SPECIAL REPORT:“Closed-Door”​ (U.S./Israeli/Cypriot) INTEL Conference, Nov. 2019: A Midpoint Overview – By Adina Kutnicki

“He Who is Compassionate to the Cruel

Will Ultimately Become Cruel to the Compassionate” (450 – 200 BCE)

  Ecclesiastes {7:16} AKA Kohelet Rabbah

The CEO’s opening remarks – on the first evening of the conference (November 4, 2019) – led with the above Jewish dictum. It was not for nothing.

Last night, as the first week (of a two-week conference) wrapped-up, he green-lighted in this direction that a “general” (emphasis added) midpoint overview for public consumption is in order.

From the get-go, let it be known: Overall, the symbiotic relationship between the eighteen counterparts on site – Israeli, American, and Cypriot – should be considered “best practices” in cooperative efforts. A well-oiled machine.

That being assured – in advance preparation of the aforementioned – the underpinnings for this tri-lateral arrangement were set in motion and outlined during August 2019, with related background info going back to an initial report in 2018. Indeed, its piggyback effects and assorted reverberations are felt on a continuous basis.

More specifically, within the previous report, it was noted that several topics of immediate concern (primarily, to Israel and America) would be dissected in full, and with conclusions drawn as to what could – and what couldn’t – be divulged to the public. Said topics were highlighted within “Closed-Door Intel Conferences – Sept. & Nov. 2019 – What’s Going On?

As excerpted:

…..Intrinsically, as discussed (January 25, 2018) within “Upcoming ‘Invite-Only’ Intelligence Conference” (in the run-up to last year’s February 1, 2018 Tel Aviv conference), “the principle players and invited attendees are a healthy mix of top-flight, non-politicized Mid East/Islamic (western, but fluent Arabic-speaking) academics; Geo-strategists; counter-terrorism and counter-Intel operatives, as well as forensic types, including law enforcement – active duty and retired”…….

Resultant, it is to several ends, some of which are intersecting, that the CEO of this Intelligence entity (Tel Aviv and Washington, D.C. based) has set two conferences in motion, Sept. & Nov. 2019), seemingly, back-to-back. As always, the first will be held in its highly secured Tel Aviv location. The second, on the other hand, will be off-shore. As to why, and where, I am not at liberty to say. Suffice to know it is not for nothing, nor to see the sights – interesting as they may be. Simply put, this is all business.

But know this: the following three targets will be front and center:

  • The ins and outs of Israel’s ever-present and growing domestic threats – with named names – sans any PC lies. It will be followed up with what must be done, once and for all, to squash the threats, as opposed to the leadership’s continuous methods of appeasement.
  • A direct nexus will be drawn, dissected, and exposed – between the leadership’s pandering to said internal foes and the emboldening of Hamas and assorted Jihadi hydra groups, Sunni and Shia, in Israel proper, inside Gaza, and under PA (and Israeli) controlled enclaves in Judea and Samaria.
  • Finally, the increasing threats from Congressional Islamists via Rashida Tlaib and so-called Ilhan Omar, as well as “AOC” and other socialists, in league, will be presented at both conferences – with irrefutable evidence, attesting to the same.

In this respect, straight out of the gate at last week’s conference – and in summation thereof – the CEO asserted: “For sundry political and ideological motivating factors, the go-to media in Israel and America refuse to “out” those who are directly (in tandem with facilitators, who serve as material agents/assets) endangering the national interest, instead, zeroing in on bugaboo (for the most part, nationalist and conservative leaning) targets.” And it is to said knock-on effects, that the above assertion became the opening charge, as well as a main operational imperative – once all the pleasantries were dispensed with.

  • So, right off the bat, a very explosive power point presentation revealed HIGH PRIORITY NAMES within Israel – in no order of importance – of “persons of interest”, A/K/A Jihadis, who are well-known to the authorities, as well as to (some of) the left-leaning, post-Zionist, and pro-Arab media, talking heads, if you will. On the other hand, little is known about their “activities” by the public at large. By extrapolation, they are “free as birds.”
  • Alongside the “persons of interest”, a detailed listing of their terror-related attacks has been documented/appended – that which reads like a running indictment/dossier; a “who’s who” attachment to the FBI’s Most Wanted List(s). By the way, their material supporters were included, too.
  • Accompanying the above, direct links were established (through a highly powerful follow-on presentation) between the aforementioned TOP Jihadis to countless terror attacks – committed by material facilitators, those who serve as their proxy arms. Mind you, they very rarely get their hands “dirty.” As it happens, much of the above Intel has been gleaned through captured audio and video evidence (of course, non-detected) via well-paid informants, and a bucket-list of other means. And, for the record, many of the “persons of interest” live in Israeli cities and villages, never having been arrested for sundry calculi; others spent considerable time in prison, while some were released during assorted insane “hostage swaps”, only to slaughter, again.
  • After the above initial evidence was presented, several analytical papers piggybacked throughout the week. Among them, two sections of my four-part, footnoted, and thoroughly exhibited paper took center stage – and, with it, a hint at this week’s highlight: Conclusions Drawn.
  • Effectively, as their “resident” expert on the Muslim Brotherhood in specific, and Islamic Jihad in general, as well as an integral (alternative) media asset , a well-planned list of “Action Items” is in the offing. And for those with inquiring minds, no, this information cannot be revealed, otherwise, it would become useless and toothless! Along this line of thinking, the “persons of interest” will be kept under wraps – for now. But, if necessity arises, they can become “household names”, too. It just depends.
  • Moving right along to the threats emanating from the far-left/socialist and Dem-controlled U.S. Congress (as highlighted within the excerpted bullet points from Aug. 2019 via Rashida Tlaib and so-called Ilhan Omar as well as “AOC” and other socialists, in league…), they will be dealt with throughout the week by our esteemed American counterparts. Understood?

Last, but certainly not least, as to our Cypriot partners: Well, let’s just say that their resources/sources have been invaluable. As the saying goes, “one hand washes the other” – and no more so than in the arena of counter-terrorism and counter-Intel!!

{Now, as a personal side-note – and in reflection of the Orwellian times westerners find themselves in – it is well worth noting: Yours truly is the solo female in this conference. For that matter, almost always, this is the (professional) case. This is not an inconsequential factor.

As such, contrary to all of the brouhaha within the frenzied “Me-Too” movement (while a smattering of the hysteria may be warranted, a preponderance is an outgrowth of “identity politics” gone amok), let it be stated, loudly and clearly, for the record: Never and never has anything but (professional and personal) respect and courtesy been shown in this direction from otherwise hard-charging male counterparts. Period.

Not only that, this testimony references a particular grouping of males, who happen to be (accurately) associated with testosterone-fueled energy. Nevertheless, upon a personal look-back (with a considerable amount of time spent in this arena), the on-going decency accorded to this (often) solo female counterpart – by counter-terrorism, counter-Intel, and associated types – has been, and continues to be, second to none}.

Enough said.


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