Let’s Not Gloss Over the Idea That Fox News Corp. Keeps Epstein-Style Blackmail Dossiers on Its On-Air Talent

By Adina Kutnicki

AS warned, that is, since the “electoral steal” became a done deal, FOX News, brazenly, exposed its true colors as a tool and a foil for the Deep State.

IT is rife with with one national betrayal after another — to the degree in which a stadium full of porn stars, whose whorish ways are as natural as breathing, would blush with embarrassment due to being caught naked as Jay Birds!

SO, it is entirely possible, more than likely, that FOX’s stone-cold deceivers took a page out of Epstein’s playbook — indeed, in the “art of blackmail!”

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Let's Not Gloss Over the Idea That Fox News Corp. Keeps Epstein-Style Blackmail Dossiers on Its On-Air Talent

PJ Media | By Ben Bartee | May 5, 2023

This is no way to run a railroad.

Via Rolling Stone:

Fox News executives have in their possession a dossier of alleged dirt on Tucker Carlson should he attack the network in the wake of his departure, eight sources at and close to the network tell Rolling Stone.

When Fox announced Carlson’s departure on Monday, the network presented the separation as amicable. But according to one former on-air Fox personality, the anchor and some of the channel’s top executives are parting ways on “the worst” and “messiest possible terms.” Indeed, in private communications released last month as part of the Dominion-Fox lawsuit, the now-fired Fox host gossiped that one such exec “hates us,” claiming she was covertly working against him and other hosts.

This is the same tactic that prolific child sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein allegedly used to maintain his victims’ silence. It’s also quite common in intelligence operations — which Epstein’s operation likely was, based on his wide-ranging connections to the CIA, Mossad, et al.

It’s unclear how the talent that Fox News retains feels about their employer keeping dirt on them in order to blackmail them later if they ever do anything that displeases executives — because, presumably, if they spoke up, they would risk the release of potentially damaging info on themselves.

But if they had any self-respect (which Jesse Watters and Brian Kilmeade, et al. probably don’t), they would be outraged enough to do something about it.

The network has also apparently stooped to leaking the contents of its Carlson dossier to none other than Media Matters, the Democrat Party smear machine that made its bones back in the day publishing hit piece after hit piece on Fox News figures like Bill O’Reilly.

The leaking could come from some third party, of course, but Occam’s Razor suggests that it’s Fox leadership feeding all of these videos and texts to Media Matters — which, if true, would be a brutal betrayal of its hyper-partisan audience.

Fox News, possibly because it has been feeling the heat as it becomes increasingly apparent that it’s the entity behind the Media Matters leaks, recently sent a cease-and-desist letter to the organization.

Via Yahoo! News:

Fox Corp., the parent company of Fox News, has sent a cease-and-desist letter to Media Matters for America over its publication of leaked videos showing Tucker Carlson, a former host at the network, making crude and offensive comments off the air.

“We write on behalf of Fox Corporation to clarify any misunderstandings Media Matters
may have had regarding previously unaired footage that Media Matters has published in a series of articles headlined “FOXLEAKS,” attorneys for the network wrote in a letter dated Friday.

Given the fact that publishing leaks is fully protected under free speech laws, as Fox News’ high-priced lawyers are surely aware, this is very likely a CYA theatrical performance in the service of public-image damage control as the network continues to hemorrhage disillusioned viewers.

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