PM Netanyahu’s LEGAL & MORAL CASE, Obligation, To Arrest Mahmoud Abbas! Commentary By Adina Kutnicki


This Israeli bus was completely incinerated by a suicide bomber.Buses are a favorite target of Palestinian terrorists.

(This Israeli bus was completely incinerated by a suicide bomber. Buses are a favorite target of Palestinian terrorists.)


IN anticipation of Israel’s March 17, 2015 election, the Inquisitr’s Editor-in-Chief requested an interview, one which would (honestly) analyze the multi-pronged dangers facing Israel, as well as the fitness of the candidates.

NOW, while the choices were between awful and less awful, well, rational folks understood which “devil” to vote for, albeit, holding ones nose.

SUCH was the case this past March, even though many were (still are) loathe to publicly admit as much. Ahh…keeping the dirty laundry hidden from view. This American-Israeli has no such qualms. Too much is at stake.

BE that as it may, its focus became clear: PM Netanyahu’s track record demonstrated that he did not have the internal fortitude to beat back domestic and outside foes, yet, voting for Herzog would be tantamount to (sooner than later) national suicide. In reality, it amounted to an either/or proposition: A slow boiling frog scenario, as opposed to a stepped-up version. Hardly palatable.

WOLFF BACHNER: And speaking of responsible world leaders, why isn’t the Prime Minster of Israel bringing up these serious issues with the nations involved in the peace process and especially with Obama and demanding an end to all military threats to Israel before Israel will negotiate again? Is he trying too hard to appease Obama and the various European talking heads, and by doing so, weakening Israel’s position even further in a peace process that is already an anti-Israeli charade?

ADINA KUTNICKI: It is this lock-step and debasing march which stopped him (during 9 years as PM, from 1996-1999 and 2009 -2015) from declaring victory over Hamas during the 2014 summer-long war, one which blanketed/blitzed the entire country with missile and rocket barrages. More indicting, instead of laying waste, years ago, to Iran’s mushrooming genocidal WMD program, he is still begging President Obama to lead the charge, knowing full well that he has no such intention. Chasing ghosts.

Inherently, he could have taken a page out of (the late) PM Menachem Begin’s playbook, when he defied President Carter and destroyed Iraq’s Osirak reactor. Now, as then, Washington issued threats to “cease and desist”, but one PM ignored said orders, while the other (continuously) caved. Statesmanship, or the lack thereof.

In the main, PM Netanyahu is best described as a “serial accommodator”, comparable to a badly battered wife who just can’t help herself from going back to her abuser, one last time, for more punishment. Now, others may tsk, tsk and opine: Well, the POTUS is the big man in the arena, therefore, what can poor “Bibi” do but genuflect? Hogwash.

For the record, PM Menachem Begin didn’t have a problem executing what his mantle required of him; protecting Israel at ALL costs! Similarly, Israel’s first PM, David Ben-Gurion, gave Eisenhower the proverbial finger, when he launched a war in 1956 in concert with Britain and France against an increasingly belligerent Egypt. As always, Washington attempted to stay Israel’s hand. History repeats.

In furtherance to the above charge and indictment, whereas PM Ben-Gurion took on the U.S. when Israel was little more than a military pipsqueak, PM Netanyahu behaves as if Israel is a vassal state. This is the case even though he has at his disposal the most adept forces in the region, let alone technologically advanced. Hence, the question is not one of actual force strength, but one of inner and moral fortitude. Hmm.

At its base, the moment that PM Netanyahu conceded to a PA (terror) state (during his speech at Bar Ilan University in 2009, two and a half months into his tenure…regardless of how he framed it), the fact of the matter is that he gave Israel’s “kosher” stamp of approval to carve a 23 rd Arab state out of the Jewish heartland. This historical injury lands at his doorstep. Agreed, previous PM’s have been equally appeasing and beyond injurious, but the imprimatur for the above became cemented under his watch. No doubt.

Thus, he weakened Israel’s position within (already hostile, pro Arab) international forums, once he gutted the nation’s core standing. Realistically, are others supposed to be “more Catholic than the Pope”, so to speak? Not only that, why should they disagree with Israel’s PM, in effect, after he already conceded (his “reasoning” doesn’t count for a damn) to the “rights” of the so-called Palestinians? Unforgivable.

Most significantly, the “peace process” was irrefutably designed to weaken Israel on numerous fronts, rendering her a walking corpse. This is hardly a secret.

