Frank Kutnicki (z”l), My Beloved, Happy 8th Birthday In Heaven. By Adina Kutnicki


WITH each ensuing year that our loved one is no longer among the living, it can become harder to grab, in our mind’s eye, onto those very precious nuances that made that person so special, so unique, in the first place. On the other hand, with said passage of time, it can sometimes feel as if it was just yesterday that our dearly departed walked beside us. Still yet, it appears to be G-d’s way of allowing us to keep them close to our hearts, at the same time gifting us the space to forge forward on our own.

BUT in the scheme of a lifetime, in the case of a spouse, if a person is fortunate enough to have had a partner who completed them in ways that no other could, well, that itself should be appreciated as a blessing. Resultant, they never really leave our sides.

EVEN so, though no longer walking among us in the physical sense, their essence can never be erased. In fact, a core aspect of their being can resonate in the most unexpected ways, and at the least anticipated times. Oftentimes, this intense feeling hits akin to a bolt out of the blue. Thunder-like. Effectively, their souls are intertwined with ours. Thus, we are forever linked.

SO it is with this in mind that those of us left behind have the privilege to honor our loved ones. And whether choosing to signify their birthday, an anniversary, date of death, another poignant calendar marking, or a combination thereof, it is a matter of personal choice. There is no right or wrong way. Just think of all the qualities that made that individual so beloved, and a host of remembrances will rush to the fore. Flooding.

AS such, when it comes to honoring the birthday of Frank Kutnicki, z”l (of blessed memory), my beloved, two visceral images always spring to mind. They intertwine his joie de vivre, his joy of living, coupled with his compassionate heart.

THEREBY, tomorrow’s combined gift of sorts will (hopefully) bring cheer to some in need of uplifting, as this year’s celebration of his birth. He will surely be smiling down on a group of little ones, aka kiddies, in a designated children’s hospital (in Israel) on this very poignant day. Somehow, he will know that he was responsible for a particular bright and uplifting moment during their hospital stay. Yes, clowns, with requisite balloon-making skills, have a way of turning ones frown upside down. After all, it is a more than fitting tribute to a wonderful man who loved children, whose laughter was beyond contagious, and whose heart was always open and larger than life. Transcending. Indeed.

Alas, July 31 is a day etched in stone, like February 20 With it also comes a heartfelt message to my beloved, who is forever the father of our two loving, moral, and strong sons, just like their role model.

Your birthday will always remain a part of those who cherished you. You made everything possible. And for that, plus so much more, your family is forever grateful.

Gone, but never forgotten –

6 thoughts on “Frank Kutnicki (z”l), My Beloved, Happy 8th Birthday In Heaven. By Adina Kutnicki

  1. Dear Adina, it is the most beautiful tribute to the loss of a loved one I ever heard. May G-D Bless his soul. Bless You for your depth of appreciation and expression of your feelings……..

  2. Adina.
    What a wonderful testament to your husband, to your love and to your marriage! Your husband must have been a very special man. I am happy that your memories comfort you!

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