TIME and again, this investigative journalist warned that the Muslim Brotherhood Mafia has embedded its claws within each and every state within America. More than leech-like. In fact, even the “last frontier”, remote Alaska, is within their grasp! Still yet, too many Americans (westerners) have trouble absorbing the concept that there even exists a Mafia-like Islamic Brotherhood, let alone one which is – without question – planning global dominance. Herein lies the crux and danger.

GRANTED, due to the obvious (overall) backwardness of a culture steeped in 7th century jihadism – one which has contributed less than a thimble’s worth to improve humanity, even though they are the second largest grouping in the world – the fact remains that they run circles around the west. That is that.

BE that as it may, most significantly, it is hardly an accident that the leader of the (heretofore) free world is in their camp, as he (and his surrogates) aids and abets them to victory. This is accomplished by covert and overt means. Read: F U, non-Muslim Americans!

BASICALLY, the Traitor-in-Chief, in 2011 – in anticipation of hoisting the Brotherhood Mafia into power in Egypt via Mohamed Morsi in June 2012, yes, ala the much ballyhooed “Arab Spring”, but really an Arab (knock-on western) Nightmare – prepped the ground with a SECRET directive. Called Presidential Study Directive-11 (or PSD-11), it outlined administration support for “political reform in the Mid East and N. Africa”, and with the Muslim Brotherhood in the forefront!

CONSEQUENTIALLY, he understood that once the “Brothers” took hold of Egypt the knock-on effects would be massive – and they were! Talk about a domino-effect….Come on, does anyone still believe that the timing of the coordinated attacks on the compound in Libya (aka Benghazigate) was “accidental” and incidental? The point being, is there even 6 degrees of separation, relative to the ultimate goal of the terror hydras and Obama Inc.?  Do pigs fly?  

INHERENTLY, the fact that Libya blew up on Sept. 11, 2012; merely 3 months after Morsi catapulted to power; and on the 11th year anniversary of 9/11/01 to boot, what else is there to say? Not only that, email proof indicts Obama Inc., thus, exposing that the “cavalry” was held back on purpose! So, is there any doubt that the above was orchestrated F/B/O the Brotherhood Mafia? Moreover, the BLOW up of Syria was a central component alike. You got that?

EVEN so, while his assistance is a mega contributory factor to the overall trajectory of Allah’s Muslim Terrorists over the last 7 years (domestically and foreign-wise), bear in mind the decades worth of priming (throughout the U.S.) under previous administrations, and they were duly hospitable. Nevertheless, think of Obama Inc. as the capo di tutti capi of all their American benefactors. 


THUS, this site has been forced to ring countless alarm bells in the direction of terror alerts, and there is no foreseeable end in sight. “Thanks”, Traitor-in-Chief!

RESULTANT, let’s hop over – once again – to middle America, and this time to Kansas City, Missouri.

Is more Islamic terrorism brewing in America’s heartland? It began late last week when ‘Middle Eastern men’ reportedly  depleted the stock in pre-paid cell phones at two Missouri Walmart locations, alerting local law enforcement and FBI officials.


Sixty were purchased Saturday in Lebanon, Missouri at 3:50 am, and hours before, at another Walmart store in Columbia about 100 miles away, another 40 were sold.

This week, a third Walmart location in Macon, Missouri, reported a suspicious cell phone sale, and Thursday, a fourth location in Jefferson City reported a similar bulk purchase.


Jefferson county police, a neighboring county to the three counties where these separate purchases were made, just announced that on Thursday, they received a call about Muslim men trying to make a large cellphone purchase in their area store, along with another one right by them in Cape Girardeau, KFOR reported.

Fox 4 KC reported Thursday that dozens of propane tanks were stolen from three different Kansas City, Missouri locations.







At the end of November, a BP gas station in Lee`s Summit reported 18-20 propane tanks stolen from the outside cages. That same night the CVS on Southwest 3rd Street reported the exact same crime.

Two weeks later, the CVS on East 23rd Street in Independence was hit, and 28 tanks were stolen from that location. Sources within law enforcement say they received an urgent safety email about the propane thefts.

