The Nexus Between Western Academia…The International Solidarity Movement (ISM)…& Leftist Jews…Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

10 thoughts on “The Nexus Between Western Academia…The International Solidarity Movement (ISM)…& Leftist Jews…Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

  1. Joel, why do people believe liars like Anna Baltzer, she comes off like another Progressive hack.

    On Sun, Feb 3, 2013 at 4:48 AM, Adina Kutnicki

  2. Hello Adina –
    I’m a great grandmother in Canada and I read your posts every day. It’s amazing that you have such stamina and I encourage you in your extremely valuable work. This is not an easy thing that you do. I love the country of Israel and know that there is a constant battle for survival. I think we all need to begin speaking about the other occupation. The Arabs/Muslims are occupying Judea/Sumaria… when are they going to leave?
    Bless you for all that you do on behalf of your country and people. I visited Israel many years ago when it was still possible to tour the West Bank. It is a miracle country, and it will survive, despite all the wolves at the borders.

    Diann – London, Canada

    • First, thanks for tuning in.

      Second, I have a commentary coming out tomorrow, it should be of interest. Stay tuned. Moreover, if you read my “About” tab you will understand why I do what I do. It has been an ongoing effort, and on a multiplicity of levels.

      In fact, there are quite a few things which can’t be written about, and for various reasons. However, what is written is solidly sourced, as well as hard hitting. It is gratifying, in just 7 months, over 130,000 (and climbing) are tuning in.

      Shalom from the Holy Land. The most wonderful place on this (bleeding) planet!

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  4. Whether many refuse to deny their five senses or not, the sad fact that a great deal of antisemitism, Maxist/Progressive/ Trans-national agitprop support comes from radical, atheist, Reformed, Jews. This is so tragic, ugly, and incomprehensible. What is wrong with these people? That so many are Marxist oriented today almost implies a genetic anomaly. How could anybody chose Abe Foxman over Dennis Prager?

    The pragmatic side is, that if this contingent wants to destroy themselves (suicide), then have at it, but don’t take the rest of us down with you.

    • While it is decidedly true that leftist Jews come from a certain segment of the “tribe”, it is also the case, that many of their helpmates are leftist Christians. They hail from so called liberal Churches, calling themselves progressive and “human rights” activists.
      Each must be outed, and held to account. Their tango is not a lone dance.

  5. Oh, Adina, I know this well. My come from Greek ancestry and my Father fought against a Communist takeover after WWII in Greece as an intelligence officer in the US Army. They kidnapped children from villages, killed their parents, and took them away for brainwashing. They would have made Greece into a satellite state, and Iron Curtain country. They would have attempted to subjugate or eliminate the Orthodox Church. They murdered and sold out their own country.

    I made a decision years ago that I would consider any Greek who supported the Communist Party in Greece, ever, as an enemy of mine and not worth the time to spit in his face. In fact, most Greeks in Greece are too stupid to have a country or even deserve one. I have more in common with Conservatives Black, Brown, Jewish, etc, etc, than I would these monkeys.

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