In Loving Memory of Frank Kutnicki, z”l, On The Sixth Anniversary Of A Husband & Father’s (Sudden) Death: A Musical Tribute…Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

On this 6th memorial to my beloved husband, Frank Kutnicki, z”l (of blessed memory), a musical tribute is delivered from our Jewish homeland; heartfelt and entirely appropriate – “From the Light of My Eyes” –

First, its stirring words in English:

At times the feet don’t carry the body,

And I already lost all perception of time,

I miss your voice,

the absence of your caress,

It’s been long since you haven’t been here with me,

And she asks about you at the Shabbat table,

The heart is full, but the rooms are empty without you,

Don’t worry, I will not leave her alone in the dark,

But I can’t promise to conquer the tears,

My beloved, the light of my eyes,

Watch over her, watch over me,

With the blood of my heart to you I write,

I can’t cease loving you, hopefully I only did straight by you,

You want me strong, as much as I can be,

Now I am beginning to gather strength,

You surely hear,

When the skies are falling, I choose life.

And, these same soaring emotions in Hebrew:

 לפעמים הרגליים לא נושאות את הגוףוּכבר איבדתי כל תחושה של זמן מתגעגעת לקולך,

חסרה את הליטוף למרות שכה הרבה ממך עדיין כאןוהיא שואלת עליך בשולחן השבת הלב מלא, החדרים ריקים ממך אל תדאג,

כי לא אשאיר אותה בחושך לבד אף דמעה לא תנצח הבטחהאהוב שלי,

מאור עיניי שמור עליה,

שמור עליי בדם ליבי לך אכתוב ולא אחדל לאהוב

הלוואי שרק עשיתי אותך מאושר 

אומרים תמיד היתה סביבך הילה

אתה רוצה בי חזקה עד כמה שאפשר

עכשיו אוספת כוחות לְהתחלהאהוב שלי,

מאור עיניי שמור עליה,

שמור עליי

בדם ליבי לך אכתוב ולא אחדל לאהוב אהוב שלי,

מאור עיניי אתה שומע בוודאי

כשהשמים נופלים אני בוחרת בַחיים

חלמתי עלינו חבוקים בִשתיקה  התעוררתי לְצימאון  זה מפחיד לחשוב שלא אזכור את המגע  או שזה החלום האחרון

אהוב שלי, מאור עיניי שמור עליה,

שמור עליי בדם ליבי לך אכתוב ולא אחדל לאהוב

גיבור שלי, מאור עיניי

אתה שומע בוודאי כשהשמים נופלים אני בוחרת בַחיים

Indeed, readers will come across a dedication within the “About” tab and this type of personalized dedication is not for nothing. It comes from the depth of one’s soul.

This blog is dedicated in memory of their father; my beloved husband. A man who believed in justice, loved Israel, was a proud American and especially grateful for the freedoms it gave his parents, after they survived the horrors of Auschwitz.

And, since this site commenced in June 2012, a little over a year and a half has passed from its inception. In this regard, this is the second year, as a blogger, that I can publicly dedicate his yahrzeit, his date of death, according to the Hebrew calendar.

Losing a loved one is, first and foremost, a personal and family tragedy. Yet, having a blog connects one with dedicated readers from all over the world. Very gratifying. Even so, a loss is compounded when it occurs like a bolt out of the blue, in what should have been the prime of a loved one’s life. You never really recover, but you do learn to put one foot in front of the other and adjust. A “new normal” of sorts.

Now resting on Har HaMenuchot (Mount of Rest) in Jerusalem – watching over his loved ones – the following words embody the essence of a magnificent husband and father:        

Forever will be missed our beloved husband and father,                                        

Rich in the embrace of his everlasting love,                                                                                   

Always placing our needs before his own,                                                                     

Nothing but warmth exuded to all,                                                                                   

Kindly, compassionate, wise beyond measure, remaining close to our hearts.                                      

In no small realm, I would be greatly remiss in not mentioning the tremendously unselfish part played by our sons, over the past six years. Moving forward without their strong shoulders would have been a million times harder. Sans their moral (and technical) support it would have been impossible to put together this blog. Simply put, they give me strength to move forward. For the above, and so much more, I am forever grateful. I feel blessed by their loving hearts. Their father would be very proud of the men they have become, but hardly surprised. After all, he was their role model.

Frank, rest in peace. Dearly missed. An English medley –

A treasured memory – one of our very last pictures taken together – celebrating Chaim Daniel’s graduation from MIT –  

Gone, but not forgotten. Close to our hearts.                                                           ———————————————————————————————————–                                                             

And, as hard as it is for them too, our sons arrange everything for this very difficult day. They gift me this peace of mind:

Dear friends and family, We hope this message finds you well. This year mark’s the sixth anniversary of the passing of our husband, father, brother and friend, Frank Kutnicki, z”l, and we will be marking it with a traditional yahrzeit ceremony at the grave in Jerusalem’s Har HaMenuchot cemetery. 

                                                                                    אירוע: אזכרה לפרנק קוטניקי, ז”ל

השנה אנחנו מציינים שש שנים מאז פטירתו של בעלנו, אבינו, אחנו, וחברנו, פרנק קוטניקי, ז”ל, ואנחנו מתכוונים לציין אותו בטקס אזכרה בקבר בבתי קברות הר המנוחות בירושלים.
לכל אלו שיכולים להשתתף, נא לענות למייל הזה, כולל מספר האנשים שמגיעים. פרטים נוספים מופיעים למטה. תודה.
בכבוד רב,


14 thoughts on “In Loving Memory of Frank Kutnicki, z”l, On The Sixth Anniversary Of A Husband & Father’s (Sudden) Death: A Musical Tribute…Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

  1. Thank you for sharing your awesome love.
    Please, even through your tears, never ever forget that your loving Frank is also in your future.

    Isaiah 51:11
    Therefore the redeemed of the Lord shall return,
    and come with singing unto Zion;
    and everlasting joy shall be upon their head:
    they shall obtain gladness and joy;
    and sorrow and mourning shall flee away.
    I, even I, am he that comforteth you

    Thank you for your work and may He continue to strengthen you from on high !
    S Fl

  2. I only have come to know you through reading your blog since 09/12, and so discovering your tenacity for upholding the truth, exposing the psychopathic, evil destruction of our beloved former home, the U.S., and the imminent danger our new(old) home has gotten itself into. How you’ve turned your sadness and grief (and by inference, your sons as well) into a positive is to be revered.

    תודה רבה ושבת שלום

  3. Strikingly beautiful in a most sad way…I wish I could hear it in spoken Hebrew…
    And yet, after the storms comes new life, and hope for tomorrow…pax vobiscum.

  4. We also have come to know you through reading your blog, you are now a member of our family and we are so blessed to have you reveal the unbelievable truth of the monsters running our government. We also have suffered the loss of two of our children, they can never be replaced as we seek comfort from His living word (Torah).

  5. Precious Adina & Family Just leafed again through the wonderful album “Celebrating the Life of Frank Kutnicki”zal, …Bringing home on this sixth memorial yarzeit the difference just one man can make!

    Thank you for sharing the musical tribute and for being you.

    Speak to you soon, Our love, Rachel & Nathan

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