Sec of State Kerry, PA/Fatah’s Abbas & PM Netanyahu’s Bazaar/Bizarre Haggling Reaching Critical Mass: Jerusalem, Judea & Samaria (aka The ‘West Bank’) & ‘Refugees’: Jewish Nationalists, Pay Heed…Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

LOST in the shuffle of all the ‘delicate’ business of ‘peace processing’ are the absolute violations of legal imperatives. In the main, Washington and Jerusalem are ‘legal’ outlaws, as they are both ‘conducting business’ with a terror entity, whose Charter (even after its so called ‘revisions’) explicitly exhorts for genocidal goals against Israel/Jews, itself a violation of international law! You got that?

NOT only that, pre-eminent international legal expert, Professor Louis Rene Beres, brings the violations to the fore. In a previous commentary, this blog laid out another one of his gems, one which involves the LEGAL (not to forget the moral) obligation of Israel’s Zionist citizens to start mobilizing – Kadima (forward) – to ‘civil disobedience’; a right afforded its citizens’, under the so called democratic process to stop the machine! 

NO time like the present….
DEBKAfile Special Report August 9, 2013,

Their secret peace track nears its climax
Their secret peace track nears its climax

The formal Israeli-Palestinian meeting announced by the US State Department as scheduled for next Wednesday, Aug. 14 is but the outer shell of the secret hard-core negotiations bouncing back and forth for weeks between US Secretary of State John Kerry, Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas, DEBKAfile reports.
The real talks are approaching a climax on the fundamental issues of borders, Jerusalem, refugees and settlements. Every afternoon in past weeks, Kerry has called the Israeli prime minister and Palestinian leader on secure phone lines and taken the talks a step further. Any incoming calls from the two leaders are switched directly through to the Secretary of State, an unheard of procedure in his department.
As early as June 30, DEBKAfile revealed exclusively that the three-cornered negotiations had secretly got down to the brass tacks of core issues.

Ten days later, our sources reported dramatic progress, to the point that Kerry was asking Netanyahu for specific information on the Jewish settlements he was willing to remove in Judea and Samaria (the West Bank), and Abbas was chipping in with additions to the list. Netanyahu countered with questions about the Palestinian concessions on offer for the evacuations.
The process has been reduced to straight haggling, Middle East bazaar style – except that the wares laid out for sale are Jerusalem, Palestinian refugees, security, international security forces and the borders that will separate Israel from a future Palestinian state.
Although Secretary Kerry has stated publicly that his objective is a final resolution of the Israeli-Palestinian dispute, his expectations are more realistic when he handles the behind-the scenes, real-life horse trading. All three parties appreciate that the most they can achieve are interim accords. Items bound to remain at issue will have to be set aside for a future round of negotiations at a time which none of the parties is inclined to pin down.
For now, the officials assigned with conducting the formal negotiations are not privy to the progress made secretly by their principals. US special envoy Ambassador Martin Indyk, Justice Minister and senior negotiator Tzipi Livni and Palestinian negotiator Saab Erekat are therefore still in the dark.
Progress is substantial enough by now to have prompted Kerry to convene a meeting of Jewish American leaders for a briefing Thursday evening, Aug. 8, at the White House.

He told them there was a “strategic imperative” to arrive at a deal soon, and said he understood the difficulties Netanyahu faced in dealing with a coalition that included hard right parties and figures. He was described as appearing “bullish” about the talks, but also “nervous” about the Israeli prime minister’s ability to overcome the resistance in his own Likud party and government coalition to sweeping concessions on settlements.
As well as Ambassador Indyk, Kerrry invited National Security Adviser Susan Rice to join him at the meeting, which lasted 90 minutes, to signal President Barack Obama’s approval.

Kerry criticized the European Union’s policy of excluding Israeli enterprises on the West Bank from grants and prizes as likely to “nudge Netanyahu away” from a deal with the Palestinians, and therefore counter-productive to the peace effort he launched last February.

