9/11/01 Islamic (ISIS Frontal) Attack Guaranteed: A “Gift” From The Jihadi-in-Chief To His Brotherhood…Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

in the name of allah

AS always, the Jihadi-in-Chief is busy gifting his brothers-in-arms a bounty of presents. Inclusive in said booty, it has been reported that jetliners became theirs for the taking (alongside countless MANPADS and other high-powered weaponry) and they are planning to make “good” use of them. After all, Obama Inc. imploded Libya on purpose, contrary to mainstream spin. The “gift” that keeps giving.


REPEATEDLY, as soon as Benghazigate exploded, this investigative journalist laid it all out on the table on 11/11/12.  Coming to fruition. To a head.

When all is said and done, this blog’s original assertion, re Benghazigate, will come full circle. 

There is little doubt, those who died on the Islamist-in-Chief’s sword were the administration’s required sacrifices. In non-doublespeak, to maintain the secrecy of the BIGGEST gunrunning, lethal weapon’s transfer operation – undertaken WITHOUT the consent of Congress – Americans on the ground had to die. Period. 

In plainer parlance, the Pyromaniac-in-Chief involved the US in ALL OUT war, not only in Libya, but in Syria too, sans Congressional approval – a crime in itself!

NOW, when Libya first came on the radar, as a possible next stop for U.S. boots, recall the jibber jabber of “leading from behind” ….behind what? but no one asked.

Well, it turns out, hiding (in plain sight) under the cooked up, foreign policy dictum of Samantha Powers and her R2P – ‘Responsibility to Protect’ – is a whole lot of Islamic mischief, and a rearranging of the region’s chessboard. Mind you (this blogger knew…but never mind), the theory is heralded as a truly humane one; it is the “responsibility” of the world’s super power to save the innocents, and those who are seeking liberty. Holier than thou bull sh-t…blah…blah. Hogwash too.

Most haven’t a clue about this new foreign policy parasite. But no matter. The left knows. And herein lies the BIGGEST cover-up in US Presidential history; the likes of which-when fully revealed-will cause an earthquake, and not just figuratively speaking.

It is documented below. 

And the aforementioned lynch pin, Samantha Powers, leads straight back to Obama’s door

IN support of said 2012 assertion of anticipated blow back from Barack HUSSEIN Obama’s Brotherhood manipulations, along comes the premiere counter-terror expert, Dave Gaubatz, in our recent “tag-team” interview and he attested to the same (current) anticipated result:

I will provide my final analysis on this subject: In a very short period of time America will be attacked by ISIS. The attacks will be simultaneously across America and the terrorists know we do not have the leadership in our government to survive such attacks occurring on a regular basis. We will implode. America has only one chance of surviving if these attacks happen….

INDEED, aside from foreign-based “bolts of lightening”, Barack HUSSEIN Obama has been prepping the domestic ground (since 2008) for an internal takeover. Consequently, jihadi imams, in the heart of America, feel free enough to exhort that Shariah law must be the “law of the land” and that is that. Wow, what utter chutzpah, or so it should seem.

SO along with Islamist plots outside America’s borders, additional helping hands are given by the Islamist-in-Chief through an open sesame “Refugee Resettlement Program”. How quaint. The thing is, these “refugees”, for the most part, are Shariah law adherent! As expected, they are a particularly anti-western crew. Go figure.

It’s called the Refugee Resettlement Program, and it continues unabated under the leadership of the U.S. State Department and with the help of several Christian charities.

Minneapolis, Minnesota, sits at the heart of the controversial program. Known as “Little Mogadishu” to some critics, the city has since 1983 welcomed thousands of Somali refugees, most of whom are practicing Muslims and attend a local mosque or Islamic center.

While the Minneapolis-St. Paul area plays host to the largest Somali refugee population, it’s not the only American city that is taking in refugees from the war-torn African nation. Columbus, Ohio, and San Diego, California, have also served as refugee resettlement hot spots.

