FOIA Request Reveals: the mask policy in Israel is not based on evidence that they actually work … What Happens When Knaves & Liars are in Charge?

By Adina Kutnicki

Fact check: COVID-19 vaccines not linked to deaths in children

EVERY way you slice it, so to speak, the scientific data to back-up covid’s draconian dictates are non-existent. In reality, they are the polar opposite of the facts, the science, at hand. Yes, this is so, despite the shrill emissions from “Dr. Science!”

THEN, as now, it is manifestly the case that PM Bennett, a serial liar extraordinaire, had/has more than enough scientific data points to conduct a robust health policy. Nevertheless, he (and his minions) chose to implement a draconian one. Why would he do this?

ALAS, as the recent analysis clearly evidences, that is, to those whose first concerns are public health and welfare and not political control, Israel’s hysteria-mongers are not to be believed. Trusted.

ATOP said evidentiary trails lie the below data, too.

AND it is along the above trajectories that the following FOIA request veers into sharp focus; placing the nail in the ‘coffin of covid lies!’

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STEVE KIRSCH SUBSTACK | December 13, 2021

FOIA request reveals: the mask policy in Israel is not based on evidence that they actually work

Just like in the US, the mask policy in Israel is also not based on scientific evidence. Science is dead. Expert opinion dictates policy. Scientific evidence is no longer needed.

I received this document responding to a FOIA (equivalent) request to Israeli Ministry of Health (MOH).

Contact the Israel Ministry of Health - Anglo-List

Here’s a snippet:

Basically, to summarize the entire response, there is no evidence masking works and we don’t know the harms, but we decided to do it anyway. OK?

It goes downhill from there.

Read the full response here. Highlights are those of the requestor.

For more info on the lack of any evidence on masks, see: Do masks work?

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3 thoughts on “FOIA Request Reveals: the mask policy in Israel is not based on evidence that they actually work … What Happens When Knaves & Liars are in Charge?

  1. Wasnt going to comment again but i dont know who censors. Govts tell what to censor to the mega corps. Over time and observation i look for patterns to find who may be the criminal. Some times info censored and sometimes a person or entity is censored. Pamela geller has no info that others provide so think she is censored by israel for being anti radical islam. Its because she is pamela. Yes, other search engines can bring her in.
    On rfk jr. The weekly report of rachel from jerusalem has its audio blocked. The culprit appears to be the ruling junta in jerusalem.
    Am sad that as truth spreads and americas built in system is thankfully starting to roll back some the plandemic junta there, israel is still in the teeth of a beast.
    Am happy justice will come and these evil ones will burn in the eternal sauna but we may have to suffer their doings a little longer.
    It may bother some but the jewish press & and arutz 7 have sold out to a degree to the agenda sweeping across the earth.
    Please at deagel look up list of nations pop projections 2017-2025. Look at whole list and pick out the top 10 with huge population decline. It matches the top 10 jabbing nations- possibly the 10 leaders that do the beasts bidding to reign with him.
    Lastly, these 10 are in contact with what they think is space aliens. They as seculars dont realize they serve demons or fallen angels. They even plan to put their militarys under ai which is satan.
    The good news is they win a few but lose the war.

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