Bennett warns of lockdown if vaccination rates don’t rise … the ranting of a megalomaniac leader!

Illustrative: In this April 11, 2020, photo, Tel Aviv’s beachfront promenade and a main road are empty of people during a lockdown following government measures to help stop the spread of the coronavirus in Tel Aviv. (AP Photo/Oded Balilty)

By Adina Kutnicki

WHEN one leads from a megalomaniac perspective, it matters not a whit what the scientific data evidences. It is akin to falling on deaf ears, that is, if it juxtaposes against an avowed, immutable and political-based narrative.

THIS is where Israel’s hapless citizens find themselves — not unlike their counterparts in the U.S. and the rest of the heretofore free world.

CONSIDER the following as more than food for thought. In reality, the below trails lead to no other conclusion — aside from the dangers attributed to the experimental covid vax, attendant draconian lock-downs and hellish masks!

and so many more provable trails ….

EVEN more so,

…..“There you go again” (candidate Ronald Reagan, summer of 1980, as Reagan caught President Carter making a misstatement during a debate before the presidential election).

And here WE go again: the Omicron Special is leaving the station, heading full-tilt to a collision with Israel’s tourism industry- a collision engineered by PM Bennett and MOH Horowitz.

As of this writing (Sunday, November 28 11:30 am), the Ministry of Health has identified 7 cases of the Omicron mutant of the virus causing Covid-19. It turns out that this virus was found in a tourist from Malawi who entered Israel last week, and took a bus to Eilat. On that bus were 28 other passengers; 16 of them have been identified via Egged Bus Company records. Therefore, the MOH is hunting for the other 12 passengers on that bus. Of those 29 people, seven have been found to be infected with this Omicron virus….


BUT never mind. To Bennett, a megalomaniac leader, a serial liar, to boot, with fascist tendencies, facts are irrelevant! He will never back off!

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ISRAEL NATIONAL NEWS | December 12, 2021

Internal Security Minister Omer Bar-Lev suggests imposing green pass on people leaving their homes as Omicron strain spreads.

Prime Minister Naftali Bennett is concerned about the continued spread of the Omicron coronavirus variant in Israel.

At a cabinet meeting today (Sunday), Bennett warned ministers: “The most critical thing is to guard the borders, this strain is contagious at levels we did not see before. The level of lethality is not yet known. At the moment the immunization rate is not sufficient. Immunization must be encouraged – if not, we’ll just reach a lockdown.”

Internal Security Minister Omer Bar-Lev suggested: “If the variant goes wild, a green pass should be considered for anyone leaving their home.”

Deputy Attorney General Raz Nizri replied that such a vote would mean imposing a ban on the unvaccinated, to which Bar-Lev responded: “It is not true, they will be able to do tests.”

During the meeting, Prime Minister Bennett mistakenly claimed that two British schoolchildren had died from the Omicron variant.

“The Omicron variant also attacks children. We see this in other countries and are also seeing this in Israel. Just this week two middle school classmates in England died from Omicron. One was not vaccinated at all, and the second, it seems, was only partially vaccinated. We are also seeing children being struck in Israel.” Bennett said.

The Prime Minister’s Office stated afterwards: “The Prime Minister referred to the deaths of two British schoolchildren who fell ill with Corona and died shortly afterwards. The Prime Minister was referring to Corona and not to Omicron, a variant that is still in its infancy. Corona is a virus that endangers human lives and their health, including young people. The Prime Minister is concerned about the risk posed by the coronavirus, its symptoms and its long-term consequences to the health of Israeli children, and calls on all parents to vaccinate their children as soon as possible.”

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3 thoughts on “Bennett warns of lockdown if vaccination rates don’t rise … the ranting of a megalomaniac leader!

  1. Bennett more stout than the others, came in with a small people (only 6 kenesset seats) , reigns from jerusalem,and more.could this be the son of perdition?

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