Reports were that Middle Eastern men were buying untraceable cell phones by the dozen across Missouri late at night, and they didn’t appear to have any good reason to do so. Four different locations had the same thing happen – a couple of men would go into the store early in the morning and purchase the phones in bulk.

So, from Thursday to early Saturday morning, these men were going from store to store buying up throwaway cellphones and have now amassed a stock of at least 200 phones. Employees in each store reported it, but cops allegedly only stopped them at what was these guys’ last known Walmart destination, but released them within minutes.

FBI investigating suspicious bulk cell phone purchases by Middle Eastern looking men.

MIND you, when Redlands exploded, the following (plus much more) was noted:

IN any case, let this be EVERY patriot’s newly enshrined doctrine:

The western world is at war with Islam.  We must put a bitter taste in people’s minds when they hear anything associated with Islam, just as we were able to do with the Nazis.

CONCLUSIVELY, aside from safeguarding the Second Amendment, the following tasks must be paid urgent heed:

  • SPREAD wide and far – social media is preferred – that Islam IS the danger; thatits poisonous roots must be cut out of America; that there is NO difference between a practicing Muslim and a “radical Islamist”; that Islam IS Islam, and that every American who adheres to the Muslim faith IS a potential source of danger, either actively, or as a supportive network thereof; and their faith demands that infidels must submit or die. Period. Full stop.

  • RECOGNIZE that the above task is educative in nature. Its intrinsic value lies in serving to lay the groundwork for its action-oriented counterpart, as one augments the other. Concomitantly, patriotic “cells” must identify the mosques in their communities. After all, how can it be that Islam’s followers are allowed to form networks to slaughter Americans, yet, patriots are told to “stand down”?? So, useAnaheim, CA as your “calling card” template, and then follow the link withinU.S. Mosques Must Be Dismantled; A Cancerous Scourge. Saving America By Removing Omertas.” 


  • NEIGHBORHOOD watches must be formed to make sure that “lessons learned” from Redlands never repeat. As reported: Neighbors in Redlands were shocked that the suspects had ties to their area.“I was in awe that it was happening four houses down from my property,” one neighbor said. A man who has been working in the area said he noticed a half-dozen Middle Eastern men in the area in recent weeks, but decided not to report anything since he did not wish to racially profile those people.“We sat around lunch thinking, ‘What were they doing around the neighborhood?’” he said.  “We’d see them leave where they’re raiding the apartment.”
  • To wit, ANY time “suspicious” Islamic-looking men or women (yes, patriots must “profile”, it’s your duty to do so!) congregate, call local authorities immediately.Forget the FEDS, they will do nothing. If the locals fail to arrive, well, think outside the box.

INDEED, DHS and its agencies surely know that the Brotherhood Mafia is jacked up in the Kansas City area and Missouri. Yes, they are. ALL across America alike.

So, a Mosque asks its members to donate to 6 Relief Organizations who are later revealed to be tied to terrorism and funding of Jihad….. That same mosque was recently vandalized and the local media had nothing to say about the Mosques ties to the Muslim Brotherhood or Al-Qaeda tied charitable orgs, and the list goes on……

In January of 2000, the Islamic Society of Greater Kansas City (ISGKC) posted a “Message from the President” to their website. The message was signed by ISGKC President Abdul Akram. Mr. Akram has ran for Political Office multiple times in Kansas City and Missouri. 2010 State Auditor Democratic Primary Election Results show he had nearly 30,000 votes.

Abdul Akram with Missouri Governor Jay Nixon. MD Alam is pictured right, and former Lt. Col. Nafees Mahmood of Pakistan Army pictured left. INFLUENCE Operations in action by the Missouri Democrat Asian American Caucus. (MDPAAC)

(Abdul Akram with Missouri Governor Jay Nixon. Islamic Activist MD Alam is pictured right, and former Lt. Col. Nafees Mahmood of Pakistan Army pictured left. INFLUENCE Operations in action by the Missouri Democrat Asian American Caucus. (MDPAAC)

MOST significantly, it is hardly a secret what ISIS and its Brotherhood Mafia appendages are up to. In reality, they often shout from the rooftops what their tactical plans are, even if the times and places are left up in the air. 