The State Department, working with the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, chooses the communities largely because they are viewed as welcoming of foreign refugees and also because they have well-developed social welfare programs.

“Catholic Charities, Lutheran Social Services and World Relief, which is an evangelical group, resettled them there because the welfare is so good in Minnesota. That was the main reason,” says Ann Corcoran, an activist who has written hundreds of articles about the Somali resettlement program for Refugee Resettlement Watch. “That’s also the case with Maine. A lot of the Somalis are going there for the same reason.”

The Christian charities have worked quietly behind the scenes, using millions of dollars in federal grants, to resettle the refugees in the chosen cities.

Catholic Charities, the Lutheran Social Services of Minnesota and World Relief work as contractors to help Somali children get integrated into American life. They are placed in foster homes, taught English, educated in public schools and provided government health care.

But a number of them will not end up assimilating into American culture. They will be radicalized, either at a local mosque or on the Internet, and return to Somalia to wage jihad against the Western-backed government. Some have also joined ISIS in Syria.

The trend was underscored again last week when it was reported that two Americans, both from Minneapolis, had linked up with the ISIS terrorist organization in Syria and were killed on the battlefield in that country’s civil war. One was a Somali refugee and the other reportedly was an African-American with ties to the Somali community in Minnesota.

MOST significantly, the same anti-American leadership which is giving domestic cover (political, financial and every component thereof) to Shariah law compliant Islamists is the same which opened the gates of hell-fire within the Mid East, Asia and Africa through an absolutely illegal war in Libya. As demonstrated, tearing apart Libya allowed ISIS to march into Syria (yes, Syria was Obama Inc.’s ultimate goal) under the banner of the Muslim Brotherhood Mafia’s Sunni Al Qaeda offshoots! 

IN fact, according to some of their fellow reporters, as well as a few intimates, Steven Sotloff  and James Foley – BEFORE their horrific murders – began to “understand”  the “grievances” of the monsters they reported on. Indeed, this was before they were forced to do so by their captors proceeding their decapitations! 

Andrew Sotloff was the Jewish grandson of holocaust survivors. Despite this, he befriended Muslim Brotherhood terrorists who are descendants of Hitler’s allies. Sotloff, who is the latest American to be beheaded by ISIS terrorists.

As a reporter, Sotloff appears to have gotten access to terrorists by taking their side and reporting favorably about their efforts. In one instance, Sotloff mourned a dead FSA terrorist, calling him a ‘friend’ in a tweet several months prior to being kidnapped in August of last year (h/t Got News):


Sotloff supported the Arab Spring and loved Islam according to the UK Daily Mail:

The Jewish journalist – who held joint American and Israeli citizenship – spoke fluent Arabic and had a showed a deep love for the Islamic world before he was captured by ISIS militants in Syria in 2013. He was executed by them on Tuesday…

…‘A million people could have told him what he was doing was foolish, it seemed like it to us outsiders looking in, but to him it was what he loved to do and you weren’t going to stop him,’ said his friend, Emerson Lotzia. ‘Steve said it was scary over there. It was dangerous. It wasn’t safe to be over there. He knew it. He kept going back.’

That account would seem to square with an article written by Sotloff from Cairo in the days after the removal of Mohammed Mursi from power. Incorporated into his article was an account of a conversation he had with a friend who warned him not to go to the mosque where Muslim Brotherhood supporters were protesting. Sotloff told of how his friend was wrong and that the Muslim Brotherhood has legitimate grievances, asShoebat.com reported.

Reports originating from the SITE Intelligence Group (SIG) claim that a video shows the beheading of American journalist Steven Sotloff. Another American journalist James Foley was beheaded by the same group two weeks earlier.

Steve Sotloff (R) in Libya 2011.

As was the case with Foley, Soltoff appeared to be sympathetic to the causes of opposition groups in Libya and Syria as well as the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt. Unfortunately, these American journalists are often times far too willing to befriend Muslim fundamentalists who will turn on them.