” As early as August 1968, Arafat defined the PLO’s strategic objective as “the transfer of all resistance bases” into the West Bank and the Gaza Strip, occupied by Israel during the June 1967 war, “so that the resistance may be gradually transformed into a popular armed revolution.” This, he reasoned, would allow the PLO to undermine Israel’s way of life by “preventing immigration and encouraging emigration … destroying tourism … weakening the Israeli economy and diverting the greater part of it to security requirements … [and] creating and maintaining an atmosphere of strain and anxiety that will force the Zionists to realize that it is impossible for them to live in Israel.”

The Oslo accords enabled the PLO to achieve in one fell swoop what it had failed to attain through many years of violence and terrorism. Here was Israel, just over a decade after destroying the PLO’s military infrastructure in Lebanon, asking the Palestinian organization, at one of the lowest ebbs in its history, to establish a real political and military presence—not in a neighboring Arab country but right on its doorstep. Israel even was prepared to arm thousands of (hopefully reformed) terrorists who would be incorporated into newly established police and security forces charged with asserting the PLO’s authority throughout the territories”…..

Unarguably, PM Netanyahu is the best orator on the world stage. He proved it on several occasions, most recently, at his speech to Congress on March 3, 2015. Beyond a shadow of a doubt, he is a highly gifted and polished communicator. But his commanding presence is both a byproduct of having been a special forces commando in Israel’s elite Sayeret Matkal Unit (General Reconnaissance Staff), coupled with the natural confidence gleaned from being a top graduate of MIT, one of the most acclaimed universities in the world. Not too shabby, brawn and brains alike.

To wit, it is not unreasonable to posit (and to expect) that a man of his inestimable gifts should utilize them (unlike at the aforementioned Bar Ilan speech) to highlight ALL the reasons why a PA (terror) state is a non-starter, regardless of any cockamamie caveats of “demilitarization”, in and of itself an illegal demand! For heaven’s sake…

Conclusively, to round out the first part of my interview, let me leave the readers with the following concrete shout out: as to the charge sheet that PM Netanyahu is essentially spineless, I would like nothing more than to be proven wrong, as would millions of others. Intrinsically, he can redeem himself without any oratory flourishes, and this can be accomplished by veering into immediate “action-mode.” continue reading….

NOT only that, in the midst of Arabs killing Jews, what did PM Netanyahu’s henchmen do? They APPROVED housing units in Jerusalem for Arabs, while a building freeze remains in place against Jews! Is this not tantamount to a major betrayal against the Zionist public??

MIND you, even the current round of bloodshed from Israel’s domestic fifth column hasn’t stopped the “serial accomodator” from intoning“I call upon PA President Mahmoud Abbas to return immediately to the negotiating table in order to advance the diplomatic process.”

PAR for the course, on the one hand, PM Netanyahu publicly calls out Abbas as a main inciter to Jewish genocide, in response to his latest brazen exhortation:  “Al-Aksa is ours and so is the Church of the Holy Sepulchre. They have no right to desecrate them with their filthy feet. We won’t allow them to do so and we will do whatever we can to defend Jerusalem,” Abbas said in his Ramallah office during a meeting with east Jerusalem activists. Truth dare be told, Al-Aksa squats atop Judaism’s holiest site, The Temple Mount, and defiles it!

EVEN more so, at the latest UN confab, Abbas abrogated the so-called “peace process”: “Palestinians will no longer continue to be bound by the Oslo accords unless they receive “international protection” from Israel.” Nevertheless, as cited above, PM Netanyahu reverts true to form and wants to “engage” in the “peace process.” When will he take NO for an answer and unshackle Israel from the most disastrous “process” to date, one which killed scores of Jews and maimed countless on its altar? 

INEXORABLY, it is due to PM Netanyahu’s (alongside others) deceptively dangerous charade (tantamount to absolute malfeasance) that ardent Zionists within Israel feel compelled to bear witness, akin to this American-Israeli investigative journalist. In tandem, some of notable stature call upon PM Netanyahu to execute his sworn duty, and they are doing so through their public platforms. Resultant, Professor Paul Eidelberg, a close associate (who requires little introduction at this site), put PM Netanyahu on notice:

Urgent: Arrest or Deport Mahmoud Abbas

Prof. Paul Eidelberg

1) The PLO-Palestinian Authority, headed by Mahmoud Abbas, has been inciting Arabs to kill Jews in Israel. This is not only a violation of International law, but also a blatant violation of the Oslo or Israel-PLO Agreement of September 1993.

