CIA’S Brennan Infiltrates U.S. Charter Schools F/B/O Islam! What’s Going On? Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

FEW have to be apprised that the CIA operates “under the radar”, after all, it is a spy agency! Stipulated, it is a given that a nation’s security is best protected by uncovering accurate intel which seeks to undermine its interests.

THAT being said, the actual (patriotic) “worth” of said clandestine actions depend upon who sits at the helm, and the Director is always a reflection of the POTUS who is the ultimate boss.

MOREOVER, let’s not waste precious time with a detailed listing of the Islamist-in-Chief’s anti-American bent because that would take, well, forever.

ON the other hand, we can agree that his assists to Iran’s race towards nuclear-weapons status (atop his purposeful (mis)handling of ISIS and the leverage given to his Brotherhood Mafia associates) rises to the level of actions taken by the most anti-American POTUS in history. The most comprehensive evidence is found within the House of Bribes. Full stop.

SO, it came as no surprise when HUSSEIN Obama chose John Brennan as his head spook. Consider:

Brennan’s questionable loyalty dates back to the terrorist attacks on 9/11.

On September 18, 2014, on the Ground Zero radio program, a whistle blower named Greg Ford of the 223rd Military Intelligence Battalion claimed that Brennan, as chief of the CIA station in Jeda, overrode concerns and ordered that the visas of the 19 plane-hijackers be stamped. At 1:32:47 into the interview, Ford talked about ISIS and how it was created. Someone called in with a question about 9/11. Ford said:

“All 19 high jackers? Where did they get their visas stamped before they came to this country to launch 9/11? They got their visas stamped in the CIA station in Jeda. And the second in command said ‘No way, absolutely we are not going to stamp those visas.’ And the fellow who was in charge, his name was John Brennan. He was the person who overrode those concerns and cautions and ordered those visas stamped in Jeda.”

Former FBI agent John Guandolo revealed that Brennan had, indeed, converted to Wahhabist Islam while he was CIA station chief in Riyadh. Guandalo quoted Brennan as having said that he “marveled at the majesty of the Hajj,” the Muslim pilgrimage to Mecca that is reserved only for devout Muslims. Guandalo was quoted as telling a radio interviewer, “Mr. Brennan did convert to Islam when he served in an official capacity on  the behalf of the United States in Saudi Arabia.”

According to Madsen, there are other CIA converts to Muslim, including:

  • The chief of the CIA’s Counter-Terrorism Center under Brennan, who is known only as “Roger,” is a convert to Sunni Islam — a fact that was reported by The Washington Post. Roger’s career at the CIA started about the same time that Brennan joined the agency. Roger, whose real name isMichael A. D’Andrea or “Mike”, joined in 1979, Brennan in 1980. Both became fluent in Arabic. D’Andrea’s CIA nickname was “The Wolf.”
  • Muhammad Abdel Karim Grimm, a chief CIA operative at the Munich Islamic Center (MIC), is a German Christian convert to Salafist Islam. The MIC was funded by the CIA during the Cold War as a Muslim Brotherhood operating cell in Munich which recruited Turkish Muslim CIA operatives from Germany’s Turkish “guest worker” community.
  • Andrew Warren, who speaks six Arabic dialects and Persian, is another convert to Islam who rose in the ranks of the CIA. In 2008, Warren, the CIA’s station chief in Algiers, was ordered home by the ambassador after he was charged with drugging two Algerian Muslim women, having non-consensual sex with them, and filming the alleged rapes. Warren left the CIA and took a job with Citigroup in New York but quickly returned to the CIA after the 9/11 attack. In 2010, Warren received a 65-month prison sentence for “abusive sexual conduct” while in Algeirs and unlawful use of cocaine while possessing a firearm in  Norfolk. He pleaded guilty to the two charges but prosecutors decided not to charge Warren with rape, which would have carried a life sentence. Madsen claims that according to “a well-placed U.S. intelligence source,” Rolling Stonejournalist Michael Hastings was working on a story about Warren and Brennan before he died in a suspicious fiery auto crash in Beverly Hills, California in June 2013, a little over three months after Brennan became CIA director.

