Israel eyes emergency plan for children’s mental health crisis … the knock-on effects of draconian Covid dictates … when the arsonists become the firefighters !



The crackpots were right: COVID is a racket}

By Adina Kutnicki

AKIN to most political leaders, Israel’s blow-hards, more often than not, pretend as if they are the “saving grace”, as opposed to the ones who are responsible for this and that worsening crisis.

EVEN so, this is not to dare to suggest that Israel’s politicos were in any way responsible for Covid, of course not. In fact, that “honor” goes to the CHI-COMS, in tandem with the  assistance of the “gain-of-function” research provided by Dr. (Death) Fauci! 

BUT never mind. As per the multi-faceted, after-the-fact, contributory effects, well, it is only a matter of degree. Yes, this is where the “sudden” interest in the mental health and welfare of the kiddies enters the picture.

INEXORABLY, as per the lock-downs, masks, as well as the vax itself, Israel’s decision-makers are well aware how detrimental they are to the mental and physical welfare of the children. After all, smarties that they are, how could they not?


ALL of which brings us straight back to the current breast-beating re the knock-on effects to the kiddies — as if they had no part in it! 

SIMPLY put, they are fully aware that locking down children and masking them is far more of a gamble than this or that variant; the likes of which will circulate for years to come. Indeed, the carnage to the kiddies from Covid will hardly compare to that inflicted upon them by the non-scientific, political-based, monkey-see, monkey-do dictates.

REGARDLESS, no amount of lipstick will prettify their awful decision-making. It is akin to closing the barn doors after a stampede of horses have escaped and expect few casualties!

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ISRAEL NATIONAL NEWS | December 8, 2021

The Ministry of Health proposes a new program targeting the drastic rise in distress and mental health issues in children since the COVID pandemic.

The Ministry of Health intends to open new distress centers for children, to help with their emotional wellbeing, as reported in Israel Hayom.

The Minister of Health: ” We may already be on the way to a fourth vaccine for the coronavirus, the doctors will decide.” The Children’s Mental Health Program is designed to combat the distress that has skyrocketed since the outbreak of the coronavirus. This is what Ran Reznik, writer and health correspondent for Israel Hayom, reported Wednesday morning.

This is the first time that the Ministry of Health is forming a national emergency plan to help with the mental health and wellbeing of children and youth. This step comes in the face of the sharp rise in referrals of children and teens to mental health services, including psychiatric hospitalization and HMO treatments.

According to unofficial data from psychiatric hospitals and HMOs, there has been an increase of up to 40% since the coronavirus epidemic in applications from children and adolescents who are in severe distress and need psychological treatment and support. Health Minister Nitzan Horowitz revealed the new program in an interview with Israel Hayom, in a conference that dealt with the mental health and mental resilience of youth.

Horowitz added that the national emergency plan will be presented to the government, and it will include all government ministries related to the issue, including the ministries of health, education and welfare, noting that it does not yet have a budget.

One of the ways that the program can help children or youth is by creating call or distress centers that can allow children to receive treatment from home without hospitalization.

According to people close to Minister Horowitz, this vital service can be launched immediately in cooperation with hospitals and HMOs. According to them, this is an initiative of the Association for Child and Adolescent Psychiatry in the Medical Association, whose heads met with the Minister of Health last week and presented their plan. It was also shared that as part of the national emergency program, grants and scholarships will be given to child psychiatrists and psychologists, additional funding for HMOs in this area and also expanding cooperation with youth movements and training them to prevent suicide and identify mental distress.

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3 thoughts on “Israel eyes emergency plan for children’s mental health crisis … the knock-on effects of draconian Covid dictates … when the arsonists become the firefighters !

  1. Translation; lots and lots of pills for israeli kiddies so they can act more like looney american kiddies drugged far longer. Thats at least for living ones after their safe effective prick.
    Another option is end the maskerade.

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