2) Mahmoud Abbas must also be charged for having violated the October 1998 Wye Agreement, which was consummated by PM Netanyahu, an agreement that names the United States as its guarantor.

3) Mahmoud Abbas has renounced the Oslo Agreement.

4) Netanyahu, therefore, has solid grounds for arresting or deporting Mahmoud Abbas for inciting Arab terrorism, as a first step for dealing with the Palestinian Authority, whose terrorist activities, according to the United Nations Charter and international law, stamp it as a criminal organization, which must be duly punished.

5) It is the duty all members of the UN to assist in the punishment of such criminal organizations.

6) It logically follows that Mr. Netanyahu has the legal, as well as the moral, right to punish PA leader Mahmoud Abbas, either by having him incarcerated or deported for having committed the crime of incitement.

7) Israel’s ambassador to the United Nations should submit a report covering the preceding facts to the appropriate agency of the UN.

8) Mr. Netanyahu should instruct Israel’s ambassador to the United States to send a copy of this report to Secretary of State John Kerry.

9) To avoid misrepresentation by the media, Mr.Netanyahu should conduct an international press conference and elaborate on the PLO-Palestinian Authority’s violations of international law and of the OSLO and Wye Agreements.

TO wit, keeping up the charade of any “peace” with said Hitlerite regime should be deemed unconscionable and illegal. And being that Arabs in Israel (for the most part) identify with their “Palestinian” brothers and sisters, unless Abbas’s PA/Fatah junta is FULLY held to account, Jewish blood will flow through the streets. No doubt.

Related image


(A Palestinian holding a knife to slaughter Jews….and “instructions” on “How to stab a Jew” can be found in PA textbooks…is this not enough of a reason to arrest Abbas? If not, why not?)

JUST as clearly, PM Netanyahu is reverting true to form, hoping to kick the can down the road by gaining a reprieve through some “quiet” until the next round. Unfathomably, how many Jewish sacrificial lambs will be enough, before said calculus becomes untenable??

ALAS, few would argue that the most sacred obligation of any leader is the protection of the nation’s citizens. In reality, two recent commentaries expose the heretofore inexplicable, at least to those who are unfamiliar with said terrain – “Israel On Fire, Arab-Israelis Wage Militant Jihad Against Jews: What’s To Be Done?” and “Israel’s Leadership Self-Abasement, Its Bloody Knock-On Effects: Arab-Israeli Militant Jihad.”

MOST significantly, Israel’s Jewish/Zionist majority public dare not become sacrificial lambs on behalf of the Arab/Muslim minority. In fact, the Jewish people’s four-thousand (plus) year old homeland was not rebuilt in 1948 to become a multi-culti facsimile of western nations.

IN this regard, nation-saving imperatives have been amply expounded upon by Dr. Martin Sherman, another close contact – arguably Israel’s foremost strategic policy analyst – through his many Jerusalem Post columns and global interviews. Readers would do well to review “Confronting Israel’s Precarious Future: An Interview With Dr. Martin Sherman.” It serves as a clear-eyed analysis, relative to the double and triple standards heaped upon Israel by the international community, as well as reveals the myth of a “Palestinian” homeland. 

INCONTROVERTIBLY, PM Netanyahu has both a LEGAL and MORAL obligation to arrest Mahmoud Abbas and the rest of Israel’s internal fifth column inciters; namely, Arab Knesset members who regularly incite to kill Jews, as well as the leadership of the Islamic movement in Israel’s north.

Burying another brave son of Israel who died to protect his people and his homeland.

(Burying another brave son of Israel who died to protect his people and his homeland.)

ANYTHING less must be construed as another smoke and mirrors show (demonstrated within the link) and duly signed off by PM Netanyahu, the results of which are a foregone conclusion – many more dead and maimed Jews!

JEWISH history will indict all the players, and a goodly portion of the onus will land (rightfully) at PM Netanyahu’s door.

Killing Jews for Arafat's dream of destroying Israel and creating an Islamic Palestine from the River to the sea.

(While Obama pressures Israel to divide Jerusalem and sign a suicidal peace treaty, Hamas, the PA/Fatah junta alike, dreams of finishing what Hitler started.)

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