ALAS, view the following as added nails in the Director’s Islamist bonafides, which account for his absolute betrayal of America! Then, and only then, it will become clear as to why the CIA is up to its neck in the indoctrination of American kiddies within a growing list of Charter schools!


BACK in June 2013, this investigative journalist pointed out Brennan’s dangerous Islamic background and his rattling skeletons. Really.


MOVING right along to May 2014, Brennan’s deadly fingerprints were exposed via Obama’s passport and some “mysterious” deaths. The Fixer.


IN June 2014, it was revealed that he pushed for the release of Taliban terrorists. To what end?


THE question becomes: Why did Brennan “gift” the Muslim ummah the “torture report?”

AND Brennan’s Islamist bonafides go on and on….

THEREFORE, let the following “insider” report serve as a follow-on to the above proofs housed at this site.

Children do become what they are taught! This is why it is so important to pay attention to what is being force fed to US children by the Socialist Common Core Curriculum that has been driven into State, County, and City School Boards by Obama’s Socialist Health Education and Welfare Department over the last 7 years.  Not only has HEW eliminated the US History, Civic, and US Constitution curriculum from school books that were once taught in grammar and high schools, but now we have discovered, that with the help of George Soros, they are facilitating the indoctrination of US School children in the Radical Islamic Teachings of Sheikh Mohammed Fethullah Gulen. (Behind Turkey’s transformation has been not only the impressive AKP political machine but also a shadowy Islamist sect led by the mysterious hocaefendi (master lord) Fethullah Gülen; the sect often bills itself as a proponent of tolerance and dialogue but works toward purposes quite the opposite. Today, Gülen and his backers (Fethullahcılar, Fethullahists) not only seek to influence government but also to become the government.

In the below listed article from “News With Views”, it is reported that John O. Brennan’s CIA is supporting a program of Islamic indoctrination of US children.  The program was developed by George Soros’ Center for American Progress NGO, and Sheikh Mohammad Fethullah Gulen, Turkish Gulen Charter Schools.  US school children are now being indoctrinated in Islam in 148 Turkish Gulen Charter Schools in 27 states throughout the United States.  It is really a Soros and Obama administration plan to force feed a program of Radical Islamic indoctrination into the educational programs for US grammar and high school students. Sheikh Gulen also owns and operates over three hundred Madrasas operating in Pakistan, Central Asia, and the Caucasus.   

The 148 Turkish Gulen Charter Schools are in Texas (48), Ohio (17), California (12), Florida (11), and in 23 other states. The goal of Soros, Gulen, and the Obama administration is to recruit especially high school aged US students and indoctrinate them in the teachings of Sheikh Gulen’s Radical Islamic curriculum.  Sheikh Gulen rapidly and secretively expanded his Turkish Gulen Charter School empire within the US with the help of the Obama administration.  The development of a plan to indoctrinate US students in 27 states in Islam has gone unnoticed and unacknowledged by the inept leadership in Congress – however the White House and the CIA have been well aware of what has been happening, and has protected Sheikh Gulen from being deported by the FBI, so he could develop and expand his Turkish Gulen Charter School empire, so he could indoctrinate US students in his brand of Radical Islamic philosophy.

The FBI who investigated the operation of the 148 Turkish Gulen Charter Schools in 27 states.  As a result of that investigation, the FBI tried to prevent the granting of permanent residency for Sheikh Mohammed Gulen, and tried to deport him.  According to secret leaked cables, parts of the American government have long believed that Mohammed Gülen “is a ‘Radical Islamist’ whose moderate message to the public, cloaks his more sinister and radical agenda.”

After an extensive investigation of Mohammed Gulen and his Turkish Gulen Charter School empire, the FBI determined he had a sinister and radical agenda, and should be deported.  Sheikh Mohammed Gulen’s guardian angels in the Obama White House, the State Department, and in Brennan’s CIA, reigned in the FBI and prevented it from bringing an indictment against Mohammed Gulen, and prevented the FBI  from deport Sheikh Gulen from the US.  Sheikh Gulen’s protectors are portraying him as a scholar, despite the fact that Mohammed Gulen doesn’t even have a high-school diploma and never went beyond the 5th grade. 


The Turkish Gulen Charter Schools are one of the largest users of the H-1B visa program bringing in teachers from Turkey claiming America does not have intelligent enough teachers to teach math and science to US students.

