U.S. HYPER-ALERT: Syrian “Refugees” Harbor Flesh Eating Disease! Where Are Obama Inc.’s PUBLIC Warnings?? Commentary By Adina Kutnicki








BEFORE we move forward, know that snopes.com supposedly “debunked” the hyper medical alert which is highlighted below. No matter. Indeed, they have ZERO credibility in investigative journalism, and they know it too. The leftist-driven duo are laughing their asses off, as usual. Let’s not even get into their so-called “methods.” Never mind their “sources.” 

IN any case, with the understanding that Obama Inc. is a renegade regime, does anyone expect their mouthpieces to sound an alarm re this and that, despite the fact that countless Americans will be placed at risk?

NOW, this medical warning comes ATOP the recent “news” that HUSSEIN Obama’s inner sanctum of Brotherhood mouthpieces DID issue a stark warning: Don’t dare vote for Trump, if you do, Muslims in America will attack you!! Got that?

SO, it is along these same incendiary pathways that embracing so-called Syrian (coupled with related Islamists from Mid Eastern and African nations) “refugees” veers into additional dangerous territory, and this is no exaggeration!

THUS, even while many are rightfully terrified by an uptick in Islamic terror attacks, if the door isn’t slammed shut to Allah’s Muslim terrorists, how many are aware of the medical dangers? Hence, the following hyper-alert:

Dilqash Isa, who works for the Kurdish Red Crescent, said: “As a result of abominable acts by ISIS that included the killing of innocent people and dumping their corpses in streets, this is the leading factor behind the rapid spread of Leishmaniasis.

JERUSALEM – There is a risk that Middle Eastern refugees entering the U.​S​.​ could be infected with a flesh-eating disease that is sweeping across Syria.

Health agencies confirmed that Syrian refugees have transported leishmaniasis to Lebanon and Turkey, where it has been difficult to manage and treat.

Compounding the problem, ​patients can be infected with ​the parasitic disease ​without showing symptoms for weeks, months, or even years, ​and ​an asymptomatic patient most likely doesn’t know that he or she is a carrier.

​​This means the health screening process for refugees could miss the disease entirely​.

Breitbart Jerusalem spoke with healthcare experts, including an epidemiologist from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, or CDC’s Immigrant, Refugee, and Migrant Health Branch, which is responsible for guiding the medical screening of the Syrian refugees seeking to enter the U.S.

Volcano-like ulcers

Leishmaniasis is a disease caused by protozoan parasites. It is spread almost entirely by sandflies, including those present in the U.S.

There are three main types of the disease: cutaneous, mucocutaneous, and visceral leishmaniasis.

Cutaneous is the most common form among Syrians. It manifests in skin sores ​that typically develop within a few weeks or months of a sand fly bite.  The sores can initially appear as bumps or nodules and may evolve into volcano-like ulcers.

Mucocutaneous leishmaniasis causes skin ulcers like the cutaneous form​, ​​as well as mucosal ulcers ​that usually damage the nose and mouth.

Visceral leishmaniasis, which has also been found among Syrian refugees, is the most serious form and can be fatal. It damages internal organs, usually the spleen and liver, and also affects bone marrow.

Refugees transmit to Lebanon, Turkey; threat to Europe, U.S.

​L​ast year, the CDC published a study of a September 2012 outbreak among Syrian refugees.  The investigation found:

Fifty-nine percent of patients had more than one of the following: disease compromising the function of vital sensory organs (eye, ear, nose, and mouth) (27%); lesions of greater than 5 cm in diameter (49%); disfiguring facial lesions (37%); special forms, such as sporotrichoid or lymphangietic with satellite lesions (9%); and lesions present for more than 12 months’ duration.

Earlier this month, the news media hyped a story that the Islamic State was causing the spread of leishmaniasis, because – ​ as the U​.​K​.​’s Mirror newspaper put it​ -​ militants were “slaughtering innocent people and dumping their bodies in the street.”

​L​eishmaniasis has been spreading like wildfire in Syria since the health system collapsed in rebel-held territories in 2011. By 2012, there were already 52,982 documented cases of the disease in Syria

Also in 2012, the CDC documented that “migration patterns of refugees with cutaneous leishmanias is were identified in Lebanon,” with the health agency producing a helpful illustration showing the disease’s “movement from cities in Syria to regions in Lebanon.”

