The Nexus Between A TOP U.S. Admiral’s Firing, HUSSEIN Obama’s Dubai Mansion(Post Presidency)& Saudi Arabia! Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

THERE is nothing new under the sun about former Presidents living high on the hog post Presidency. In fact, if a poster boy is required, look no further than to Bubba Clinton. Wow. Oh yeah, the Bonnie and Clyde of American politics parlayed their political careers into a Mafia-like extortion racket! RICO, anyone?No exaggeration.


MOVING right along, many would agree that HUSSEIN Obama is expected to do the same. However, his situation makes Bill and Hill’s pale in comparison, if that is even possible. Whereas said duo are as corrupt as can be, their Achilles heel is power and greed with anti-American ideology in the mix. But HUSSEIN Obama’s Islamist agenda (coupled with Marxism, where applicable) is his primary focus, and the evidence, at this site alone, is overwhelming. Factoring in other elements, well, no wonder he is coined the Islamist-in-Chief! Not only that, his pledge to close GITMO – despite the grave national security risks – is part and parcel thereof. In fact, he just let LOOSE a high-value recruiting operative for al-Qaeda from GITMO, one who is on record that he will KILL Americans again, if released!

Muhammad Abd al-Rahman Awn al-Shamrani (inset -- photo: courtesy); Guantanamo Bay detention facility (Photo: Video screenshot)

(Muhammad Abd al-Rahman Awn al-Shamrani in GITMO)

America released a recruiter for al-Qaeda from Guantánamo. Muhammad Abd al-Rahman Awn al-Shamrani, 40, considered a “high-risk prisoner” is on record as vowing to “kill Americans in Iraq and Afghanistan,” if he was ever let go from the prison.

Al-Shamrani, originally from Saudi Arabia, will be transferred back to the desert kingdom.


THE question becomes: Why would HUSSEIN Obama cut him loose? Case closed.

(ALMOST) back to the Islamist-in-Chief’s post presidency “adventure”, promise.

STILL yet, before we can align the nexus between HUSSEIN Obama’s post presidential base of operations in the Middle East to the firing of a TOP admiral (a method he uses to get rid of patriotic commanders), it is imperative to internalize that the UAE, specifically, Dubai, is positioned to become the main Islamic financing hub in the world. Let that tidbit sink in.

IN this regard, Shariah compliant financing is the central funding pyramid for Islamic militant jihad. Not only that, Saudi Arabia and the UAE share extensive political, military and cultural ties. Hmm. Patience, dear readers.

THUS, to further “square the circle”, so to speak, let’s first play “connect HUSSEIN Obama’s Islamic dots!”

  • Who recalls an Oct. 2012 commentary entitled, “The Islamist-in-Chief and His Kenyan Wahhabi Relatives, His Roots?”  If not, you will want to refresh your memory
  • Added into his Wahhabi (yes, Saudi Arabia is aka the Wahhabi Kingdom) background, a highly germane factor remains the source of funding for his Ivy education – Saudi benefactors! A + B.
  • Currently, his post Presidency Dubai mansion is fronted by THE PODESTA GROUP, a Washington D.C. based global public affairs company.
  • So, the authoritarian, human-rights-abusing government of Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Malki hired The Podesta Group as its first lobbying firm.

    That firm is run by Tony Podesta, who legally peddles his influence with Democratic Party politicians to shape legislation on behalf of companies such as BP Oil, General Dynamics, Walmart, and Bank of America. The New York Times, calling him one of DC’s most powerful “superlobbyists”, described the explosive growth his firm enjoyed since the Democrats took control of Congress in 2006 and the White House in 2008. The Center for Public Integrity reported in 2011 that Podesta and his lobbyist-wife Heather were by far the largest lobbyist-bundlers as of that early point in the election cycle: Podesta came in “with just under $350,000 bundled to the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC), the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee (DSCC) and the campaign of Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid of Nevada”, while his wife “bundled donations have gone exclusively to Democrats — over $322,000 went to the DCCC and DSCC”.

    As the NYT profile put it, the lobbyists at his firm include people like “Israel Klein, a former top aide to Senator Charles E. Schumer,” and they work “through a number of senior Democratic allies in both the House and the Senate.” Podesta co-founded the Podesta Group with his brother John Podesta: Bill Clinton’s White House Chief of Staff, chief of the Obama transition team, and now head of the Obama-supporting think tank Center for American Progress (CAP). Said the NYT: “some prospective clients, in fact, will contact Mr. Podesta because of his brother’s ties to Mr. Obama” (“we’ll say, ‘No.’ It’s not what we do. We don’t do access lobbying,” Podesta replied without, at least according to the NYT account, emitting any audible chuckles).

