In Umm al-Fahm, weapons and ISIS-affiliated books are found … Where are the Sherlock Holmes/Inspector Clouseau Types, When Needed?

By Adina Kutnicki

THOSE of us who wade in the jihadi cesspool are never shocked, shocked when Allah’s Muslim Terrorists (no apologies offered for the non-PC appellation) rear their heads. Not only that, most acutely, living in Israel lends a front row, explosive seat.

NOW, before we head to the latest jihadi, barbaric spree, know this: The recent uptick in murderous attacks inside Israel is the direct knock-on effect to the dangerous + unholy alliance, namely: “The Bennett/Lapid/Abbas arrangements.”

CONSIDER the evidentiary trails:

and so much more. Prima facie.

SO, like night follows day, of course, today’s jihadi terror was only a matter of a very shortened time frame between the last one … to be exact, 6 days ago! Indeed, and so on and so forth. For heavens sake, it is never a matter of if Islam’s barbarians inside Israel will strike, but only a matter of operational [emphasis placed] timing: Ready, set, go, blow!!

ALAS, as per today’s immediate piggy-back, lo and behold, the following claim was reported:

FAR be it for this address to knuckle-wrap Israel’s security services, yes, they are highly adept. Still yet, this absolute fact remains: But for the disastrous political echelon, the heretofore mentioned Sherlock Holmes and Inspector Clouseau types would have toppled the Islamic Movement/Muslim Brotherhood Mafia — headquartered inside the Arab city of Umm al-Fahm — long ago. Even more so, now that Mansour Abbas rules the Knesset roost — yes, he is the unquestionable kingmaker within the current triad — is inextricably tied into, part and parcel within, the aforementioned Islamic terror movement! 

ATOP it all, this investigative journalist and acknowledged expert on the Muslim Brotherhood Mafia — most tellingly, within the capacity of a consultancy for a privately-held Homeland Security Entity, Tel Aviv and Washington, D.C. based — repeatedly warned re the precipitous dangers brewing via ISIS (and related Islamic hydras) from pin-pointed terror hotbeds/hellholes.

SAID forewarning appeared within countless political news sites (Israel and U.S. based), that is, back in Nov. 2019. It bears repeating and reminding, if only to evidence, once again, who’s who within Israel’s muscle-power politics. HINT: It is not the Jews (other than those who are die-hard leftists, a minority of the population, at that)! Not then, even more so, not now!!


UPDATE TO: “Closed-Door”​ (U.S./Israel/Cyprus) INTEL Conference, Nov. 2019

Since the “Closed-Door” Intel conference in Nov. 2019, two months’ time have come and gone, that is, a drop in the bucket, in relation to gathering valuable Intel. Yes, unless a “ticking bomb” is uncovered, by far, it is more fruitful to watch, observe, blend in, and be as unobtrusive as possible. A fly on the wall. This requires a highly trained and specific set of skills, notwithstanding fluency in Hebrew and Arabic. Patience is a virtue, dear reader.

As such, in line with two of the bullet points via the aforementioned November report, certain developments bear noting, even if particular gaps must remain muted. No matter.

Regardless, let’s recap:

  • Alongside the “persons of interest”, a detailed listing of their terror-related attacks has been documented/appended – that which reads like a running indictment/dossier; a “who’s who” attachment to the FBI’s Most Wanted List(s). By the way, their material supporters were included, too.
  • Accompanying the above, direct links were established (through a highly powerful follow-on presentation) between the aforementioned TOP Jihadis to countless terror attacks – committed by material facilitators, those who serve as their proxy arms. Mind you, they very rarely get their hands “dirty.” As it happens, much of the above Intel has been gleaned through captured audio and video evidence (of course, non-detected) via well-paid informants, and a bucket-list of other means. And, for the record, many of the “persons of interest” live in Israeli cities and villages, never having been arrested for sundry calculi; others spent considerable time in prison, while some were released during assorted insane “hostage swaps”, only to slaughter, again.

So in the spirit of updating interested parties, it is alongside this and that attendee from the (privately-held Homeland Security entity) conference that further evidence is being gathered and developed re ongoing collaborative operations between East Jerusalem jihadi clans, in alliance with their northern belt “Palestinian” brothers and sisters, in the Wadi Ara region. While several clans are atop our “watch-list”, the Jabarin’s stand out for a multiplicity of reasons – many of whom are concentrated in Umm al-Fahm, the epicenter of the Islamic Movement in Israelled by the iron-fist of the notorious Raed Salah from his “seat” of terror!

More specifically, within said investigatory trails, freelance operatives (a tidbit: they have zero problem “blending in”….) have found themselves following “persons of interest” within the clan from the Wadi Ara into the zig-zagging alleyways deep inside E. Jerusalem’s Shuafat’s hidey-holes, as well as Beit Hanina’s, among others. As a matter of (recorded) record, said freelancers have been known to schmooze up one or another of the Jabarin’s, naturally, in an unobtrusive manner! Of course, authorities are alerted, that is, if actionable material is uncovered.

Now, as another outgrowth of the conference, a reciprocal relationship has been nurtured between our (rest assured, prior to the conference, vetted “six ways to Sunday”) Cypriot partners; two of whom paid a recent visit to exchange information in person. In furtherance thereof, a particular quid pro quo took place, They were introduced to an invaluable contact (developed at this end, over the years), who just happens to be a member of the Druze community and a more than trustworthy Israeli patriot. It is through this contact (possessing this and that back-channel inside Syria’s borders) that this “exchange visit” assisted said Cypriots with important Intel to bring back home. All around, sababa was heard, in Israeli and Greek accents.

And while most of the media’s focus on the tri-lateral relationship between Israel, Cyprus, and Greece centers upon energy independence and economic cooperation, it is intrinsic not to lose sight of the overwhelmingly mutual – independent and interdependent – security concerns that are jihadi in origin, Sunni and Shia.

Most significantly, with Turkey’s Erdogan, a Brotherhood Mafia strongman, zeroing in, laser-like, on all three nations, cooperative efforts are more than beneficial. Instructive. Not only that, coupled with Syria’s cauldron of hell-fire in the mix, let’s just say that meetings between “the guests” and the aforementioned patriot, well, it will be a gift that keeps giving – on all sides!

Kadima boychiks….méchri argótera….yalla, too….

Image result for pics of gathering human intelligence

INEXORABLY, it took less than a nanosecond for ISIS to crow:

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