America’s Dope Fiend & Alcoholic POTUS:PM Cameron’s ISIS (Nightmare) Conversation…Commentary By Adina Kutnicki


ASIDE from all the revelations coming to the fore re the Traitor-in-Chief, what is dangerously overlooked – swept under the national and international carpet – is the reality that the Commander-in-Chief is oftentimes “non compos mentis”, a Latin term for “not of sound mind”. 

NOW, we already know that he is duly afflicted by NPD, narcissist personality disorder, whether one believes he is a traitor or not. This is hardly a rash observation, simply because a cursory examination illuminates his NPD affected manner. It’s just the way it is.

BUT what really must be given all due deliberation is the clinical analysis from experts, whether they had direct interaction with him or not. Some things are so obvious, particularly to qualified experts, there is no avoiding the elephant in the room. As such, a clinical diagnosis is in order:

An Interview with Dr. Sam Vaknin, author of the bestseller “Malignant Self-Love”, the definitive book on clinical narcissism.

Vaknin, in discussion with Brent Bedford and Matthew Ogden, emphasizes the frightening and cataclysmic implications of Barack Obama’s incurable mental state, and underscores the critical importance of dire warnings that Obama’s psychology mirrors that of Emperor Nero and Adolf Hilter — and will turn out to be just as destructive for the nation and the world, unless removed from office under the provision of the 25th Amendment. 

ATOP said mental diagnosis, it never hurts to take to heart a rendered profile by a highly qualified forensic psychiatrist. His weigh in. The following is a partial deconstruction of the POTUS’s clinical pathology, but to appreciate what this forensic discipline involves, look no further than to Dr. Michael Welner’s widely accredited NYC forensic institute.

its “sister” specialty, forensic profiling is less well known, yet more of an enigma. Well, this is because it is the purview of professionals who study the deep recesses of the mind,  a cerebral mystery, under the best of circumstances.

While the FBI is the largest receptacle of said mental probing, there exists a smattering of private endeavors who bring, otherwise elusive, suspects to heel. One such address is The Forensic Panel (, headed by Dr. Michael Welner, featured herein –

In this regard, cogitate over the above, as you read the following, from a most reputable, highly successful criminal profiler.


‘I am not a dictator. I’m the president’

IF the above is not scary enough, this investigative journalist hasn’t even gotten to the heart of the matter; that which directly impinges upon Barack HUSSEIN Obama’s mental capacity to protect America from imminent and gathering jihadi storms. The following is aside from his NPD affliction. A dual diagnosis and danger. 

FRIGHTENINGLY, let’s begin our journey by highlighting his incapacitating behavior, which directly intersects with his “down low” lifestyle, icky as it is.

Journey One:

Here’s the poop and the scoop: this blogger has too many localized menaces to angst over, leaving little time/energy to obsess over another adult’s sexual proclivities. Who cares.

However, the calculus changes if the following ensues: a gang-bang by radical gay activists via infiltration into kiddie confines (their indoctrinating march into the public schools must be cut off at the knees); as well as the hidden lifestyle of the leader of the free world, demarcating a treasure trove of blackmail potential.

Add to the bonfire four dead males (one was his gay lover..another…the jury’s still out), and it becomes more than enough circumstantial evidence against the bent POTUS. Average folks end up in prison cells, and for a whole lot less. Besides, those unlucky enough to cross swords with ‘The One’ keep dropping like flies. So, if peeking into another’s private life ever made sense, a navel gazing towards Obama’s “significant others” surely qualifies. And the reference is not  about Michele!

As previously demonstrated, ‘Mysterious Deaths Are Never Far From Barack Hussein Obama’ –

Indictment Number One:

And if a POTUS plays fast and loose in all walks of life, who is to say that he should EVER be trusted – sexually or otherwise? ‘What Constitutes Mysterious Deaths Under The Obama Regime…’ lays out a solid circumstantial case against an immoral regime, emanating from the Radical-in-Chief –

Indictment Number Two: 

Now, onto the latest nail in the above indictments, surely worthy of media scrutiny. Where’s a grand jury when you need one?‘TRINITY CHURCH MEMBERS REVEAL OBAMA SHOCKER!’ ‘Matchmaker’ Rev. Jeremiah Wright ‘provided cover for gays’.

