America’s Jihadi Compounds & Alaska’s “Last Frontier”. Is Anywhere Safe From Islamic Encroachment?


REST assured, once the Islamist-in-Chief departs the People’s House, many of his bomblets will explode at future dates. Most rational folks recognize as much. However, another incendiary fire is smoldering. It has received little attention, except at very few media outlets.

BE that as it may, this particular (compound) bomb has the potential to dwarf the rest, in so far as its implantation has been ongoing for years, but without any real interference from authorities. In fact, state and federal law enforcement have been ordered: stand down! Know this: its basis was gleaned through a direct (in the know) Fed contact. Enough said.

IN a nutshell, whenever law enforcement was queried (more than once from these quarters), as to why they allowed jihadi compounds to mushroom under their noses, the answer went like this: religious freedom! Whoa.

IN effect, Islamic jihadists have an American “right” to segregate themselves within war-like compounds, simply because they hide behind Muslim garb. Hmm…an interesting perversion of Constitutional precepts.

The Center for Constitutional Rights in New York and the California-based civil rights organization Muslim Advocates, which represented the plaintiffs, complained the court’s decision “gives legal sanction to the targeted discrimination of Muslims anywhere and everywhere in this country, without limitation, for no other reason than their religion.”

However, using Constitutional liberties to not only allow the enemy to hide and mask itself but actually be protected and find sanctuary is a very dangerous path. It is a form of civilizational jihad and “lawfare” under the sympathetic guise of political correctness. Americans must not voluntarily drop our shield just to appease a minority, which fails to accept responsibility for the issues within its community.

Let me be clear and blunt. The bastards who flew airplanes into the World Trade Center and the Pentagon on 9-11; the traitor who stood atop a table and gunned down American Soldiers at Ft. Hood; these jerks were not heard saying “God Bless America” or singing “Rocky Top” — they were shouting “Allahu Akhbar.” When that stops, we can stop our trend analysis….

IN any case, many Americans aren’t persuaded by such Orwellian constructs, thus, they demand answers: what the hell are Islam’s followers doing within jihadi compounds, and with the (direct and indirect) assistance of many counterparts residing throughout the nation and outside its borders? 

IN answer to some of the above please digest the following – just as a precursor – to garner the best handle on this burgeoning threat, before heading to the latest updates on jihad within Oregon and Alaska. Mind you, Alaska’s infestation came onto this site’s radar in Sept. 2014. 

INCONTESTABLY, the attendant dangers are much worse, if you dare imagine. They include “hidden cells” operating in plain sight, but await (hierarchical) orders to strike. This is not hooey and phooey talk. It is America’s dire reality…burrowed in its heartland and in all points in between!

AND aside from all the known jihadi compounds/cells (detailed throughout this blog), how about the recently discovered ones:

The depositions revealed that MOA has a previously unknown property outside of Anchorage, Alaska. They also confirmed the existence of an additional New York property, as well as California and Michigan locations.

The Deputy Director of MOA, Hussein Adams, is the son of terrorist Barry Adams. During questioning he was unable to provide evidence which would indicate a lack of reasonable basis for the defendants’ claims.

While MOA officials denied assertions that they are a terrorist organization, they refused to provide basic information regarding the group and their activities.

They contended that the group kept no records, with director Adams asserting that he did not know the names of those on the town council at their flagship location, Islamberg. The identity of the person entrusted to issue checks to pay the organization’s bills was also unknown, according to director Adams.

MOA is the umbrella organization operating 22 “Islamic villages” nationwide, including “Mahmoudberg” in Sweeny, Texas.

Other “communes” dotted around the U.S. and Canada include not only the Islamberg facility in Hancock, NY but also Holy Islamville in York County, South Carolina; Islamville in Dover, Tennessee; Hasanville in Barry’s Bay, Ontario, Canada; Madinah Village near Commerce, Georgia; Aliville in Odum, Georgia; Ahmadabad West in Red House, Virginia and one with an unknown name in Meherrin, Virginia.

