MR. PRESIDENT, For TRANSPARENCY Sake, Isn’t There Something You’d Like To Confess To The American People? Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

Knowing full well that the leftward, appeasing media will never ask the most penetrating/salient questions it is incumbent upon the alternative media to hoist the mantle. To pick up the slack. In response to this daunting mission – and due to the fact that skeletons in any POTUS’s closet can become wildly dangerous to the national interest, utilizing blackmail as a prime tool – it behooves the rest of us to press Barack HUSSEIN Obama’s buttons. Besides, his skeletons are screaming to “come out”! 

Rest assured, if he was a private citizen and bent on the ‘down low’, well, it would hardly be worth any mention at all. What business is it of ours anyway? Don’t we all have our own lives to lead, and shouldn’t  grown ups recognize when not to meddle in another adult’s bedroom proclivities? Of course, the calculus does change, but mainly if one is a scorned spouse or said ‘person of interest’ is lusting after another’s child! But when it comes to the POTUS, whatever his/her name, lack of transparency is NOT optional. It is obligatory.

Yet, as the man-child, aka the POTUS, soils the People’s House, more secrets lay hidden than not. Besides, is this any way to demonstrate ones electoral mantra – one of many unfulfilled ‘promises’ – for a newly transparent leadership? Nope. And the fact of the matter is that re-shaking the ‘down low’ skeletons in the POTUS’s closet has become irksome and tiresome, but the truth needs to be out in the open. Not known to be much of a complainer, or one to eschew hard work, but some of us need vacations too, just like Michele and the girls! Moreover, the Lowlife-in-Chief continues his adventures sucking at the taxpayer trough, and with no relief in sight. Doesn’t he realize that the coffers are bled dry? Insult to injury. But make little mistake, had the ‘fetch it’ media conducted their due diligence before the wayward crew took up residence at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue (turning it into a cross between a Hollyweird nightmare, and with the POTUS’s chief supporters knocking about), this too would have caught their attention: Rev Wright and his ‘guiding’ hands. What the hell is wrong with these people? 

Most significantly, Benghazigate and his ‘missing time’ is more than relevant to the discussion, and its blow back is reverberating on a global scale. It will continue to do so for heaven knows how long. And it is this secret which DIRECTLY led to an AWOL POTUS, at the time Americans were killed in Libya. Cause and effect.

‘Barack Obama hid ‘gay life’ to become president?’  By Dean Chambers What did they know and when did they know it? Remember it was Newsweek magazine, while they were still a print publication last year, that proclaimed Barack Obama our “first gay president.” Obama was believed by many in Chicago to be gay because of his decades of involvement in the gay bar scene in the city. This article in World Net Daily reports, “A prominent member of Chicago’s homosexual community claims Barack Obama’s participation in the “gay” bar and bathhouse scene was so well known that many who were aware of his lifestyle were shocked when he ran for president and finally won the White House.” The article quotes Kevin DuJan, of, as saying, “Nobody who knew Obama in the gay bar scene thought he could possibly be president.” DuJan, who was a gossip columnist in Chicago for years while Obama was a community organizer there, told WND that he know from two different sources that “Obama was personally involved in the gay bar scene.” DuJan also emphasized, that Obama “is not heterosexual and he’s not bisexual He’s homosexual.”

WND also quotes Wayne Madsen, Navy intelligence analyst who worked for the National Security Agency from 1984 to 1988, as saying, “It is common knowledge in the Chicago gay community that Obama actively visited the gay bars and bathhouses in Chicago while he was an Illinois state senator.” Obama served four years as a state senator, after being elected to that position in November of 2004. The artice by Dr. Jerome Corsi has much much more proof of it’s claim that Obama is gay and has been gay for a long time. Read the article and decide for yourself, if you think Obama is gay and hid his homosexuality to remain “politically viable” and run for president. For those who are quick to say that his marriage to Michelle Obama and his two daughters disprove that he’s gay, remember that being gay is a choice one makes and it doesn’t change the fact, that even a gay man still has the ability to father children.

Remember Jim McGreevey, the former governor of New Jersey, who resigned the office in shame. He had been married to two women, had a daughter with each, before he announced in 2005, saying “I am a gay American.” Wikipedia lists his third spouse as a man named Mark O’Donnell.

So, come on Mr. President, be a man and step up. Show the people what TRANSPARENCY really means. Besides, it is no longer necessary to hide behind wifey Michele, beard-like. DOMA has been knocked down, and you have already taken a tentative step forward, demonstrating that you are giddy with delight at the prospect of same sex ‘marriages’. So much so that you called a particular happy couple while aboard Air Force One. It is high time you ‘came out’. Be loud and proud! Walk like a man.This American-Israeli will be the first to wish you mazal tov, even paying for the long distance call. Promise.

5 thoughts on “MR. PRESIDENT, For TRANSPARENCY Sake, Isn’t There Something You’d Like To Confess To The American People? Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

  1. Suddenly it all begins to make sense. I could never quite figure out the complexity of this man, an idealist one minute, a fascist the next, a racist the next, a passion for power and an overriding nastiness and bitchiness and constant attention paid to deception; classic characteristics of homosexuals. Add to this the identity problems often carried by offspring of racially mixed parents plus infancy brainwashing by Islam and the man becomes understandable – dangerously vicious with a veneer to imply competence while in reality a total disaster. He fooled nearly half of America and he managed to introduce enough fraud into the voting process to win the election to make it look like he won by a hair. He got away with murder because America has regressed and the would-be opposition has been paralyzed for half a decade.

  2. Reblogged at Conscience of a Conservative:

    Related blogs on same subject here, that I wrote before finding your excellent site:
    Monday, May 14, 2012
    Did Newsweek accidentally reveal one of Obama’s darkest secrets when they inadvertently called him, “The First Gay President”

  3. After watching a documentary on Gefen of SKG DreamWorks, the dots started to connect as to why Hollywood shifted their support away from HRC to BHO. Gefen who is the quintessential Hollywood kingpin claims that it was because WJC did not follow through in repealing ‘don’t ask, don’t tell’ legislation, but there is probably something deeper than that.

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