In the days after the Muslim Brotherhood regime in Egypt was overthrown last year, Soltoff visited the site of the Brotherhood protests at the Raba’a al-Adawiyya mosque and wrote about the experience:

When I told my Egyptian friend Ahmad Kamal that I wanted to go to the Muslim Brotherhood protest camp in Nasser City, a pallid look gripped him. “Don’t go there!” he pleaded. “They are fanatics who hate foreigners. Americans like you are in danger there.” After an hour of fruitless conversation over endless glasses of sweet tea, I rose, shook Ahmad’s hand, and headed straight to the lair where he believed I would be devoured.

But when I arrived at Nasser City, the picture Ahmad painted of long-bearded, club-wielding extremists bent on roughing up secular Egyptians was just as devoid of truth so much else in this divided country. Coups depicted as revolutions, peaceful protesters painted as fanatics, and disgruntled citizens hailed as revolutionaries have transformed Egypt into a circus where the main attraction is the uncertainty of heading into the unknown.

The full details surrounding Sotloff’s disappearance are not known but it happened about one month later in Syria and if he was willing to go to Raba’a al-Adawiyya in the days after Mursi was overthrown, there’s no telling what he was willing to do in Syria.

As Shoebat.com has reported, ISIS and the Muslim Brotherhood are now fighting each other, not because of a difference in ideology but more over turf and what each side envisions as the model and leadership of any Caliphate.

In hindsight, Sotloff would have done well to listen to Ahmad, the man who pleaded with him to stay away from Raba’a al-Adawiyya. These journalists who don’t understand the mindset of the likes of the FSA in Syria (as Foley apparently did not) also don’t understand the stealth mindset of Muslim Brotherhood figures like Gehad el-Haddad.

Gehad El-Haddad

While at the mosque, Sotloff interacted with a former Clinton Foundation employee and Muslim Brotherhood leader Gehad el-Haddad, who was the Chief of Staff to Muslim Brotherhood Deputy Khairat el-Shater:

Drawing on his vast knowledge of Western liberalism, Haddad explained how the military’s coup contravened the pillars of democracy. “President Morsi was elected by the people at the ballot box,” he noted, scratching his perfectly trimmed beard. “Only there can his legitimacy and position be removed. Not in the streets with tanks and machine gun toting soldiers.”

Haddad’s sentiments were echoed by those in the crowd albeit less articulately and more fragmented. “The people voted for Morsi,” 45-year-old teacher Sa’id Rashwan told me. “Why have a few now decided he cannot rule?’

Such frustrations were the main theme of the Nasser City protests. But others expressed puzzlement with the very fundamentals of electoral politics. “Is this how democracy functions?” asked a 38-year-old carpenter, Salim Moussa. “When people get mad at your president does he have to resign?”

Despite their indignation, Morsi supporters were adamant they would not resort to violence. “We have made our commitment to elections and democracy,” Haddad explained. “We believe violence neither serves our cause nor that of the Egyptian people.”

At the time, one of Sotloff’s tweets directed followers to Haddad’s twitter feed in order to get the Muslim Brotherhood perspective about what was going on in Egypt:


Haddad’s last tweet was on September 12th of last year. He was jailed soon thereafter as Egypt came under the control of Gen. Abdel Fatah el-Sisi. As Shoebat.com has reported on extensively, Haddad was an employee of the Clintons (Bill and Hillary) for years.

In a bizarre type of macabre foreshadowing, Sotloff ended his article with a paragraph that would ultimately prove his friend Ahmad right:

Ahmad refuses to countenance that the Brotherhood and its supporters have legitimate grievances. Such stubbornness is blocking the path to reconciliation Egypt desperately needs to extricate itself from its security and economic woes. And until Egyptians like Ahmad extend an olive branch to those in Nasser City, Egypt will continue to be mired in a zone of uncertainty.

In the case of Foley, as Shoebat.com reported, despite his support for the Free Syrian Army (FSA), a group affiliated with the FSA reportedly turned Foley over to his ultimate killers as a goodwill gesture.