According to the information reaching DEBKAfile, Kerry’s motive in summoning American Jewish leaders to the White House was his belief that progress in the negotiations has brought the Israeli prime minister close to a crossroads. He will soon face a decision to reshuffle his cabinet and replace ministers who would oppose the terms of the interim accord shaping up with Palestinians. For this step, he would find the support of American Jewry helpful.
Netanyahu will soon need to present the leaders of the pro-settlement Israel Beteinu and Bayit Yehudi parties with the choice of backing him up all the way to the accord with the Palestinians to which the US Secretary is steering at speed, or quitting the government coalition. The same question will be put to Netanyahu’s own Likud party members.

ADDING heft to the prof’s legal analysis is a most recent article he penned for US News and World Report: Israel Should Beware the Mid East Peace ‘Road Map’ and Palestinian Statehood. Clear as a bell….and the core roots of Palestinian terrorism are evinced herein.

And, not to be lost in the indictment, let us hear what Professor Paul Eidelberg has to add:

Let the Truth Be Told

Paul Eidelberg

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has been roundly condemned for bowing to U.S. President Barack Obama by releasing more than 100 Arabs terrorists, including murderers, as a “good will gesture” to the Palestinian Authority —the sponsor of those villains.

Mr. Netanyahu has been excoriated not only by the families of the victims, but also by countless Israelis, including renowned political commentators—and not only in Israel but also in the United States. The intrepid Jerusalem Post political analyst Caroline Glick has denounced Netanyahu’s subservience to U.S. pressure as “cowardice.” In a comprehensive review of Netanyahu’s previous failings, Israeli political scientist Martin Sherman has urged Netanyahu to resign, to JUST GO!

The eminent legal expert, Purdue University Professor Louis Rene Beres, has shown that the release of those terrorists by the Netanyahu-led government is a clear cut violation of international law. Beres has repeatedly cited the principle “No crime without a punishment,” NULLUM CRIMEN SINE POENA. This principle, he says, is conspicuously codified in binding international law. The same principle, he adds, “is codified directly in many different authoritative sources, and is also deducible from the binding Nuremberg Principles (1950).” Accordingly, “Any person who commits an act which constitutes a crime under international law is responsible therefore and liable to punishment.”

Nevertheless, the unlawful release of terrorists by Israeli governments has been going on for ten years, since Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin signed the Israel-PLO Agreement of September 1993. Thousands of Palestinian Jew-killers have been released by these governments with the connivance and complicity of the United States.

The simple but inescapable truth is that both Israel and the United States have been patrons of terror. In fact, year after year, the U.S. has violated American law by appropriating hundreds of millions in support of the Palestinian Authority, a consortium of terrorist organizations with Jewish and even American blood on their hands. Yes, and no Israeli politician and no American politician have been held accountable for any of the crimes perpetrated by the PA.

The bitter truth is that given their complicity in the release of Arab terrorists, the governments of both Israel and America may arguably be called “criminal regimes,” which makes their respective leaders complicit in crimes against humanity.

This makes the example of Israel all the more puzzling—and not only because of Israel’s tortured history. How is it that Israel’s parliamentary, the Knesset, the supreme law-making body of the country, had nothing to say about Netanyahu’s craven obeisance to the United States—especially in view of the fact that his release of Arab terrorists is a clear violation of international law, a criminal act?

What makes the Knesset even more culpable is that members of that assembly are not individually elected by, or accountable to, the voters in constituency elections! Hence, each member of the Knesset bears all the more responsibility for the criminal acts of Israel’s government, which the Knesset in principle, can topple by a vote of no confidence. But as I have explained ad nauseam, the Knesset is subservient to the Cabinet, whose ministers are the leaders of the parties composing the Government!

Hence, there is no system of checks and balances, no accountability, and no effective rule of law in the so-called democratic State of Israel—a Big Lie in the Middle East, where bad people get away with murder and mayhem thanks partly to those deemed “good.”