Less precise information was offered regarding the location near Anchorage, AK, as well as “Mariaville” which is supposedly “just down the street” from Islamberg, a Deposit, NY location, an Oak Hill, CA camp as well as Coldwater, MI.

Adams declared that only three of the locations, Islamberg, Mariaville and Holy Islamville were official MOA properties, with another nine described as unofficial. When questioned on the disparity between the twelve he identified in his deposition and a propaganda DVD which states there are 22 villages, Adams replied, “Well, maybe there were other locations included.”

The plaintiffs maintained throughout their testimony that the group does not engage in jihad training and dismissed as insignificant the content of two MOA videos. Both show ongoing training, one is a recruitment effort and the other shows women in training.

IN tandem, recall this investigative journalist’s “delicate” foray to Islamberg:

Jamat ul Fuqra are awash in infidel blood. Most infamously, they are the head choppers of Wall Street Journal reporter Daniel Pearl. They are particularly fond of beheadings. Say what? Too close for many fellow New Yorkers (my home state) comfort, the group receives some of their paramilitary training at their Islamberg compound in New York State.

Not to get too specific – as part of a “research” project  in 2006 –  this blogger accompanied a trusted contact to the outskirts of the compound, knowing full well that this was as far as we would get. No matter. We came, we saw, we went…..hearing constant sounds of gun popping, and intermittent shouts of  “allahu akbar” – god is great – in broad daylight !!  Roaming guards dressed in (Islamic) combat fatigues – with watch towers on each side – were clearly visible.

SO now that certain backgrounders are, once again, in plain view  (with an understanding that this investigative journalist holds back little, unless prudence warrants it), let’s turn our attention to Oregon. Yes, it is a beautiful corner of the Pacific Northwest, and it possesses stunning topography to boot. 

YET, before we proceed, get a load of the manure shoveled by the defense: Oregon’s jihadi claims to be suffering from schizophrenia and “deserves” a free pass out of jail because he is too sick to withstand a trial! Well, it matters not a tiddly wink, true or not. Not only that, he is supposedly under a doctor’s care and more than lucid. In fact, the only issue which matters is that he plotted Oregon’s jihad with one of the most notorious Islamists in all of Europe, Mustafa Kamel Mustafa!


AS such, if his sanity was deemed intact enough to be recruited for this all important act of jihad, whom are we to argue about his alleged (compromised) mental state?

ENTER, Haroon Aswat

Haroon Aswat admitted he traveled to Bly, Oregon, in 1999 at the direction of Mustafa Kamel Mustafa, a double-amputee and radical cleric based in London. His orders were to help train recruits “who wanted to participate in jihad on behalf of a terrorist organization,” he said in a barely audible voice at the sentencing in federal court in Manhattan.

Before pleading guilty to conspiracy and supporting terrorism, the Sheffield, England-born Aswat told U.S. District Judge Katherin Forrest that he had been diagnosed with schizophrenia at 20. The judge ruled that the sentencing could go forward because the defendant was under medical care and showing no symptoms.

Aswat, 40, was charged in 2005 in the plot to establish the camp for military training at a site known as Dog Cry Ranch. Prosecutors accused the defendant of arriving in Oregon with instructions on how to make bombs and poisons.

According to court papers, one communication between the conspirators said that the property was located in a “pro-militia and firearms state” that “looks just like Afghanistan” and that the group was “stockpiling weapons and ammunition.” But the camp never materialized beyond a dozen people taking target practice, authorities said. (blogger’s note: the authorities, once again, are lying through their teeth, as Bly, Oregon became a stomping ground for much jihadi compound training!)

Aswat faces up to 20 years in prison at sentencing July 31. It was unclear whether he could get credit for the nearly 10 years he spent behind bars in the United Kingdom fighting extradition to the United States. Prosecutors had no immediate comment Monday.

Mustafa was sentenced this year to life in prison following a trial in the same Manhattan courthouse.