    About the Podesta Group’s latest coup, Taub and Palmer report:

    “The government of Iraq is in the final stages of inking a contract with the Podesta Group as its first DC lobbying firm, according to multiple sources. . . .

    “Podesta was chosen in part for boss Tony Podesta’s relationship with top Democrats — including Vice President Joe Biden. Podesta also has a long relationship with the Clintons, but Hillary Clinton is now no longer in charge of the State Department. Stephen Rademaker will take the lead on the account for Podesta.

    “The Iraqi government is also in the market for a PR firm. Finalists include Edelman, LEVICK, and APCO Worldwide, among others, according to a source familiar with the government’s thinking. It’s the first lobbying contract for post-Saddam Hussein Iraq.”

  • Further connecting HUSSEIN Obama’s future abode to Saudi Arabian largess is the relationship between THE PODESTA GROUP and its legal reps, DLA PIPER. Well, to make a long story short, its global offices have a huge presence in Saudi Arabia, and its lobbying arms extend directly into HUSSEIN Obama’s White House and into the Capitol at large. In other words, Saudi Arabian influence is fronted by the very SAME Washington, DC legal office which is directly associated with THE PODESTA Group’s down payment for the Dubai mansion!! 

YES, the aforementioned dots.

PATRIOTS, what the hell is going on that the Islamist-in-Chief, once again, resorted to trumped up charges against a high level commander? Well, this anti-American stink is wafting from the purchase of a Dubai mansion with footprints leading straight back to Saudi Arabia! Indeed, the Admiral let slip “house hunting” orders (given to his command) for HUSSEIN Obama! Yes, the same Wahhabist Saudi Arabia which fronted his tuition for the Ivy league!  

ACCORDING to The Navy Times:

The San Diego-based commanding officer of Pacific Fleet’s carrier strike group training command has been relieved following allegations that he used his government computer to access pornography.

Rear Adm. Rick Williams was fired by 3rd Fleet boss Vice Adm. Nora Tyson on Friday “based on the initial findings of an ongoing investigation into the alleged misuse of government computer equipment,” the Navy said in a release.

During a routine inspection, Williams was found to have looked at pornographic images on his government computer, violating Navy rules, said a Navy source familiar with the incident. The misuse of the computer did not involve any classified material and the investigation is ongoing, the source added.

“They have enough information to say it wasn’t just a mistake,” the source said. “It was extensive enough that they knew it was not just an error.”

Williams, a career surface warfare officer, has been the head of Carrier Strike Group 15 since June. He could not be immediately reached for comment Saturday.

He earned his commission in 1984 after graduating from the Rochester Institute of Technology and served aboard two frigates and a hydrofoil as a junior officer before becoming executive officer of the destroyer O’Bannon, according to his official biography.

He first took command in 2002 of the frigate McInerney, before going on to lead Destroyer Squadron 26 and then a position as deputy 5th Fleet commander, directing maritime operations in support of operations Iraqi Freedom and Enduring Freedom.

Prior to his job at CSG 15, he was the commander of Navy Region Hawaii and Naval Surface Group Middle Pacific.

Capt. Chris Barnes will serve as a temporary replacement at CSG 15 until a permanent relief is named.

Williams is the first one-star fired since 2013, when Stennis strike group commander Rear Adm. Chuck Gaouette was ousted on deployment for misconduct including foul language, flipping off lieutenants, speculation that black admirals were chosen because of their race and sending fellow officers a racially-charged email about a black sailor.

ON the other hand, this is where the truth lies, no pun intended:

The Commander of the US Navy’s Carrier Strike Group 15, Rear Admiral Rick Williams, posted a “pointed” query on 8 January [since deleted] to the US Naval Institute’s “Readiness Kill Chain” “recipients/responders” list as to why Navy security and intelligence personal had been dispatched from Naval Support Facility Thurmont (aka Camp David) to Dubai on what he termed an “Obama house hunting mission”.

Within 18 hours of Admiral Williams posting this query, this report continues, the US Navy’s Third Fleet Commander, Vice Admiral Nora Tyson, acting on direct orders from her Commander-In-Chief, President Barack Obama, fired Admiral Williams stating her action was “due to a loss of confidence in his ability to command” because of “allegations of his misuse of government computer equipment”…this report notes, the Pentagon failed to reply—but then began releasing “anonymous” stories to the US press that Admiral Williams had been viewing pornography on his computer.