A Protest against any Collaboration with Terrorists

Prof. Paul Eidelberg

My previous article, “Let the Truth Be Told,” referred to urgent and vital teachings of Professor Louis Rene Beres, an expert in international law.  I pointed out that the release of Arab terrorists by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu with the collusion of the President Barack Obama renders the governments of both countries guilty of violating international law, specifically the principle stated by Professor Beres: “No crime without a punishment,” NULLUM CRIMEN SINE POENA.

This principle, he writes Beres, “is codified directly in many different authoritative sources, and is also deducible from the binding Nuremberg Principles of 1950 according to which “Any person who commits an act which constitutes a crime under international law is responsible therefore and liable to punishment.”

It was under the Nuremberg Principles that various Nazis were punished and executed as war criminals.

Both the United States and Israel are parties to international laws that prohibit the release and/or rewarding of terrorists. Hence it is the duty of all citizens in both countries to protest the violation of these laws by their respective governments, above all by their political leaders: in Israel, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu; in the United States, President Barack Obama.

I write of this grave matter because I have the honor of being a dual citizen of both countries and of having served several years as an officer in the United States Air Force. In pondering the plea contained in this letter, I entreat my readers to bear in mind that I am animated by more than sentiment or outraged feelings. I am not only the author of several books on the American Declaration of Independence and the United States Constitution, but I have devoted years to showing that the basic principles of these two foundational documents of the United States can be traced to Holy Writ, indeed, to the Hebrew Republic of antiquity. In witness thereof, no less than Harvard President Samuel Langdon, at the outbreak of the American Revolution, recommended that the ancient Hebrew Republic, shorn of its ceremonial laws, could serve an excellent model for the then about-to-be-established government of the United States.

Moreover, since I have drafted a Constitution for the State of Israel—which in violation of its own Declaration of Independence has no constitution—I am all the more obligated to urge my fellow citizens in America as well as in Israel to rise up and protest, in a vigorous and sustained but civilized way, against the unlawful and immoral conduct of the Governments of our two beloved countries for having violated international law by releasing, or collaborating in the release, of Arab terrorists, on the one hand, and by thus sullying the lives of their victims on the other.

Letters, telegrams, emails, and other modes of communication should be sent to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and President Barack Hussein Obama protesting their violation of international law as well as universal principles of morality by their collusion in releasing Arab terrorists and thus becoming patrons or collaborators in Arab terrorism.

DESPITE all of the above, it is still imperative to peer into the hypocritical, audacious, sanctimonious mindset of Obama Inc. (though previous administrations have been equally culpable), as they send drones to far away lands to assassinate Al Qaeda terrorists – hardly having mercy on them – as they plot to kill American ‘infidels’. Well and good. On the other hand, Kerry demanded – via the Islamist-in-Chief’s directives, but more than of like-mind – that Jerusalem must accede – once again – to the PA terror junta’s demands and release 100 plus Jew-killers, a crime, in and of itself, all for the sake of ‘peace’! Never mind that Israel’s erstwhile ‘peace partners’ have been purposefully killing Jews for decades and will become exponentially more ‘efficient’ in their Jew-killing’, if gifted over any more Jewish land! Need visual aids? Fine. Peek inside the binoculars of a PA intelligence officer.

Not sure about others, but how evil, sick, and twisted is that? Hardly one to release Israel’s PM from his most sacred obligation, that of, protecting the Jewish nation, PM Netanyahu has shown himself to be more than unfit to lead.   

More specifically, read the following and decide how ‘fit’ – or not – PM Netanyahu is to remain at the helm – “Two years ago, Israel refrained from pointing the finger at Teheran when missiles made in Iran and supplied to terrorists were first launched against Tel Aviv, Jerusalem and Rishon Lezion. Israel remains silent when they are pointed at Eilat. DEBKAfile reported Friday.”

As such, he should resign, just resign and allow a Zionist statesman to take over the helm! For if not for PM Netanyahu’s spineless leadership – masked by his splendid oratorical skills – none of the above would be ‘part of the process’.

Indeed, a stillbirth.

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