The peer-reviewed medical journal Pathogens noted that ​Lebanon had no cases of cutaneous leishmaniasis prior to 2008 and only “sporadic cases in the following years.”

​After  the arrival of refugees, 1,033 cases were confirmed by 2012, “96.6% (998) of which were among Syrian refugees.” Writing at AHC Media, a publication for healthcare professionals, Dr. Philip R. Fischer, Professor of Pediatrics at the Mayo Clinic, documented the spread to Turkey as well:

As Syrians leave their homeland, they sometimes carry their germs with them. There have been dramatic increases in the number of cases of cutaneous leishmaniasis in southeastern Turkey. In Turkey, 69% of cutaneous leishmaniasis patients are Syrians living in tent cities.

Fischer also noted a significant risk of the disease-spreading to Europe with the arrival of Syrian refugees.

As recent news reports have shown​, ​many ​Syrian refuges don’t stay in Turkey and Lebanon. There is a significant risk that cutaneous leishmaniasis will reemerge in southern Europe, ​where the natural vector of​ the ​L. tropica parasite​already exists.

Leishmaniasis has been endemic to Syria for centuries. Fischer noted that in 1756 a British physician “referred to the illness as Aleppo boil and Aleppo evil.” However, it was minimized over time due to the advent of insecticides.

Medical screening

Refugees who enter the U.S. must undergo medical screening according to protocolsestablished by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, or CDC.  Each refugee must submit to a physical examination, ​including  a skin test and possibly a chest x-ray ​to check for tuberculosis,​as well as a blood test for syphilis.

The blood tests do not currently look for leishmani​a​sis. Clearly, ​an attending doctor ​could easily spot a patient with obvious skin ulcers. However, leishmani​a​sis cannot be detected upon physical examination if the patient is asymptomatic, as can be the case for years.

Dr. Heather Burke, an epidemiologist from the CDC’s Immigrant, Refugee, and Migrant Health Branch, explained to Breitbart News that there is generally a window of three to six months from the initial physical examination until a refugee departs for the U.S.

She said a medical examination is valid for six months, and ​explained that patients undergo a second examination just prior to departure -​ a quicker “fitness to fly” screening. While she conceded ​that this final examination is not thorough, she said it would pick up any visible skin lesions. Burke told Brei​tbart Jerusalem that she is not aware of a single case of leishmaniasis entering the U.S. via Syrian refugees.

Dr. Jane Orient, executive director of the ​Association of American Physicians and Surgeons, warned that “most doctors in the U.S. know nothing about leishmaniasis.”

“We’d all need to refer patients to tropical diseases specialists,” she told Breitbart Jerusalem. “The treatments are toxic and expensive, and some are not widely available.”

For Orient, the only sensible public health policy is “for all refugees to pass through a quarantined place like Ellis Island.”

“Officials need to know where they’ve been and what diseases occur there. We need sophisticated, reliable screening methods and excellent vector control in any areas where refugees stay.”

THE core question remains: Why in the world would Obama Inc. risk so many American lives, knowing full well – and more than likely – that countless Syrians have been exposed to said disease(s)? Rhetorical.

YES, while the mock-up is in “parody” form – as if TIME, and the rest of the captured media, would ever tell the truth – the facts remain clear: If not for the Islamist-in-Chief, well, America wouldn’t be falling off the cliff; the Mid East wouldn’t be facing its most dangerous pit of hell-fire in decades; and Iran’s genocidal mullahs wouldn’t be receiving billions without even conceding an inch of their nuclear weapons program – that which is leaping to the finish line at break-neck speed – all credit to the House of Bribes!! 

MOST significantly, Islam’s barbarians – be they ISIS or another Brotherhood hydra, Sunni and Shia alike – will use any weapon to reach their Caliphate ruled objective. It matters little whether the method is dispersed via biological, nuclear, or any variant thereof, as all are high on their agenda. Believe it.

EFFECTIVELY, mass casualties are only a matter of time, and they will cause 9/11/01 to pale in comparison. And if “missing” propane tanks from multiple states are any indication of what’s in store, well…

STILL yet, if anyone believes that Obama Inc. has America’s back, just think about this: The fact that Brotherhood Mafia mouthpieces inside America EXPLICITLY threatened Americans with terror attacks – if they dare vote for Trump – is there any doubt left that this regime awaits, with anticipation, the wreckage which Syrian “refugees” will potentially spread; be it through the aforementioned bio weapon – or another method – just as long as America is brought down??


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