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Image may contain: 1 person(UPDATE: I am pleased to announce the blessed launch of America’sCivilWarRising. org , ACWR, on March 10, 2020. As Co-Founder of this unique, no-holds-barred Intel/Patriotic site, rest assured, in due course, it will cause an earthquake across the Internet) For a foretaste, its debut can be accessed at The Boston Broadside – a print and online political/security monthly newspaper.
In addition to being an investigative journalist, I am a consultant to a privately-held Homeland Security entity – related endeavors, too – with offices in Tel Aviv and D.C..
My first book, BANNED: How Facebook Enables Militant Islamic Jihad, is available online and in major bookstores. In under 24 hours at AMAZON (Sept. 2016), it jumped to Number One in HOT New Releases!



For the most part, my work-product revolves around militant Islamic jihad, with a particular emphasis on the Muslim Brotherhood Mafia, as well as the red-green alliance/axis. Both are inextricably linked.

My geo-political analysis appears at various Zionist and Conservative media outlets. As an example of my long-standing efforts, I contributed to an in-depth investigative series at FrontPage Magazine with Lee Kaplan from 2003-2007. We are still working together.

Segue over to his interview at Iran’s Press TV (one of many tv debates/interviews) where he debated a rabid self-hating Israeli, a so-called Jew – who supports every manner of terror against Israelis/Jews, even the kidnapping (subsequent murder) of 3 Israeli Jewish teenagers. It can be found here.  He is a world class expert on the ISM, the International Solidarity Movement. One of the many terror arms of the PA/Hamas, it was founded by leftist Americans – Jews and non-Jews – and its base of operations, primarily, is in California. He utilized my foundation in forensics and investigative journalism to “follow the jihadist money.” Unfathomably, the ISM was able to accomplish the above money laundering, courtesy of their IRS 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status. Specifically, my name appears at the end of the expose’, ‘Does The Pro-Terror Left Violate U.S. Tax Laws’? 

My op-eds (for example), book reviews (for example) and commentary analyses are featured at American Thinker, Joe For America, Conservative Firing Line, The Intellectual Conservative, Watcher of Weasels, DC Dirty Laundry, The United West.orgTrumps’s MinutemenRepublicanRiseSwillNewsTerror-Alertصحيفة قديسة الاخوان  The Anti Muslim Brotherhood Daily (for ex., go to “Archives” link for 8/20/17) TEAPARTYUSAFree Republic, Israel National News, Jews Down Under, Patriotic Israeli, The Jewish PressMidEast Outpost, The Freeman Center For Strategic Studies, HONENU – Providing Legal Aid To Israeli Soldiers & Civilians In DistressJEWSNEWS.co.il (https://adinakutnicki.com/2012/11/10/why-is-drunk-driving-treated-more-leniently-than-assault-with-a-deadly-weapon-op-ed-by-adina-kutnicki-featured-at-jewsnews-co-il/), as well as at many other sites. My writings can be found in print media, too.

My latest comparative analysis at American Thinker:

On the Brink of Judicial Reform, Israel’s Leftists Grow Panicked (February 21, 2023)

My latest analyses at Israel National News:

Giving in to mob rule: The “Captains of Chaos” triumphed in Israel. They have already won in America (March 30, 2023)

Learning from the Lanner case (July 20, 2022)

An added dimension to the Iranian menace  (June 28, 2022)

Sleeper Cells in the Sunshine State (May 23, 2022)

Appeasement will not work – Israel National News, By Adina Kutnicki (April 20, 2022)

Who was anti-terror agent NYPD Det. Mordecai Zev Dzikansky z”l? (March 19, 2022)

Cancel culture has reached the IDF radio station (Feb. 11, 2022)

Will American Jews learn anything from the Colleyville Jihad? By Adina Kutnicki, Israel National News (Jan. 25, 2022)

The Orthodox Jewish cop who was NYPD’s undercover detective in Israel – By Adina Kutnicki, Israel National News (Dec. 22, 2021)

When is enough, enough? On the anti-marriage battle – How much do normative citizens and parents have to take from threatening and abusive proponents of LGBTQ+? (Dec. 14, 2021)

Zionism imperiled – Immediate overhaul of Israel’s political structure is imperative. Most Jewish Israelis vote center-right, but their votes are ignored. (November 14, 2021)

Does rebranding Facebook signal a real change in what matters? (October 27, 2021)

Can something be done about Facebook blocking? (October 17, 2021)

We need to deep-dive into the dynamics of Facebook, (Sept. 30, 2021)

The Facebook octopus. Is Facebook, whose limitless reach is obvious, subtly causing an upsurge in anti-Western feeling?

