of:


    It’s quite a list, isn’t it?

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