What Are Israeli Counter-Terrorism/Intel Operatives Saying “Behind Closed Doors”? Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

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Within the contours of any proprietary company meeting, it is expected that what’s discussed within the confines of four walls never leave the premises. After all, professional due diligence mandates non-disclosure from attendees.

That being established, even more so, within security meetings it is forbidden to discuss (including with one’s intimate partner, though left unspoken) this and that, to the point of who was in attendance, let alone what was on the table. This understanding is not rocket science.

As such, within my consultancy at a private Homeland Security entity, by definition, reporting must toe a fine line between what can be revealed, and, in effect, what must be tap danced around. Understood?

Regardless, even though high-level conferences, notably, Israel’s International Institute for Counter-Terrorism (a/k/a ICT….as it happens, several of my close associates are duly immersed within), often end up as “open source” via internet recordings, policy papers, etc., it doesn’t obviate the fact that “side engagements” are more common than not. And it is these off-the-record discussions which are key and core, that is, when it comes to what is really going down in the security arena.

Even more so, such is the case re intimate meetings between security folks and those of us who operate on its fringes. Again, understood?

To wit, it is up to these eyes and ears to decide which “droppings” can make their way to these pages (with the knowledge that it will crisscross up and down the internet), chiefly, to inform the public without PC sanitation – however, without giving away that which is forbidden.

On the other hand, a core component of my consultancyis to contribute independent findings by listening and learning (from the “masters”), afterwards, to reveal what the “boots on the ground” have evaluated sans operational giveaways. Yes, it is understood that this highly delicate arena is more than confusing to wade through for non-professionals, despite the heavy-lifting within.

Be that as it may, relative to Israel’s increasingly worsening security situation, said meetings have been such that they warrant as much disinfectant as possible. Resultant, there are several analyses from 2018 which are of particular import; direct lead-ins to the immediate unfolding disasters on the northern and southern fronts.

  • Trends/Adaptations In Jihadi Tactics: Intel Overview (Feb. 2018) lent a clear-eyed window into the inside of a “closed-door” intelligence conference, with an overall evaluative analysis of where the dangers lie.
  • Blow-Back: Obama’s Shield To Islamic Regimes Primed To Erupt(Homeland Entity Report, April 2018) revealed what took place under Obama’s two-terms, relative to the tailwind given to Islamic Jihad in general and its knock-on effects to the Middle East’s wildfires.
  • On July 1, 2018, the urgent question became: Why Are The IDF’s Hands Tied, As Iranian Agents AMASS At The Golan? What Are IDF Military Correspondents Hiding From The Public?
  • In light of the above – and so much more – it was a foregone conclusion that the following (reported on July 20, 2018) would be asserted: Israel’s Northern/Southern Fronts Are Primed To Explode: Will The IDF, Finally, Be Unleashed?
  • Still yet, as of Sunday’s (July 29, 2018) urgently put together meeting (as mentioned, placing aside this and that operational talk, emphasis placed), what exactly are certain high-level boots-on-the ground counter-terrorism/intel folks saying behind closed doors, in juxtaposition to the jive-talk put forth ala the IDF ‘s military censors – vis-a’-vis the grave situation (a/k/a “matzav”) at both fiery fronts? Though discoursed in Hebrew, the following is translated into concise English, and as close to their intent as possible:
  • If not for the fact that “Bibi” – for nine years – tolerated the intolerable, thus, allowing a massive build-up of Hezbollah forces/arms (this is despite this and that preemptive strikes) within a stone’s throw distance from Israel’s Lebanese front, the northern front would be infinitely less explosive. This is so because he (and his subordinates) has failed to learn basic strategic imperatives and lessons, some of which are explained in the aforementioned links. This truth is borne out by the absolute fact that Hezbollah – with assorted Shiite proxy forces as cover – coupled with Iran’s IRGC Quds Force, have parked themselves right on Israel’s Golan border with Syria!!
  • Not only that, they continued: the leadership’s schizophrenic actions toward the Brotherhood’s Hamas has been both a direct and contributory factor to its going from strength to strength. That instead of pummeling their terror forces into submission years ago, Netanyahu refused – and still refuses – to unshackle the IDF! In concert, continuously, he demoralizes the majority Zionist public by conveying to Hamas and the nation at large: “quiet will be met with quiet” – (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZtOEOXg8IjE&t=31s ), even as the south burns and rockets/missiles are fired at will! By so doing, not only is “Bibi” behaving immorally toward his own citizens, but he has given Hamas the operational upper hand to terrorize residents in the south, as if they are the ones in charge of the “matzav!” And in quite harsh and “indelicate” language (but cleaned up at these pages), said security folks intoned: how much longer will this insanity go on??
  • But hardly done, they went on: would a rational leadership allow truckloads of goods (even a mere parcel) to cross Israel’s borders (regardless of any and all international pressure to “be nice” to the Gazans, even though Israel “disengaged” from Gaza/Gush Katif in Aug. 2005) into the Hamas-run terror enclave, unless they surrender, once and for all?
  • Atop it all, they concluded: aside from genuflecting to the White House (be it Obama’s or Trump’s), Netanyahu has endangered the nation by relying upon “promises” made by Putin (all of which have been broken), that is, that Iran’s proxies would not come near the Golan! How could he have taken his word, even for a nanosecond? Again, in their words: “Bibi” (the buck stops with him) is incapable of “seeing from there to here”, even as he opines to the public that he knows best!

So, aside from the disgust and outright concern from hard-charging counter-terrorism/intel operatives, this is my unadulterated bottom line from Sunday’s meeting: as we say in Israel, sach ha’kol, at the end of it all, it is impossible to blow smoke up the as*es of those whose “boots are on the ground” and unafraid to tell the truth – at least, behind closed doors.

Indeed, while it is forbidden to tape anything which is said in these meetings, suffice to state: certain security folks ( let’s call them “stand-up” guys) are relying that the true gravity of the situation will get out – as opposed to the spin put forth by Netanyahu’s mouthpieces via the IDF’s military censors. Of course, anything which smacks of operational plans, well, as always, that stays behind closed doors.

Most significantly, it cannot be overstated: despite all the macho posturing put forth by officialdom that they have “everything under control”, and that “deterrence” is working, Israel’s two fronts would hardly be in the most dire straits in decades – if not for “Bibi’s” glaring missteps, strategic miscalculations, and, most intrinsically, genuflection!

Syria proclaims control of borders with Israel = Iranian/Hizballah forces now face IDF Golan positions
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