Facebook and freedom: Facebook’s nexus to LifeLog, and its linkages to (Pentagon’s) DARPA: What does it mean, and why does it matter? Connecting the dots. (August 3, 2021) can be found here.

The silent threat to haredi children’s safety in Israel (March 23, 2021) can be accessed here.

Washington in the hands of the Left, One blow at a time, but blows they are (January 11, 2021); preceded by: What binds the radical US Left is hatred for both Israel and the USA, can be found here (October 11, 2020).

The (hidden) crime of pedophilia (January 27, 2020) is linked here…plus others found here.

In addition, my work is linked daily to The Homeland Security Network (http://paper.li/f-1376058087?edition_id=af6b0fb0-1bc3-11e5-b5c8-002590a5ba2d ). Its CEO is also the Editor in Chief of The Counter Terrorist Magazine. 

This site is also featured at many blogrolls, including The American Report, Political Arena (under Global Security), as well as USA Transnational Report.

Similarly, I have contributed to major policy papers, including: ‘House of Bribes: How The United Stated Led The Way To A Nuclear Iran‘, as well as ‘Islam & Blood.’ My input can be found throughout said reports.

Highlighted interviews can be found at Inquisitr:

The following is an analytical interview (Inquisitr, March 17, 2015) re Israel’s precarious security situation; the knock-on effects from the decision-making of its political hierarchy – ‘Can Israel Survive As The Jewish State? – An Interview With Adina Kutnicki.

And with ISIS laying waste to innocents throughout the Mid East and Africa (and heading to America and Europe et al.), the following “tag team” interview (Sept. 2014, with Dave Gaubatz, America’s premier counter terror operative) was conducted by Inquisitr’s Editor-in-Chief: ‘ISIS, Islam And Obama: Understanding The Threat To The Free World {Special Report}.’  

It was a follow up to a blockbuster interview featured on 10/13: The Muslim Brotherhood’s Quest For Global Dominance – An Interview With Adina Kutnicki.’

On 5/13, my maiden interview at the site debuted: ‘Inquisitr Interviews Adina Kutnicki: The Reality Of Life For An Israeli Patriot.’

In addition, among several book reviews, the following are spotlighted: Dr. Nancy Hartevelt Kobrin’s “Understanding the Jihadi’s Rage-Fueled Mindset –The Case of Khalil Jabarin: A Palestinian Wind-Up Toy”, “The Last Two Jews of Mogadishu: Living Under Al Shabaab’s Fire – By Nancy Hartevelt Kobrin, Ph.D.: A Review”, andThe Jihadi Dictionary: The Essential Intel Tool for Military, Law Enforcement, Government & the Concerned Public (By Dr. Kobrin): A Review.

On April 13, 2016, my blog received another nomination, scroll down to ‘Non-Council’ – http://www.bookwormroom.com/2016/04/14/watchers-council-nominations-for-april-13-2016/.

An additional nomination can be found at  Watcher of Weasels’ Award under ‘Non-Council’ winners – here too – https://nicedeb.wordpress.com/2015/10/21/our-watchers-council-nominations-headless-edition/– see under ‘Non-Council’ winners….and here  – http://noisyroom.net/blog/2015/10/21/our-watchers-council-nominations-headless-edition/. The initial one was received in 2013 – ‘Watcher of Weasels’ Award – again, scroll down to ‘Non-Council’ winners.

Moreover, News highlights include: Dave Gaubatz’s counter-terrorism newsletter/blog, dated March 31,2014 – ‘The FBI Are Wimps On The War On Islamic Terrorism’ –

“I have uncovered thousands of Islamic materials advocating the Muslim community to engage in Jihad.  This can be with the tongue, pen, or sword.  If you aren’t able to contribute this way, then one has an obligation to help finance the efforts of Jihadist’s. Why then does the FBI not go after the Islamic leaders? Well let’s see: Saudi influence, liberal media influence, and of course the Islamic supporting Obama administration……

What type leaders do we need if we were to even have a chance at defeating Islamic terrorism in America?  We need more Jack Ellison’s, Roy White’s, John Kuchta’s, Adina Kutnicki’s, Brenda and Roger Homefield’s, and fewer journalistic wimps such as O’Reilly.”

