In Celebration of Frank Kutnicki, z”l – On His Tenth Birthday (7/31) In Heaven. Gone, But Not Forgotten. Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

Since the onset of this media platform in 2012, it has been (and still is) a distinct honor and privilege to be in a position to inform millions of readers about the most pressing national security issues at hand, irrespective of the fall out. And despite the weighty matters housed within the “About ” tab, it is not for nothing that the following dedication is cited: 

This blog is dedicated in memory of Frank Kutnicki (z”l, of blessed memory); my beloved husband, the father of our two sons. Resting and watching over us on Har HaMenuchot (Mount of Rest) in Jerusalem, he was a man who believed in justice; a proud American alike. Most especially, he was grateful for the nation that gave his parents safe harbor, freedom, and untold opportunity – after they survived the horrors of Auschwitz. Israel, on the other hand, was the “home of his heart.”

As such, I have taken the liberty to honor Frank Kutnicki (z”l, of blessed memory) on his Yahrzeit (Hebrew date of death) and in celebration of his date of birth. Past remembrances can be found here, here, here, here, herehere, and here

Image result for pics of a life well lived is a precious gift

Most tellingly, the essence of this most humble patriarch is never far behind – regardless of the passage of time – demonstrating that his life was well-lived. Tragically, having been cut down in his prime, he never experienced the second half of life’s joys. No doubt, he would have reveled in the infinite pleasures of grand-parenting – and so much more. Yes, he got to “eat the cake”, but missed out on “the icing.”    

Still yet, if anything bespeaks of how much he impacted the lives of his nearest and dearest (as well as many others), it is his Epitaph which states it best and brings it home.

Forever will be missed,

  our beloved husband and father,  

Rich in the embrace of his 

 everlasting love,

Always placing our needs

  before his own, 

Nothing but warmth

 exuded to all, 

Kind, compassionate, wise 

 beyond measure, always

remaining close to our hearts.

{And written in Hebrew….from sons to their father….}

מה שאבינו לימד אותנו
,תימשך ותישאר איתנו לכל החיים
.וכל חיינו נמשיך ללמוד מדרכו,מדרכיו

{Translated into English….}

What our father taught us

will last and stay with us for a lifetime,

and all of our lives we will continue to learn from his path, his ways.

In this respect, everyone should be fortunate enough to live their lives so well, thus, leaving behind such a profound imprint, that is, when it comes time to leave this Earth. Truth be told, I can only hope that my life has been lived half as well.

Alas, when visiting Har HaMenuchot on July 31, it will be with a deep sense of gratitude and appreciation for all that he did (and continues to do through his lifelong legacy) that heartfelt and heavenly birthday wishes will be sent his way. Once again, through the release of specially scripted balloons from his favorite spot in all of Israel, Mount Zion in Jerusalem, the celebration of his birth and life will be honored and reflected upon.

May the G-d of Abraham, Issac, and Jacob stand watch over Frank (z”l, of blessed memory), thus, granting him eternal peace and rest. Now and forever.

Gone, but not forgotten – regardless of the passage of time and my renewed path in life. 


2 thoughts on “In Celebration of Frank Kutnicki, z”l – On His Tenth Birthday (7/31) In Heaven. Gone, But Not Forgotten. Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

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