Journey Two:

TO add to his penchant for “risky business”, think about the incessant vacations/ weekend jaunts and his chosen “golf” buddies. Most disturbingly, he has no qualms about parading Reggie Love as his constant “companion”, come what may. They are reportedly having a gay old time. The point being, he is not exactly a conventional sort of fella.

The blissful couple enjoying a beach side stroll! Oh dear…The POTUS is in love with Love!

If you have followed Barack Hussein Obama’s meteoric rise to power, you’ve noticed that anyone asking questions about his background typically finds him or herself on the receiving end of the Alinsky Attack Machine.  Any criticism of Obama is permanently branded RAAACIST!  Anyone who inquires about the many mysteries surrounding his “missing years” or his activities while in college and in his early days in Chicago is called every name in the book in the efforts to discredit that questioner.

This means Obama is never asked about the men he sleeps with…

He’s never questioned about his ongoing drug use…

He doesn’t have to worry about being asked whether he’s sober during national crises…

He never has to account for his whereabouts when disasters strike and America expects its president to be fully aware, present, and in charge.

Journey Three:

IN line with said “activities” there are other skeletons in his closet, and they are more than germane towards incapacitate situations. They are tinged with murder! Thus, just a little bit of re-shaking is required to see what falls out:


The Hagmann & Hagmann Report – Doug Hagmann

10 June 2013: Join us for power-packed radio broadcast on Thursday, June 13, 2013 when we are joined by our special guest Larry Sinclair (website), author of Barack Obama & Larry Sinclair – Cocaine, Sex, Lies & Murder?

As a long-time professional investigator,  I was initially skeptical of the claims made by Mr. Sinclair. Perhaps it was a case of mistaken identity, I thought, as I interviewed Mr. Sinclair about his reported experiences with Barry Soetoro, a/k/a Barack Hussein Obama, while Obama was a junior senator from Illinois. Accounts of consensual sex and illicit drug usage by the putative President of the United States?

As Mr. Sinclair provided detail after detail, my skepticism waned until it disappeared completely – and I consider myself a pretty “hard-sell.”  After reading his new book, I am even more convinced of the veracity of  Mr. Sinclair’s account and why it matters today. Acordingly, it is our honor to have him as our guest this week.

Please join us for what promises to be a riveting show Thursday, June 13, 2013 during the final two hours of our broadcast.

Journey Four:

AND if you analyze the above journeys as patterns of continuously risky, bad and suspect behavior, most significantly, his drug and alcohol abuse rises to high crimes and misdemeanors. Here’s why…the deadly fall out:

The Bamster is also known to enjoy his “blow”, even though he insists it’s a youthful drug dalliance long gone…but the scuttlebutt says otherwise, as he toked while a U.S. Senator too!

And when one places the above in sharp relief next to his sexual dalliances, well, then it is “natural” for him to be “incapacitated”, more often than not. Nobody should think this is a whole lot of conspiracy-talk, you just need to go from point A to B and see what secrets shake out….

So is it any wonder that one or the other, or a combination of both, left him unable to perform his duties as Commander-in-Chief?

Wednesday, May 22, 2013
by J.R. Elliott

Two sources close to the inner circle of the Obama White House have communicated exclusively to RedFlag News that during the night of Benghazi, President Obama was ‘incapacitated’ due to ‘staggering, inapt activities’ between the hours of 1800 and 2300.

In light of the clear culture of intimidation by the Obama Administration, our sources are not in any position to come forward; however, they made clear that if the White House Press Corps and other journalist organizations would aggressively pursue all their ‘available contacts within the POTUS bubble’, the ‘most damaging story in American presidential history’ will advance from those higher up who are itching to blow the whistle.

DEAR readers, seguing over to today’s thesis, along comes another layer of EXPLOSIVE information that involves the POTUS’s related drug and alcohol abuse, which absolutely impairs his ability – as the Commander-in-Chief of the free world – to deal with domestic and foreign affairs.