Several book citations of my work can be found, one of which is in “Defeat, Trauma, Lesson: Israel Between Life and Extinction” (pg 236), by Raphael Israeli (Professor at Hebrew University) – id=XZPPBAAAQBAJ&pg=PA236&lpg=PA236&dq=adina+kutnicki&source=bl&ots=J7LAkinrqs&sig=ROPrytAxN1R8z1NcJvtjp5b8bBc&hl=en&sa=X&ei=_xODVIrOKIPrOLz8gegF&redir_esc=y#v=onepage&q=adina%20kutnicki&f=false

Another book citation of my work can be found here, too: “Brand Islam: The Marketing and Commodification of Piety”, Faegheh Shirazi . 

World Net Daily, ‘Experts: Criticism Of Islam May Be Banned In U.S.’, dated 11/7/2016:

Adina Kutnicki, an Israel-based intelligence analyst and author of “Banned: How Facebook Enables Militant Islamic Jihad,” noted that particular Lynch speech was given at a conference sponsored by the Muslim Advocates, a Muslim Brotherhood front group.

Kutnicki told WND Dave Gaubatz, a premier counterterror investigator, infiltrated a May 2014 conference of the Islamic Society of North America and overheard a Muslim Advocates representative assure the audience that Facebook is essentially in their pockets. In other words, Muslim Advocates and other front groups are working closely with social media sites to shut down accounts of users critical of Islam.

All of this leads Kutnicki to conclude things are taking a turn for the worse in America.

“Conclusively, free speech is no longer a constitutionally protected right,” she told WND. “Concomitantly, it is only a matter of (a short) time before trials begin, and not only against politicians. The above is manifestly clear: all Americans are in the crosshairs of the nation’s totalitarian speech-minders.”

And like Geller, Kutnicki believes the situation could get worse if Hillary Clinton assumes the presidency.

“No doubt, if Hillary Clinton is elected, or if Democrats retake control of the Senate, Americans will no longer be able to utter public criticism against Islam, migrants or related protected groups,” Kutnicki said. “In actuality, Clinton’s reputation precedes her, relative to her absolute nexus to Islamic dictates. Her closer than close relationship to Huma Abedin – a bona fide member of WAMY (World Association of Muslim Youth) and related Islamic terror groups – is a de facto warning sign that Islam will be protected at all costs.

“Not only that, reportedly, a British Party called her ‘Islam’s whore.’ Ipso facto, since any criticism of Islam is one of the harshest offenses under the sharia laws of blasphemy, well, anything remotely construed as ‘hate speech’ will be deemed punishable by law.”

The New York Times reported the Wilders case is about “a conflict between freedom of speech and the freedom from discrimination.” Freedom from discrimination may be a principle in the Netherlands, but Haney hopes it will never become entrenched in America.

“Freedom from discrimination,” Haney pondered. “Who defines that? How do you define ‘freedom from discrimination?’ Who is the victim and who is the guilty one? Who defines that? Is speaking the truth discrimination? Is it going to become a crime for simply pointing out that the country’s experiencing a lot of internal turmoil because of the influx of immigrants?”

Kutnicki, for her part, said freedom of speech must always trump the “freedom from discrimination” in a free society.

“Firstly, without freedom of speech, the cornerstone of a free society, ‘freedom from discrimination’ ceases to exist,” she reasoned. “Intrinsically, what is considered verbally ‘discriminatory’ is wildly subjective and the quintessential slippery slope. So aside from actual exhortations inciting to murder, which is against the law in any free and civilized society, the rest of this should be deemed steps toward totalitarian silencing.”

Geller, author of “Stop the Islamization of America,” said she believes freedom from discrimination is already morphing into a fundamental American right, but is actually a euphemism for “freedom from opposing voices.”

She commended Wilders for boycotting his own trial out of a conviction that it violated the principle of freedom of expression. Geller said Wilders’ attendance would lend the trial legitimacy it doesn’t deserve.

Geller agreed with Wilders’ comment that “the Netherlands is no longer a free country but a dictatorship.”

“In a free country, dissenting opinions are not subject to prosecution,” Geller said.

Kutnicki agreed Wilders should not attend his trial.

“Since it is akin to a ‘witch hunt,’ as opposed to a [judicial] trial, it would lend legitimate legal cover,” she said. “Effectively, this ‘show trial’ is showcasing what will happen if one dares to criticize Islam, even if one is a powerful politician. A chilling effect, in all its manifestations. Resultant, the Netherlands, (like other western nations) is a teetering fraction away from being a dictatorship.”


Breitbart.com, ‘ISIS Developing ‘Colonies’ In Middle East As It Gains Credibility Among Jihadists’, dated 11/25, 2014:

“Jerusalem-based intelligence analyst Adina Kutnicki told Breitbart in an interview that ISIS’ expansion into Libya is definitely an offensive move.

