ISIS & The Israeli Arab Nexus: How Did This Happen & What Can Be Done? Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

WHILE it is impolitic to state certain truths, well, since when has said “restrictions” mattered at this end? Never and never.

EVEN more so, when it comes to Israel – the only outpost for freedom within the Mid East cesspool, aside from being a highly reliable US ally – there is literally no room for error. Jive-talk alike. Besides, when living among Israel’s Arab population, a certain realistic perspective evolves, or at least it should.

RESULTANT, let it sink in: A distinct majority of Israel’s minority Arab population identify with Israel’s enemies, especially the so-called Palestinian narrative. And it is this allegiance (an Islamic imperative) which causes too many to become entangled with terror, be it actively or through material assistance. Agreed, a small segment are grateful to be living in a country where they not only enjoy equal rights but every opportunity imaginable. As such, recognizing that one doesn’t bite the hand that feeds them, so to speak, they want nothing to do with terror activity. Nevertheless, they are a minority within a minority, and this assessment reflects reality on the ground.

IN this regard, on multiple occasions, this site reported on the entry of ISIS into Israel. It occurred right under the noses of the Shin Bet, Israel’s vaunted internal security services. But before we wade into that, let’s recap how the otherwise highly adept (that is, when political biases are not driving their efforts, ala when they spend valuable resources hunting down Jewish nationalists for the “crime” of saving Judea and Samaria, the Jewish heartland) intelligence agents are hampered by appeasement-addicted leaders. As previously stated:

LET there be no doubt: Israel’s mentally besieged fantasists are running the nation’s “strategic” calculus, such that it is. And this statement is certainly not meant to be flippant, rather, it is heart-wrenching. Nevertheless, it is a realistic assessment borne out of much experience, and it is gleaned through certain in-depth investigations. The fact that this American-Israeli is laser focused on U.S. and Israeli security, rest assured, there is no time (nor inclination) to pussyfoot around. Like it or not.

RESULTANT, if it means taking PM Netanyahu (and his gaggle of associates and sycophantic followers) to the woodshed, so be it. Besides, it is nothing new on this end, and it is not for nothing. In fact, three high-profile interviews did just that:The Reality Of Life For An Israeli Patriot,” “ISIS, Islam And Obama: Understanding The Threat To The Free World”  (the 2nd part of the interview), as well as “Can Israel Survive As The Jewish State.” In 3 words, gut-wrenching projects.

STILL yet, in order to grasp what is going on, one has to sink their teeth into the fact that Israel’s security services are second to none: The Shin Bet or GSS,  [General Security Services], Shabak, & ISA [Israel Security Agency]. Let’s just agree on this basis. Even so, and despite being able to uncover this and that (mostly, BEFORE the plot explodes), the fact remains that the PM (the buck stops at his address) refuses to outlaw a main font of said internal terror! Now, it is intrinsic to note that this terror group is embedded INSIDE Israel proper, as opposed to outside the artificially created “green line,” actually, the heart of Judea and Samaria. Never mind the fact that the aforementioned is the Jewish people’s heartland!….continue reading….

IN light of the above, it was duly reported (and confirmed by multiple sources) that ISIS “slipped” into Israel proper. Period. Mind you, Israel is a tiny state comparative to NJ, the fifth-smallest state. Yes, that miniature. This calculated land mass includes Judea and Samaria, aka the “disputed” territories. The point being, few security-related matters happen in Israel (via ultra high-tech “eyes in the sky”, coupled with very adept human intelligence assets sniffing around) which go undetected.

ALAS, back in Dec. 2014, the following was revealed:

ALONG this dangerous terrain, certain matters have come to this investigative journalist’s attention, being an American-Israeli living in Israel. Significantly (and attributed to a Golani Druze journalist, who shall remain nameless), he interviewed Syrian Druze and they credibly documented ISIS, for quite some time, inside their border, one which is adjacent to Israel’s Golan!

THE urgent query becomes: Could it be remotely possible, in any rational reality – with Israel’s second to none “eyes in the sky” and other operational capabilities – that they haven’t seen the “rebels” merging with ISIS, long before this week’s “announcement”? Whom are they kidding?

IN this regard, there is a growing sense of outrage within the Druze community, as they realize that Israel’s leadership “lent” the IDF to quarterback for Obama’s “rebels”, those whom have proven to be (many months ago) ISIS affiliated.

IT gets worse.

ONCE again, a source has confirmed an unfathomable situation: Israel’s gov’t is clearly taking care of the medical needs of Obama’s “rebels”.

REPORTEDLY (another contact would have to go into hiding, if his identity was revealed), Israeli hospitals are at their disposal! Therefore, it is up to others to document the story’s underlying basis.

IN April 2014, over 10 Islamists (identified as either ISIS or Al-Nusra…six of one, half a dozen of another) were being treated in a Tsfat hospital for almost an entire month. To wit, they were separated from the rest of the patients, they were forbidden to walk around the hospital, and they were always guarded by IDF soldiers. By the way, it doesn’t matter a wit how this source was able to identify their presence. That’s neither here nor there… the whole thing….

TO wit, blow back should be expected, as opposed to querying: How the hell did this happen? 

The Northern District Attorney’s Office on Thursday filed indictments with the Nazareth District Court against seven Israeli-Arabs for founding an Islamic State cell to carry out a terror attack on Israel.

The indictment stated that the defendants illegally purchased weapons, made contact with ISIS agents in Syria and started to plan a shooting attack in the Emek Valley.