HOW al-Qa’idah became the Islamic State (1989-2016)

EBOOK1: Black Flags From The East 

EBOOK2: The Islamc State (2015)

BUT never mind. Intrinsically, if the Jihadi-in-Chief was bent on stopping them dead in their tracks, well, not only would he task his surrogates at State to vet and vet, there would be no way in Allah’s hell that the jihadi she-devil in San Bernardino would have been given a “K-1 Visa” as wifey of a U.S. citizen!  

Tashfeen Malik, who with her husband carried out the massacre in San Bernardino, Calif., passed three background checks by American immigration officials as she moved to the United States from Pakistan. None uncovered what Ms. Malik had made little effort to hide — that she talked openly on social media about her views on violent jihad.

She said she supported it. And she said she wanted to be a part of it.

American law enforcement officials said they recently discovered those old — and previously unreported — postings as they pieced together the lives of Ms. Malik and her husband, Syed Rizwan Farook, trying to understand how they pulled off the deadliest terrorist attack on American soil since Sept. 11, 2001.

Had the authorities found the posts years ago, they might have kept her out of the country. But immigration officials do not routinely review social media as part of their background checks, and there is a debate inside the Department of Homeland Security over whether it is even appropriate to do so.

What Investigators Know About the San Bernardino Shooting

Officials have discovered a potential link between the attackers and Islamic extremism.

The discovery of the old social media posts has exposed a significant — and perhaps inevitable — shortcoming in how foreigners are screened when they enter the United States, particularly as people everywhere disclose more about themselves online. Tens of millions of people are cleared each year to come to this country to work, visit or live. It is impossible to conduct an exhaustive investigation and scour the social media accounts of each of them, law enforcement officials say.

MORE indicting, a full 5 months before the San Bernardino slaughter, this investigative journalist pointed the finger DIRECTLY towards HUSSEIN Obama’s State Dept., alas, an Arabist fiefdom since its inception. Holy jihad.

SPECIFICALLY, it was noted: “ISIS, Jihadis At Large, Infiltrate Via State Dept: A Refugee Dump & More!” Understood? 

SO, despite the fact that Obama Inc. still pooh poohs the need for an exhaustive investigation – especially, in light of Muslims who seek to enter from hot spots such as Pakistan, Syria, Iraq, Somalia, etc. – the reality is that to thwart said attacks they certainly understand that SCOURING social media should be non-negotiable.

LET’s call an ace an ace and a spade a spade: In reality, HUSSEIN Obama seeks to give them safe passage to facilitate the grave risks to non-Muslim Americans!

DAMN him, his surrogates alike, to Allah’s hell and back! Patriots, it’s on your shoulders….


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16 thoughts on “TERROR ALERT IN MIDDLE AMERICA: ISLAM’s FOLLOWERS STEAL PROPANE TANKS & MORE! What’s The Upshot? Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

  1. 2 years ago my daughter went to Walm wondering if anyone turned in her purchase..possible left in a cart. Security pulled up video of my daughter using facial recog program as she placed that item in the back seat of her car. (she found it then + went about her business)

    nuff said…


  2. more.. in S Fl out on country roads, we have ‘traffic enforcement’ camera’s facing drivers face, when the license plate is only in the back of the car.

    Funny how gifted humvee’s and toyotas are un-trackable but this granny’s car is. Along with every purchase, website, communication. Cell phone towers are now G-4 plus, which not only tracks us between towers, it knocked out all older cells that were untrackable.

    G-d bless you for your work \0/


  3. 3rd attempt to finish.. in S Fl out on country roads, we have ‘traffic enforcement’ camera’s facing drivers face, when the license plate is only in the back of the car.

    Funny how ‘gifted’ humvs and toyots are un-trackable but this granny’s hyundai is totally tracked. Along with my purchases, communications, websites. My county Sherf is one who spoke out on faceb re carry permits. DUH.. should have been private comm to residents only.

    G-d bless you for your work \0/




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