“Wherever the Caliphate (ISIS) claims as its address and hoists its banner, rest assured, offensive jihad gains exponential traction,” Kutnicki said……

Adina Kutnicki says ISIS has further plans for expansion. She also told Breitbart that she believes ISIS’ will move on Saudi Arabia.

“I believe they will first target Saudi Arabia, for capturing the Kingdom brings them one step closer to controlling Sunni Islam. After which, the rest will be much easier to control, but in this order: Jordan, Lebanon and Israel. Rest assured, once they close in on Israel, Jerusalem’s nukes will be brought out, albeit the low yield ones,” Kutnicki said…..

However, Kutnicki believes ISIS has the power to move forward. She adds that in the push to enlarge its influence and territory, no city will be spared and the Islamic State will ignore Western leaders.

“Baghdad will not be spared, it is an integral part of their Caliphate plans. As to the west, they have no fear of the leadership of the free world and will not take any of the leaders into consideration,” Kutnicki said.

Kutnicki also says she takes seriously the recent reports that ISIS’ army numbers 200,000….

“I believe it is entirely possible that the 200,000 number is a close estimate, though proving it would be nearly impossible. Nevertheless, it is a viable guesstimate,” Kutnicki said. – http://www.breitbart.com/Big-Peace/2014/11/25/Analysts-ISIS-Developing-Colonies-in-Middle-East-as-it-Gains-Credibility-Among-Jihadists

World Net Daily, ’43 Islamists On Trial For Euro-Terror Plot’, dated 10/02/2014:

“Israel-based intelligence analyst Adina Kutnicki said the concern over ISIS is well founded. However, Kutnicki told WND in an interview that the jihadists’ point of origin should not be the focus.

“Firstly, whether they are recruited in Belgium, or any other Western nation, is not the issue. The fact that Islamic jihad has come full circle – spreading its wings from the Mideast, back into Europe, only to re-enter the Mideast – is in order to fulfill the main mandate. That’s the reestablishment of the caliphate,” Kutnicki said.

Former Air Force counter-intelligence officer and terrorism analyst Dave Gaubatz said any effort to downplay the ISIS threat to the U.S. is seriously misguided.

“ISIS and other Islamic terrorist groups, motivated by their Islamic ideology, are the world’s most dangerous threat. ISIS has money, followers, a military and a strategy for world conquest,” Gaubatz said.

Lopez emphasized ISIS fighters returning to Europe and the U.S. have two distinct advantages.

“Not only are these the most devout and practicing of all Muslims, but when they return from those battlefields they now have hardened battle skills that they learned and trained in over there. Further, they possess passports from European countries from which they may or may not need a visa to enter the U.S.,” Lopez said.

The ISIS motivation

Gaubatz said ISIS and like-minded groups are driven by one ingredient – hatred for Christians and Jews.

“Islamic-based organizations, terrorist groups and their supporters hate the Jews, Israel and Americans. When we hear them say they want to wipe out Israel, they’re serious. The U.S. has to take their threats seriously,” Gaubatz said.

Kutnicki agreed that ISIS and other jihadist groups are targeting the U.S.

“The U.S. is in grave danger because the Brotherhood Mafia (Muslim Brotherhood) is embedded in all of the relevant power centers. This goal of domination is why there are jihadi cells preparing for battle in multiple training camps. Jamaat Al-Fuqra is in the forefront on the Sunni side, and Hezbollah camps on the Shia,” Kutnicki said.

Read more at http://www.wnd.com/2014/10/terror-trial-exposes-backlash-to-multiculturalism/#rC2j87S2ok5lSCd6.99

World Net Daily, ‘Presbyterian Church USA Named In IRS Complaint’, dated 11/4/2014:

” Israel-based intelligence analyst Adina Kutnicki said the PCUSA’s actions have made news in some conservative Israeli outlets.

“Israel National News, Arutz Sheva and a few other pro-Israeli sites have taken note of the action. However, it has largely been kept out of the mainstream media in Israel,” Kutnicki said. “Yes, the left, as in America, controls the mainstream channels.”

Darshan-Leitner also said none of the organizations that support the wider BDS movement support Israel’s right to exist.

“They don’t even believe in the right of Israel to exist along with a Palestinian state. They only believe in a one-state solution, and that’s a Palestinian state. This is entirely an effort to delegitimize Israel and finally reach their goal of the dissolution of the state of Israel,” she said.

She believes that in the end, the IRS will see the wisdom of the complaint and revoke the church’s tax-exempt status.

Kutnicki also believes the complaint has a solid legal basis.

“As to Shurat’s charge, well, it is absolutely the case that under non-profit rules, whether it’s a 501(c)3 or a 501(c)4 or other variant, it is absolutely forbidden to inject political directives into said organization,” Kutnicki said.