One of the defendants, Ahmed Ahmad, 26, is already serving a life prison sentence for his involvement in the murder of taxi driver Yafim Weinstein in 2009.

Three more defendants were accused of the most serious crimes and were named as Mahmoud Ihaav Sarif of Nazareth, Ahmad Omer of Hagana and Muhammad Hamad Gazal of Yafia.

Besides those four, the other three defendants were accused of conspiracy to commit a felony and the weapons related crimes.

INDEED, it doesn’t take a security expert to intuit how the above collaboration evolved: An ever-increasing hostile Arab population, in tandem with the “slippage” of Obama backed “rebels” into Israel proper, allowed for contact between certain Arab Israelis with ISIS handlers. Never mind the fact that there are alternative routes to said contacts, but make no mistake: Due to PM Netanyahu’s strategic (“rebel-backed”) calculus – or lack thereof – it made it easier to connect up. 

MIND you, this is the same PM – unparalleled orator that he is – who continually implores the UN to cease bashing Israel. Hmm. Is this not indicative of delusional thinking? In reality, said expectation is akin to expecting dogs to cease barking at those who come knocking at the door! Credo quia absurdum.

NOT only that, begging PA Arabs (enemies in general) to make peace with Israel is comparative to imploring them to shed their Muslim (and anti-semitic) skin! Understood? 

On Thursday night, Eitam and Naama Henkin were killed in cold blood by Palestinian terrorists who drove by their car and riddled them with bullets. The incident would have caught the attention of the Israeli public in any case. But the fact that the couple was gunned down in front of their four children — aged 9 and under, with the youngest being a 6-month-old baby — made the attack that much more heart-wrenching.

Even Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s voice cracked slightly while issuing an official statement on the tragedy, in which he expressed deep sorrow for the orphans. This was mere hours after he addressed the U.N. General Assembly in New York and said he was “prepared to immediately, immediately, resume direct peace negotiations with the Palestinian Authority without any preconditions whatsoever.”

Turning to the Palestinian Authority leader, whose own speech, delivered the day before, was a tirade of threats to renege on all agreements signed with Israel, Netanyahu said, “President [Mahmoud] Abbas, I know it’s not easy. I know it’s hard. But we owe it to our peoples to try, to continue to try, because together, if we actually negotiate and stop negotiating about the negotiation, if we actually sit down and try to resolve this conflict between us, recognize each other, not use a Palestinian state as a stepping stone for another Islamist dictatorship in the Middle East, but something that will live at peace next to the Jewish state, if we actually do that, we can do remarkable things for our peoples.”

Netanyahu went on to appeal to the U.N. to cease “encouraging Palestinian rejectionism,” and to Abbas to “stop libeling Israel, stop inciting hatred and violence … [and] stop spreading lies about Israel’s alleged intentions on the Temple Mount, [where] … militant Islamists … are smuggling explosives into the Al-Aqsa mosque and … trying to prevent Jews and Christians from visiting the holy sites.”

He could have saved his breath, as he did when making a 44-second pregnant pause at the podium — a gimmick that has earned the address the title of “neum hashtika,” or the “speech of silence.” As he well knows, nobody is listening, least of all Abbas, whose only concern of late is that the nuclear deal with Iran, the slaughter in Syria and the refugee crisis in Europe have been upstaging him abroad, the way Hamas is doing at home.

But it is not only Hamas in Gaza that welcomed the double murder of an Israeli mother and father. Palestinians in Jerusalem and the West Bank have been celebrating the event with glee…..continue reading….

ADDING insult to grave mendacity, PM Netanyahu is well aware that if not for HUSSEIN Obama’s efforts, Iran would hardly be joining the nuclear club, and with the imprimatur of the U.S. to boot! Therefore, the fact that he stated “President [Barack] Obama has said that he is committed to preventing dangerous weapons coming into the hands of Iran’s proxies, that he wants to prevent Iran from destabilizing countries in the Middle East,” is beyond reason.

EVEN so, it is hardly a question of whether or not the Shin Bet (and related assets) will (eventually) round-up particular suspects. Yes, this expectation is basically a given. Still yet, what most have a hard time wrapping their brains around is that a Jewish leadership is reflexively blinded, when it comes to the enemy within.

AS to the query: What can be done? Well, the main caveat is hardly rocket science, that’s for sure. In a nutshell, a complete volte-face, a mental paradigm shift (vis-à-vis Israel’s internal fifth column and outside enemies alike, particularly, the PA/Fatah Abbas led junta) has to take place within Israel’s top leadership. Think of it as a trickle down effect.

IN turn, a long-awaited (by secular and religious Zionists) national pride will emerge, leading to an invigorated ability to execute real strategic imperatives. Significantly, regardless of pressures exerted by leftists and Arabists within Israel and beyond its borders, Israel will stand tall and unapologetic. Thus, protecting the Jewish homeland at any – and all – cost will sit atop their strategic calculus.

IN other words, instead of chasing ghosts, expecting those who wish Israel ill to change, the change that MUST take place has to be on the leadership level, starting at the PM’s helm. 

AFTER all, if one’s national leadership is supine, effectively, begging the “other” to accept Israel’s “existence”, how successful a “strategy” is that??

CASE closed.

(Below, Israel’s internal Arab fifth column arrested for plotting with ISIS….pics of others were unavailable!)

israeli tards for islamic state

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