Authorities say Mustafa, also known as Abu Hamza al-Masri, turned London’s Finsbury Park Mosque in the 1990’s into a training ground for Islamic extremists, attracting men including Sept. 11 conspirator Zacarias Moussaoui and shoe bomber Richard Reid. He claims to have lost his hands fighting the Soviets in Afghanistan…

BUT now that Oregon’s jihad has been partially uncovered (recent info has come down the pike, though it needs further corroboration), let’s segue to Alaska and its wild environs. 

IN this regard, authorities, as always, will eventually side with Muslim “sensibilities”, even though they have little issue with failing to protect the non-Muslim public from the mushrooming Islamic threat level. Go figure. So take what both claim seriously (Islam’s perpetually aggrieved war-mongers, in concert with officialdom’s lock-step mouthpieces who are, as of yet, stopping short of calling it a “hate crime”) with less than a scoop of poop. Yup, Islam’s propaganda arm, CAIR, will, sooner than later, enter the picture screaming “Islamophobia”. As a result, count on Allah’s hell breaking loose. Mark these words.

An incident over the weekend alarmed members of an immigrant community in Anchorage. However, officials are stopping short of labeling it a hate crime.

A relatively small Muslim community in America’s far north western state of Alaska have put final touches on their first mosque.

On Sunday morning a vehicle outside a multi-family home was found with deflated tires and covered with hateful messages written in washable orange marker. “There was writing on every single window and every single side of both of the cars,” Bock said. “Things that said, ‘Not welcome,’ ‘Go home,’ ‘Take a hike,’ ‘Leave Alaska,’ ‘Go away.’”

15,000 sq ft mega-mosquetrosity rises in Anchorage

Debby Bock is a friend of the five men who live together in the building, all of whom are refugees from the Darfur region of Sudan. Bock came over Sunday, and was shocked by what she saw. (blogger’s note: Debby, get a grip…)

The men called the Anchorage Police Department to file a report. But both they and Bock were surprised that the Department is treating the incident as a vandalism case, and could not spare an officer to respond in person. “I called the police again,” Bock said, “and the dispatcher told me that they had taken a report over the phone, but no one was going to come out, and no one was going to take pictures.”

There's even a halal grocery store

Community members in Spenard, where the incident took place, have made efforts in the last day to show support with men living at the residence targeted. But the men feel unsafe after what happened, according to Bock, and some are wondering if the assault on property constitutes a hate crime.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation, which monitors hate crimes, has not seen evidence that would involve the organization in the case. “At this time the FBI is not investigating this as a hate crime. We are not a part of the investigation,” said Staci Feger-Pellessier, a communications specialist with the Bureau’s Anchorage division.



IN the main, those of us who toil in the jihadi muck (on a regular basis) are less inclined to wax sympathetic over those who come to America from Islamic war-torn countries. And this realistic attitude is based upon enough clear and compelling evidence to understand what’s what. 

FOR if, in general, said “refugees” hadn’t proven to be Allah-bent on exploiting America’s freedoms, in turn, biting America’s outstretched hands, the issue would be moot. Indeed, some of us know better and cast aside reflexive tear-jerkers. Besides, if one similar grouping comes to mind, let’s recall the SOMALI infestation and attendant threat level.

OUTRAGEOUSLY, it has become a “regular” fact of life to find out that jihadis are embedded within America (all over the west), yet few make the headlines as many times as Somali Muslim immigrants. How so?

FIRSTLY, please recall previous commentaries re their “hidden” thrust within America, yet their Islamic brothers and sisters within the nation’s belly are equally dangerous.

FAST forward to today’s thesis and it is accurate to state: the west is literally ! funding jihad through its non-stop welfare benefits. More specifically, taxpayers are footing the bill to pay for acts of terror against themselves and fellow citizens, as Muslim immigrants feed at the gov’t trough and no one takes a stand against them. How many know this?

ALASKANS, if you are as spirited as most perceive you to be, trust your pioneering ways. Don’t cave – like the rest of the country – to Islamists or officialdom.

PLEASE, take this investigative journalist’s well-informed advice to heart and stand your ground! You have every reason to demand they ‘Go home,’ ‘Take a hike,’ ‘Leave Alaska,’ ‘Go away’”, plus every justification not to welcome them inside your American communities!

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