PATRIOTS, let’s first be clear on the ins and outs of viewing pornography on certain servers, ostensibly, the reason for the Admiral’s ousting!! Do pigs fly?


To such an absurd claim that Admiral Williams (or any US Navy officer or seaman in fact) could view pornography on their computers, SVR analysts in this report note, is an impossibility due to the US Navy/Marine Corps Intranet (NMCI), which not only blocks such sites, but also requires each single user to log in with their own unique password and username and whose records are meticulously kept and reviewed on a daily basis (thanks to Edward Snowden)—and which one would logically think one of the highest ranking officers in the US Navy would surely be aware of.

ALAS, along came the Navy Times and they spilled the beans that the aforementioned TOP Admiral was sacked, but not before their mouthpieces jive-talked in the process. Yes, they covered for their Commander-in-Chief’s wayward ass!

PAR for his destructive swathe across America, when patriotic higher-ups in the military perform their due diligence in the interests of national security, HUSSEIN Obama ensures their firing. In fact, he fired so many from the tippy top, let’s just say that it is accurate to call it what it is: A purging. 

The latest military top brass fired by the Obama administration. 10/14/13 This happened in Nazi Germany and also in Russia under stalin

(The latest military top brass fired by the Obama administration. 10/14/13 This happened in Nazi Germany and also in Russia under Stalin)

TOP NAVY OFFICER FIRED BY OBAMA FOR EXPOSING MASSIVE THREAT TO THE UNITED STATES - Obama Administration doesn't want the American people to know - This took a lot of guts.

(TOP NAVY OFFICER FIRED BY OBAMA FOR EXPOSING MASSIVE THREAT TO THE UNITED STATES – Obama Administration doesn’t want the American people to know)

General James Mattis (Fired by Obama) He should be our next president!

(General James Mattis Fired by Obama)

AS reported at this site in June 2014: Firstly, who still believes that the “official” reasons given for firing TOP commanders, whose commands handled nukes, are true? Besides, isn’t it other worldly that a week before their summary firings they were judged fine commanders, but suddenly deemed “unfit” for command, no sooner than credible reports of a controlled underwater nuke explosion took place, 200 miles from South Carolina? Come on…Not only that, but the Traitor-in-Chief ordered these same “unfit” heavyweights to transport 3 nukes, 2 of which they whisked away (thank heavens) to parts unknown. G-d bless them. Can’t imagine the hell Obama Inc.’s goons are putting them through now, or the blackmail they are enduring to shut the hell up!

REGARDLESS, the fact is that “missing” nukes, plus warnings from South Carolina’s Senator Graham of an impending nuke strike – ostensibly due to the situation in Syria – should have rung mega alarm bells, unlike any other recent event.

EVEN though reports were circulated, they were in no way commensurate with the out-sized cataclysmic danger. Just imagine how convenient it would have been to blame a (pre-planned, false flag operation by Obama Inc.) nuke explosion in Carolina, an EMP attack, on the fiery Mid East (whereby jihadists would love nothing more than to strike via a nuke!), at the same time that a rogue POTUS ordered his top nuke Generals to detonate one such bomb over a U.S. city? Sounds insane. Loony tunes. Conspiratorial to boot. NOT!

One has to understand that the POTUS is NOT operating from a patriotic perspective, and he is Allah bent on bringing down America, in a similar fashion as our enemies are. They are less than 6 degrees separated.This has been proven, over and over again.

Folks, it is really quite simple. The free world is in the grip of an enemy agent, one whose associations/policies are clear as a bell, even though his records are sealed tighter than Fort Knox. Between his Sunni Wahhabi roots and hisMarxist/communist/Hawaiian tutelage, there is no room for American ethos. It is that straightforward.

Back to the “missing” nukes. When this news first broke, the following was reported….continue reading

MIND you, “pornography” and other assorted bogus charges “magically” appear, poof-like, whenever a need arises to sack one TOP commander or another. Trumped up. Again, why would he cut loose proven patriots and kick them to the curb? Concomitantly, why would he release release Allah’s Muslim Terrorists, again and again??
(HUSSEIN Obama’s latest fall-guy, Rear Admiral Rick Williams, the Commander of the US Navy’s Carrier Strike Group 15. FIRED!)

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