IN both word and deed, his mental impairment DIRECTLY blocks his ability to address the global threat of ISIS, as it marches towards America’s borders. This should concern EVERY American (westerner) who chooses life over death, never mind keeping ones head attached to ones shoulders!    

A recent report was published here this morning regarding Lt. Colonel Ralph Peters declaring Barack Obama suffered “psychological problems” that has him incapable of making the kind of decisions required of his job as President of the United States. Now this information comes via D.C. sources which outline a very brief, troubling, and bizarre phone conversation between British Prime Minister David Cameron and President Obama that left the Prime Minister’s staff stunned and baffled as to what could be going on with the alleged “Leader of the Free World.”

The communication from British Prime Minister to the president is said to have been initiated at approximately 5:00 eastern time.  (Which would also indicate the Prime Minister was working late into the night London time.) According to the published White House schedule for Tuesday, that would have put Barack Obama on Air Force One on his way to Europe.  The Prime Minister was said to have to wait for nearly twenty minutes before the call was finally taken by the president.

Why would it take twenty minutes for staff to locate the President of the United States within the confines of a airplane – even one as luxurious as AF1? That is far from the most troubling aspect of the alleged  interaction between the two world leaders though.

President Obama is said to have been “nearly incoherent”, slurring his words heavily and even at one point “giggling as the Prime Minister struggled to focus the conversation on the terrorist threats in the Middle East.”  The President of the United States was said to be “out of it” during a conversation that has staff for the Prime Minister privately describing to their D.C. counterparts as “bizarre.”

Was Barack Obama given an in-flight sedative to help him sleep during his flight trip to Estonia and then later the United Kingdom for a scheduled NATO summit? If so, he could have been woken up by staff to take the Prime Minister’s call and been struggling to remain awake during the conversation.

An alternative to that more Obama-friendly scenario would be one related to the night of the Benghazi Massacre where White House records have no indication of the President of the United States’ whereabouts on that night, though rumors persist Barack Obama was “incapacitated” and unable to perform his duties as Commander in Chief.  Those missing hours in the president’s schedule have never yet to be accounted for and the next day, a late to rise Barack Obama then flew off for a fundraiser to Las Vegas.

No president has utilized Air Force One more than Barack Obama, though its use has been primarily for fundraising and vacation excursions. That extensive use also allows the president considerable time at the back of the plane alone inside the private rooms if he so chooses, far from the prying eyes of the White House machine and accompanying media. (The media are confined to a small area at the front of the plane)  He could be doing a great many things on that plane we would never know of. 

IT goes without saying, tragically, there are countless individuals addicted to drugs or alcohol or a combination thereof. Not only that, far too many addicts place others in danger, the likes of which rises to criminal behavior.

NOW, magnify a related analysis (one which delineates the wreckage wrought by addicts…drugs or alcohol…makes no diff) into the stratosphere, and this is where the nation currently stands, with a coked-up, booze hound as Commander-in-Chief. And this is ATOP his deliberate (when not as high as a kite) actions to bring America to her knees!


9 thoughts on “America’s Dope Fiend & Alcoholic POTUS:PM Cameron’s ISIS (Nightmare) Conversation…Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

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  2. The drugs part, on the money! Much more than the eyes can see. No reporter dares to go there, but not every reader is a fool. Flacks are high on their I Phone, clueless about drugs, they cannot look at a person and tell that he is stoned.

  3. is the entire secret service co-opted?

    is the entire congress co-opted?

    is the entire senate co-opted?

    how do they keep all these people under control?

    I will try to answer, obviously they don’t have them all under control. otherwise we wouldn’t know what has been written in the above essay. the media will not speak of the above for fear of loss of their job, out-grouped in the group they so want to belong …see at link

    if threats don’t work …an IRS audit, loss of pension (this is a big one for government employees)

    then of course is the killings.

    the administration is surrounded by fellow travelers so it may not be as hard as it seems to keep the sheeple in line.

    I do hope some one is able to do something but I don’t see it.

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