Strange hypnosis: is Biden inciting crazed MK-Ultra transgender radicals to kill MAGA Republicans?

By Adina Kutnicki

READERS who are familiar with the (US & Canadian) CIA-developed brainwashing program, MK ULTRA, know that nothing, absolutely nothing, is out of bounds, that is, through their most insidious techniques via MK ULTRA!

AS excerpted within, August 19, 2015:

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(CIA chemist Sidney Gottlieb headed up the agency’s secret MK-ULTRA program, which was charged with developing a mind control drug that could be weaponized against enemies. Courtesy of the CIA)

EVER since Operation Mockingbird, a CIA-based initiative to control mainstream media, more and more people are expressing their concern that what we see in the media is nothing short of brainwashing. This is also evident by blatant lies that continue to spam the TV screen, especially when it comes to topics such as health, food, war (“terrorism“), poverty  and more. Corporate interests always seem to get in the way.

Multiple celebrities have even spoken out about this. Roseanne Barr, for example, said that MK Ultra rules in HollywoodMK Ultra was (and I believe still is) a program run by the CIA to practice methods of mind control and experiment on human beings. (source)(source)

Filled with clever marketing tactics designed to tell us what to think and what to buy, mainstream media manufactures public opinion and popular trends. It’s time to really take a look at what’s going on here and consider the type of information we’re being bombarded with.

In the below eye-opening talk, veteran investigative journalist (and Former CBS NEWS investigative reporter) Sharyl Attkisson shows how “astroturf,” or fake grassroots movements, funded by political, corporate, or other special interests very effectively manipulate and distort media messages.

….. continue here with the barbaric, ominous, truth-telling jaw-dropper!!

IN this regard, read on….

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REVOLVER NEWS | May 2, 2023

They canceled Tucker, now they’re coming for us… but you can fight back. Cancel Fox Nation and instead click here to subscribe to Revolver. Or give the gift of Revolver—simply select the annual subscription and select “This is a gift” on the next page. If you want to give extra during this critical time, you can make a one-time or recurring monthly donation — whether it’s $1 or $1,000, every bit goes towards the battle to save our great nation.

Joe Biden is a lot of things, but a “unifier” isn’t one of them, and to make matters worse, the recent shift in Biden’s behavior has been drastic. From a harmless old man shouting at clouds, he’s now transformed into a pudding-eating, seek-and-destroy human missile. This alarming transformation has left many concerned that someone may end up seriously hurt or killed as a result of his neurologically-compromised behavior.

Joe Biden Slams Game Developers as "Little Creeps" and "Arrogant" : r/pcgaming

The title of our piece is tongue-in-cheek but the topic is deadly serious. Intentionally or not, Joe Biden’s rhetoric is radicalizing an angry mob of mentally unstable radicals into his own personal army of loony assassins trained to kill MAGA Republicans. In recent months, the country has been overrun with violent, hulking transgenders—juiced up on hormones and hate—who are lashing out in deadly ways.

Joe Biden and the mainstream media have recently formed a chorus of shrill, shrieking voices against “MAGA Republicans”. Biden and his sycophants, which sadly include most of the network and cable news stations, want you to know that MAGA Republicans are out to get you, and they’re worse than Hitler and the KKK combined.

MAGA Republicans are starving seniors:

continue here with the smoke and mirror show — that which has the hallmarks of the basic brainwashing techniques created by the CIA’s MK ULTRA program, with attendant assists via the Mockingbird Media!!

INEXORABLY, just connect the (brainwashing) dots.

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