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How To Kill The Western Infidel: ISIS’s “Cookbook” In The Mix, HUSSEIN’s Tailwind Alike. Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

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(A picture is worth a thousand words….ya’ okay….bubbala??)

IT is hardly an accident that for every teeny, tiny step taken by the heretofore superpower of the world to counter ISIS and the explosion of Islamic terrorism – Sunni or Shia – three steps backward just “happen” to occur. Hmm. And while there are countless proofs evidencing to the same, suffice to point to the most recent: the absolute betrayal of Kurdish forces, as HUSSEIN hooks up, once again, with his Brotherhood Mafia BFF, Erdogan, to thwart anti-terror efforts.

In Iraq, there is word of a Kurdish Peshmerga mutiny against US instructors at the bases where they are training for the offensive to recapture Mosul from the ISIS.
However, the events of this week around northern Syria have dealt a major setback to the US-led war on ISIS.

Just a few days ago, the Americans were speaking highly of Kurds as the sharpest sword in the coalition’s arsenal for vanquishing the jihadists. Since Biden’s deal with Erdogan on Wednesday, Washington can forget about the Syrian Kurdish PYG or the Iraqi Kurdish Pershmerga as spearheads of the campaigns to liberate Raqqa in Syria and Mosul in Iraq for ISIS…..

INDEED, betraying U.S. allies has become HUSSEIN’s modus operandi. Norm.

STILL yet, before we segue to the “art” of how to kill the infidel Islamic style, it must be internalized: those tasked with meting out justice American style have abdicated their mandates. No doubt.

SO, recognizing that America’s “top cop” at DOJ, AG L O R E T T A Lynch, is “in sympathy with Islamic jihadists and all manner of anti-American radicals, well, (un)holy hell must always be considered part of the equation at the Department of Justice! How could it not? 

The Attorney General then attempted to justify the fact that the FBI, apparently, could have acted preemptively by arresting Mateen when he attempted to buy body armor at a gun shop in Jensen Beach, Florida, by arguing that “we can’t go around arresting people because they happen to be Muslim and happen to be visiting a gun shop at any given time. That’s not what the FBI does, and quite frankly, that’s not what anybody should be doing in this country.”

“If we were to start doing that,” she said, “then we might as well start arresting people left and right, because Americans, even ones who happen to believe in Islam, love guns.” But then came the pièce the rèsistance of her rhetoric: “This country was built on the notion that all men were created equal, and more importantly, that all men share the same, God-given right to be whatever they choose to be. And I know that most people don’t like this, but unfortunately for them, that also means that Omar Mateen had every right to be a radical Muslim. And he was able to be that because he was born in this country, which made him just as American as any Christian.”

MORE than indicting. Mind-blowing.

AND it is this (and countless others) betrayal from officialdom which leads straight to open season ala the “recipes” cooked up via ISIS or any other – emphasis placed – Islamic hydra. Never forget this. Moreover, it matters not a whit if said killing tools are via chemical compounds, garden variety bullets, decapitation objects, IED’s, and so on and so forth. Dead is dead.

An Islamic State-supported group of hackers has used an encrypted app to encourage Daesh followers to carry out attacks on Westerners using poisons.

Hackers posted a step-by-step guide on how to poison unbelievers, which has already been downloaded by dozens of brainwashed followers.

The group, called Cyber Kahilafah, uploaded the guide onto the Telegram app describing how to make the home-made poisons and kill non-Muslims.

The manual, titled “The Mujahideen Poisons Handbook,” details how to make dangerous poisons and gases along with listing lethal substances such as chlorine, phosphorus and carbon monoxide and where to get them.

Jihadi Abel Aziz authored the deadly guide, which is being used by ISIS terrorists.

The guide claims to have tested the lethal substances on animals, and details how a rabbit “shrieked immediately” and died with blood spilling from its mouth after being given poison by a wannabe jihadi.

Along with the detailed instructions and diagrams, the manual cautions would-be jihadis to be careful when preparing the concoctions.

It warns: “Be very careful when preparing poisons. It is much, much more dangerous than preparing explosives!

“I know several Mujahids whose bodies are finished due to poor protection etc.

“On the positive side, you can be confident that the poisons have actually been tried and tested (successfully, he he!).”

In the past, the Cyber Kahilafah group has targeted ISIS enemies on the Telegram app.

Guides on how to make IED bombs have been posted on the app by the group, which can be accessed by any follower from around the world.

The app is said to encrypt messages from users to help jihadis avoid detection from security services.

Terror expert Neil Doyle said: “The emergence of such guides on Telegram is a cause for great concern, as they can be distributed far and wide in a very short time.

“There is great danger in the proliferation of this type of material, as would-be terrorists may seek to use them to cause mayhem in so-called lone wolf attacks.

“Also, the use of encryption potentially make tracing the people receiving these documents more difficult for the authorities.

“There is evidence to suggest that this guide may have been used in one suspected failed attack in London some years ago.”

Adel Kermiche, who slaughtered an elderly priest in Normandy last month, boasted on the app “you take a knife, you go into a church, you cause carnage” before the savage killing.

The Mujahideen Poisons Handbook (For Educational Purposes Only.)

ISIS Video Urges Followers to Improvise and Strike at Home:

 AGAIN, replace ISIS with every Islamic group – Sunni or Shia – and the real poisons from Islam pop to the fore.

EVEN so, with all the swirling dangers afoot within America, isn’t it comforting to know that HUSSEIN’s DOJ is training cops how to treat transgender people in a “sensitive” manner? Yes, you read that right, all the barbarism notwithstanding. But never mind, this investigative journalist doesn’t want to be accused of “insensitivity”!

‘Do You Prefer Ma’am or Sir?’: New DOJ Video Shows Cops How to Treat Transgender People

The Justice Department’s Community Relations Service released a new video this week explaining to the law enforcement community the proper way to handle encounters with transgender people.

Amid an uptick in reports of discrimination by police toward the transgender community, the CRS has released a 12-minute training video discouraging officers from stereotyping people and telling them to “keep their questions relevant” to the situation at hand.

Justice Department/YouTube

Justice Department/YouTube

Throughout the course of the video, viewers see several staged scenarios, including how an officer should address a transgender person during a routine traffic stop, following an assault report and what they should do if they’re called to a bathroom situation due to a transgender user.

“I don’t have to be in the room to know what just happened. Someone snickered, laughed or made, a joke,” Sgt. Brett Parson said at the start of the video. “Trust me, I know, I’m a cop too. As police officers, we use humor to deal with things that make us feel uncomfortable or afraid. … To outsiders, it’s perceived as unprofessional and disrespectful.”

When a law enforcement official first encounters a transgender person, and is unsure how to address the individual, officers are encouraged to ask, “Do you prefer if I call you ma’am or sir?”

In one of the scenarios, a transgender woman calls the police to report an assault. Upon arriving, the two officers — a man and a woman — begin asking the individual about the incident. When the male officer sees the person’s driver’s license, he refers to the person by the unpreferred pronoun.

YES, HUSSEIN’s hatchet woman at DOJ is not only – as cited above – “in sympathy” with those who have the “right” to adhere to radical Islam within America, but is mindful of the delicate “sensibilities” of transgenders, regardless of the massive encircling dangers – cookbooks and what not be damned.

IS it any wonder that America (western civilization) is on the precipice??

ISIS Hackers Lab 2

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