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton helped in the establishment of the Turkish Gulen Charter Schools in the US, and brokered a deal to split the revenue from the sale of the oil captured in Iraq by ISIS Radical Islamic Terrorists, between Prime Minister Erdogan’s and Sheikh Mohammed Gulen’s factions in Turkey (the captured oil was subsequently driven to the Turkish border in oil truck caravans to be sold by Prime Minister Erdogan’s son).  For using her good offices to help Sheikh Mohammed Gulen, Clinton was paid an estimated $1 million; payment was made to both the Clinton Family Foundation and the Clinton Presidential Campaign (payment to a political campaign by a foreigner is in violation of US Federal Campaign Laws)…..

MOST significantly, the fact is that this site has proven that Common Core is a direct outgrowth of the efforts of reds and greens to institutionalize the dumbing down, the conformity, of future generations toward the “concept” of America as a non-exceptional nation. Resultant, it is anticipated that a “natural” leap for the next generation (and onward) is to turn toward Islam, that which is steeped within the curriculum as the “preferable” path! You got that?

TO wit, in a very real sense, the Islamization of America will come about through a two-tiered attack plan, one which hardly necessitates actual physical attacks. So, those who have been paying attention – to what must be considered an overwhelming volume of evidence housed at this site – surely realize that stealth jihad is every bit as dangerous and insidious as frontal jihad.

AND when it comes to America’s kiddies, a full-on program was implanted years ago, but its stepped-up thrust ratcheted up under the watchful eyes of HUSSEIN Obama and surrogates. None of the above is accidental nor incidental. FAR from it.

BUT if one stealth piece of evidence stands out above the rest, it comes straight from the horse’s mouth, so to speak. Thus, as proclaimed by captured al-Qaeda terrorists, America’s most precious assets, its kiddies, will inevitably “come to” Islam and that is that!

David Gaubatz: As we all know children are the future of the world. Sadly most Muslim children are being taught hate and violence from an early age. Most people think Muslim children are only being taught this ideology in Palestine and throughout the Middle East. The vast majority of mosques in America teach hate and violence. There are several references in the Quran that inform Muslims to never take Christians and Jews as protectors and friends. The Sunni manual Tafsir Ibn Kathir is an excellent reference to what children are being taught in Islamic schools.

When I was in Iraq I had the opportunity to interview several captured Al Qaeda members. I asked them what type of future attacks America would endure. The answer over and over was that the hearts of Americans would be attacked. They explained that this meant the American children would be attacked because they are the hearts of the American people. These terrorists said the attacks would not necessarily be physical attacks, but rather a slow indoctrination in U.S. public schools and universities. The indoctrinating would include the Islamic ideology is peaceful and even as non-Muslims they support Islam and the Muslim people….continue reading

INCONTROVERTIBLY, who better than the head spook, a convert to Islam, to wield the forceps to “birth” militant jihad via Islamic Charter schools, as well as help oversee its basis within America’s public school system. A dual track. And if anyone dares suggest that none of this is “provable’, well, just continue as is, stick your head in the toilet and hope no one passes by to flush!

FAT chance….  

John Brennan: Pushed for the release of five Taliban leaders since 2011.

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  2. Adina! We made the Pennsylvania Pasha’s live miserable for years and are certainly the only “Anti-Gulen” investigators to actually enter his compound.

    Although we have closed “The Last Crusade” the archives are still available and for those interested in the Islamic take-over of the USA….please have a look:


    Several pages of archived links can be found here:

    The Internet Archives has several more years of our Gulen archives:

    Graham Fuller, the CIA, the Heroin plague and control of the minds of American children all lead back to Gulen.


    Michael Travis

  3. Adina! We made the Pennsylvania Pasha’s life miserable for years and are certainly the only “Anti-Gulen” investigators to actually enter his compound.

    Although we have closed “The Last Crusade” the archives are still available and for those interested in the Islamic take-over of the USA….please have a look:


    Several pages of archived links can be found here:

    The Internet Archives has several more years of our Gulen archives:

    Graham Fuller, the CIA, the Heroin plague and control of the minds of American children all lead back to Gulen.


    Michael Travis

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