As for Sotloff, he demonstrated a willingness to put himself in a very bad spot and attempted to ingratiate himself with bad actors.

When those bad actors are Muslim fundamentalists, betrayal should always be in the calculus.

YES, some might suggest they “self-identified” for tactical purposes, but I suspect this was not the case. 

EVEN more disturbing and revealing, the fact of the matter is that this site has CONTINUOUSLY warned readers about the “Lawrence of Arabia” syndrome, even if not operating from the Mid East jungle! This disease affects both leftists and their RINO counterparts.

AS night follows day, many who wear a self-imposed halo of “open-mindedness” (whether Christian…leftist Churches, pay heed to the barbarians you aid and comfort, you know, the aforementioned “refugees” and others of similar ilk…ditto Jewish fantasists and their multi-culti bandwagon communal/spiritual leaders) truly believe that the Islamic devil will save them from the same punishment meted out to those who refuse to play along to get along. Oh dear, they are in for a rude awakening, maybe even a beheading! The Islamic crocodile will NOT eat them last. The savages who decapitated Foley and Sotloff (and countless others) surely made themselves clear – or should have.


american james foley 7

ABOVE all else, it is imperative that freedom loving Americans (and other westerners) disabuse themselves of the fantasy that Obama and gang will do anything to make America safer from Islamic jihadists, regardless of their clucking.

IN other words, if Shariah law takes over America, well, all bets are off. Heads will roll too. Literally. 

19 thoughts on “9/11/01 Islamic (ISIS Frontal) Attack Guaranteed: A “Gift” From The Jihadi-in-Chief To His Brotherhood…Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

  1. Adina, I heard a report that 4 or 5 Jihadists who crossed over our deliberately defenseless Southern border were arrested in Wyoming earlier this year and found to be in possession of advanced MANPADS (radar guided) as well as a list of 103 shopping malls in the U.S. Can you confirm this? I fear the attack on the very American style mall in Narobi, Kenya was a trial run for attacks on shopping malls here in the U.S. The Jihadists in Kenya had access to the security cameras in the Narobi mall and were reported to have observed the attacks in detail. The Jihadists had evidently studied the blue prints of the mall carefully and conducted a coordinated attack so well planned it took two weeks for the Kenyan army to clear the Jihadists from the mall. I expect ISIS, employing MS-13 and other Latin American gangs/drug cartel groups who the Jihadists have transformed from gang bangers and thugs into well trained paramilitary units, will launch simultaneous attacks at malls and other soft targets very soon. I also fear coordinated attacks on the U.S. electrical power grid especially after the strike on the power substation in California last April that was conducted with a very high degree of military precision–I fear the assault was a proof of concept operation for further attacks. It is well know that attacks targeting a few key elements of the U.S. power grid could cripple that inferstructure for up to a year resulting in the deaths of 100 to 300 million Americans. ISIS might also be conducting a distraction/disinformation campaign in Juarez–allowing their radio chatter to be over heard in order to draw and fix U.S. intelligence/law enforcement at the Southern Border while they plan to attack all over the nation. The 9/11/01 attack was revenge for the defeat the 300,000 warrior army of the Ottoman Caliphate suffered at the battle of Vienna (Sept. 11-12, 1683)–I fear the Jihadists might not attack on 9/11 this time, but on 9/12. After an attack failed to occur on 9/11 all the extra efforts put into security, etc., would be immediately dropped and relief would result in laxity that could be exploited. I have tried to warn family and friends of the immediate danger Jidahists pose to us here, but very few take heed. Personally, I feel I would be safer in Israel despite been surrounded by openly hostile and unstable friendly nations–the vast majority of Israelis recognize the threat and are ready and able to fight. I am a Christian who staunchly supports Israel, but am 52 years old…am I too old to volunteer as a reservist for the IDF? Americans are joining ISIS to destroy the West, so why can not an American join the IDF to help defend the only bastion of Democracy in the Middle East?

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