Israel’s Relentless Appeasement Proves: “He who becomes compassionate to the cruel will ultimately become cruel to the compassionate.” Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

Justice within Israel’s legal system is repeatedly stripped of any authentic value, whether in a normative legal realm or in any inherent basis of morality. Most significantly, Israel’s legal renderings are generally the antithesis to Jewish justice. But this should come as no surprise to those in the know, since extreme leftist control has vitiated any Jewish underpinnings to Israel’s  legal system and its attendant power centers. The control exerted by Israel’s civil society (leftist) elitists is vise-like.

The final nail in the bastardized system cemented under the reign of Chief Justice Aaron Barak (a leftist/Arabist), to the degree that uber leftists see him as their judicial hero. Their demigod. In fact, Caroline Glick, a noted Jerusalem Post journalist/editor, scholar and author – – explained it thusly:  Under Barak’s judicial leadership “the country was effectively transformed from a parliamentary democracy governed by law into a judicial tyranny governed by the preferences and prejudices of a fraternity of lawyers that Barak empowered.” – Notably, Caroline Glick is a graduate of Columbia University and Harvard too, therefore, she is duly qualified to recognize the signs of extreme leftism. Not only that, but in a major interview, Justice Aaron Barak actually crowed that everything is justiciable, and that social engineering, via court renderings, is a desired outcome. Oh dear.

So when one internalizes the rot within Israel’s judicial system, one is better positioned to internalize why justice is fleeting in the Holy Land, unless one is an Arab defendant or a Jewish leftist. Consider a few exhibits, out of too many to cite: 

Administrative Detention Against Jewish Nationalists spells out all the gory details –…as does Is Justice in Israel Ideologically Blind – And this is how we got from there to here –

‘Terrorist Earns Hebrew U. Doctorate, Refuses to Shake Hands’

Two-time terrorist who planned a suicide bombing is given his degree. He refuses to shake the university president’s hand.
By Maayana Miskin
First Publish: 6/18/2013, 12:53 PM
Graduation (illustrative)

Graduation (illustrative)
Israel news photo: Flash 90
A terrorist who served two prison terms for involvement in terrorism, including a plot to carry out a suicide bombing, has been awarded his doctorate in chemistry from Hebrew University,Maariv reports. The terrorist is an Israeli citizen and a resident of eastern Jerusalem. During the graduation ceremony in Hebrew University’s Har Hatzofim campus he refused to shake hands with Hebrew University President Professor Menachem Ben-Sasson. His name was read aloud at the ceremony and he was applauded by the crowd. He began working on his doctorate prior to his second terror conviction, several years after serving time in prison for membership in a terrorist organization. He did his research in the Hebrew University laboratories. At the same time, he was in close touch with local terrorist groups and assisted them in plotting a suicide bombing attack in Jerusalem. He assisted in finding a young Arab man to carry out the planned attack. The bombing was planned in August 2002, shortly after a terrorist bombed a Hebrew University cafeteria, murdering nine students and staff members. The attack was thwarted three days before it was to have taken place. Security forces arrested the would-be suicide bomber in Ramallah, and detained the “doctor” in his home in Jerusalem. He was sentenced to three years in prison for the crime. In the wake of his arrest Hebrew University decided to bar him from its laboratories for safety reasons. A statement from Hebrew University read, “Hebrew University does not prevent people with a criminal background from learning within its gates. His work was found worthy from an academic perspective, and he met all the criteria to receive a doctorate. However, it should be noted that he did not get permission to use the university’s laboratories following his conviction.” …and The Blaze reports on it too –

And so atop of the humiliating knowledge that a two time ! Arab nationalist terrorist (living off the social, welfare, educational benefits of a nation he seeks to destroy) is not only free to walk among Israel’s Jewish citizens, but is also able to garner an advanced degree – courtesy of the nation he despises – and spit in his benefactors faces, one has to wonder: Who are the crazies, those who appease with said largess, or the ones who terrorize out of Islamic Jewish hatred? Rhetorical question. The following link is more than worth exploring, at least if one believes in truly applying Jewish justice throughout the Holy Land.

“He Who is Compassionate to the Cruel Will Ultimately Become Cruel to the Compassionate”

‘Contemporary Lessons from an Ancient Midrash’

Eliav Shochetman


Rest assured, the above travesty of injustice has nothing to do with the following western concept, that once a person serves their sentence they are free to move forward. Not at all. But it has everything to do with a heinous terrorist, who not only received an insanely light sentence and continued on a terror path, yet is still coddled by Israel’s derelict system! And no one should dare conflate the above with general criminal behavior, for its resonance lies within nationalistic crimes. It would be akin to allowing Al Qaeda terrorists to move on with free educational benefits and attendant government goodies, even after caught plotting additional terror attacks once released! What kind of an irrational leadership behaves this way? Again, a rhetorical question.

NEVERTHELESS, such actions do not happen in a vacuum, but are a direct result of leftist juntas exerting a choke hold on Israel’s majority Jewish citizens, particularly in the realm of the judicial, academic, media and public diplomacy spheres. Simply put, their radical ideologies guide their decision making, therefore, it is impossible to hold the most vile creatures accountable for their crimes. Terrorists are “the others” and must be treated with kid gloves, whether verdicts are executed due to appeasement or via pure ideology. Either way, the horrific results to the majority Jewish public are the same. And nowhere more so, than in Israel, are said acts  graver, simply because there is no other nation whose own fifth column seeks its total destruction. So when the notion of justice becomes perverted – to the degree that those who seek to murder the majority citizenry are coddled by the system – one then comes face to face with a nation-threatening paradox: more and more terrorists have incentives, in addition to their visceral hatred, to push forward, knowing full well they will come out the winners. In a tangible sense, Israel’s system encourages (intentionally or not) the resultant outcome.

Furthermore, it is not as if there is any legal basis to mete out “lighter” sentences to those who murder in the name of Arab/Muslim nationalism. Or so it would seem. Israel’s leadership have yet to feel the full blow back of their dangerous penchant for appeasing the monsters in their midst. And by the time they recognize the error of their warped ideology it will be too late. Moreover, all those who generously contribute to Hebrew University (and Israel’s leftist university system) are inadvertently paying to educate terrorists. At the very least, donors should demand that their contributions are designated “restricted funds”, therefore, using them for anything but specified projects becomes mired in murky (financial) waters. To be sure, withholding funds would hurt their bottom line, but under the circumstances it is more than prudent to operate on the side of caution.

Those responsible for contributing to the above nightmare of Jewish injustice must receive their “just” rewards. You reap what you sow. 

6 thoughts on “Israel’s Relentless Appeasement Proves: “He who becomes compassionate to the cruel will ultimately become cruel to the compassionate.” Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

  1. When muslims start that suicide bombing thing in the USA, there will me no muslims or mosques over here. We are sitting on a powder keg smoking a cigar anyway. The Boston bombings put them on thin ice. That is all they need to do. When the government will not protect the citizens, the citizens need to extinguish said government. 300 million guns are loaded. Do you feel lucky Abdul? Americans are not anywhere near as passive as the statists want to believe. We have had good government for a long time, but, it is almost time to re-boot the Constitution. Citizens of Israel need stand ready too. Good government needs maintenance from time to time. Communists and muslims must be removed feet first. Reason has no effect on either.

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