Kutnicki said Darshan-Leitner and her organization are “rock stars in the pro-Israel public.”

Kutnicki said that in a lengthy list of “knockout punches” is a recent win in a New York court against the Palestinian Authority on behalf of 11 families who were victims of terrorism.

She said that through the BDS movement, the Muslim Brotherhood and its front groups “are locking arms with Islamists.”

Kutnicki said there are many who are trying to smear Shurat HaDin’s reputation by describing it as an arm of the Israeli government.

She insisted it is “nothing of the kind.”

“In fact, the ruling left, and the left does execute policy in Israel, regardless of who sits at the helm, attempts to block and smear Shurat at every turn,” Kutnicki said.
Read more at http://www.wnd.com/2014/12/presbyterian-church-usa-named-in-irs-complaint/#CxKCFfJI4Mh3fjbm.99

AND BY DANA DiFILIPPO, Is this kosher? Daily News Staff Writer: 

But this backlash was especially intense: Some who claim CAIR is a terrorist-friendly group see Bender’s employment there as a treasonous public-relations ploy.

It is obligatory to out the traitors in our midst,” conservative Zionist blogger Adina Kutnicki wrote of Bender. “This . . . is a matter of Jews aiding and abetting those who seek nothing less than Israel’s destruction, and by definition, the murder of half of world Jewry.”

I also assist several Zionist academics with their efforts, chiefly through their policy centers. I am particularly in sync with the policy prescriptions elucidated by Dr. Martin Sherman (his latest tv interview at i.24tv on the “peace process”) and Professor Paul Eidelberg (his latest interview at Inquisitr, ‘Organized Treachery vs. Organized Hypocrisy). Therefore, I lend them my insights.

My “go-to” expert on all matters pertaining to international law, and a country’s right to anticipatory self defense – via preemptive strikes – is none other than Professor Louis Rene Beres of ‘Project Daniel.’ The working group’s original policy paper is found herein. He was Chair of the above strategic nuclear policy paper given to PM Ariel Sharon in 2003 – and subsequently briefed the report to President George W. Bush and to current Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu – in relation to Israel’s nuclear strategy in the face of Iran’s pursuit of WMD’s. He is a man of great integrity and humility.

Lou, a heartfelt thank you for being my mentor.

Favorite quotations:

“Tzedek, tzedek, tirdof…Justice, justice, shall you pursue.”
צדק צדק תרדוף – Shoftim (Deuteronomy 16:18-21:9)

“He who becomes compassionate to the cruel will ultimately become cruel to the compassionate.” – Midrash Rabba, Ecclesiastes 7:16

Mi ha’ashir ha’s’meach b’chelko…”The one who is rich is the one who is
satisfied with his portion, his lot in life.” – (Psalms 128:2)
מי העשיר השמח בחלקו

Lao Tzu coined the Chinese axiom – “Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.”

My beloved husband Frank, z”l (of blessed memory), wise as he was, didn’t know Chinese, but he knew how to raise sons. He understood that instilling self respect and ethical standards, coupled with outstanding education, would allow them to “fish” for life, not only financially but also morally. The above are life’s most valuable lessons-and gifts-a father can give to his son(s), deeply expressed within a tribute penned on his date of death, his yarzheit. His birthday was duly honored.

Born and raised in New York City, I made aliyah (immigrated) to Israel in the summer of 2008. Being fluent in Hebrew allows me to gauge the mood (aka “matzav”) of the country, thus, enabling me to report on core Zionist issues (though in English) with much more accuracy.

Most intrinsically (and personally gratifying), I am the mother of two outstanding sons. Both are electrical engineers (MIT & Caltech educated) and proudly serve as IDF reservists.

This blog is dedicated in memory of Frank Kutnicki (z”l, of blessed memory); my beloved husband, the father of our sons. Resting and watching over us on Har HaMenuchot (Mount of Rest) in Jerusalem, he was a man who believed in justice, and a proud American alike. Most especially, he was grateful for the nation that gave his parents safe harbor, freedom, and untold opportunity – after they survived the horrors of Auschwitz. Israel, on the other hand, was the “home of his heart.”

Hopefully, my small effort will enlighten Israelis and Americans (and the west in general) to the dangers posed by our common foes. These dangers are fueled exponentially by the morphing of the Red/Green alliance – radical leftists and Islamic jihadists.

If need be, for fortitude, crank this up:
And for some added dimension, here’s another side to this writer … rehearsals with a rockin’ Tel Aviv band that I sing with!

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